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Are there any dreams you have never forgotten?

Normally when I wake up from a dream, I forget it a few minutes later, but there has been some dreams that I still remember from years ago.…

Started by lotus fLatest Reply

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Girl With X-Ray Vision Tested With Astonishing Results

  Many people have dreamed of having superpowers. Perhaps strength like that possessed by Hercules or what about X-ray vision? Well, one g…

Started by Krishna Kalki

0 Oct 24, 2017

7 Sensational Herbs for Dream Recollection, Flying, & Spirit Communication...RECOMMEND

7 Sensational Herbs for Dream Recollection, Flying, & Spirit Communication Our sleep offers a chance to temporarily free our selves…

Started by Krishna Kalki

1 Jan 2, 2016
Reply by Krishna Kalki

things i have been seeing

im hopeing someone can help me. there have been several times when i have touched someonr thst pillars gigantic triangle stone pillars with…

Started by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser

12 Apr 5, 2015
Reply by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser

Dream about being saved from Earth?

I was walking down the street with pushing a cart, and the cart for some reason slipped out of my hands, rolled down a hill with me running…

Started by LadyAine

8 Dec 2, 2014
Reply by Caitlyn Claire

Dream of Demonic Alien Invasion (Demons appearing as friendly off-planet beings)

Hi all Many will be deceived when Aliens and spaceships appear in the skies.  They will come across as friendly 'space brothers and siste…

Started by Butterfly

4 Nov 15, 2014
Reply by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser

Who is this ET?

Hello :D I was wondering about this ET being that showed up in one of my dreams. In my dream, I astral traveled to my friends house. I was…

Started by Mara Tree

20 Oct 20, 2014
Reply by Kiara Honbon

The Different Dimension Filled with Vampires

Ah so last night I actually had an interesting dream, normally when I sleep my mind naturally astral projects in some way so a dream every…

Started by Picaro

21 Sep 25, 2014
Reply by turtles

Weird Dreams

Morning to you all,i wonder if any one can help me understand my dreams, for the last two years every night for most of the night i dream o…

Started by ally jones

7 Sep 4, 2014
Reply by Picaro

Winged beings?

I am very curious if anybody has seen/visioned human-like winged beings in their astral dreams or meditations or any other way. I`m not tal…

Started by Onna

1 Sep 2, 2014
Reply by Starlight1981

dreams that ring a bell

There is a kind of dream that I am finding it hard to understand. You dream of a scenario and then you find that that scenario is farmiliar…

Started by diamind

2 Jul 8, 2014
Reply by diamind



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