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New Age Conspiricy Theories, Nothing New!

We should never close our eyes to the fact that the New Age Movement is completely created and orginazed by certain secret organizations, v…

Started by CoMdr * LightSpeed *Latest Reply

Take alook at these two videos

  The real  version BBC broadcast version

Started by adrianLatest Reply

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HELLO..HELLO.. HELLO..WHATS GOING ON HERE ...Movements on Antarctica Tons of materials are moved to this Place and Lot of Huge Crates are moving out

They Still are Moving a lot Of Stuff there To Them and From There.. There is a Lot Of ''Movement'',... and still they are Saying nothing a…

Started by Krishna Kalki

0 Sep 7, 2018

The Age of Aquarius is CANCELED!

Forget about entering the age of Aquarius for at least 1000 years. Come inside and find out why and why nothing happened in 2012 If…

Started by Esoteric Emissary

8 May 21, 2018
Reply by Pet Rock

A MUST READ FROM The Daily Sheeple AND No More Fake News...."How The C.I.A. Hid Their MKULTRA Mind Control Program."


Started by Malcolm

0 Apr 5, 2018

"Malcolm, stay the hell away from there...outsiders like you have disappeared..." - quote from a medical surgical patient (and native American Apache) regarding my possible travel to Dulce, New Mexico

  . Move over, Roswell. Dulce is home to true UFO believers By Daniel J. Chacón The New Mexican   May 7, 2016 . Gerald…

Started by Malcolm

3 Feb 26, 2018
Reply by Pet Rock

Pentagon Hid German Secret Space Program Link to Alien Contact Cases

It was found in part 2 of this series that George Adamski was very likely ordered by the Pentagon to withhold important elements of his all…

Started by Andromedan Antares

17 Dec 28, 2017
Reply by Andromedan Antares

Did Extraterrestrials from Venus Make Contact in 1952?

French researcher Michel Zirger has written a highly detailed book on extraterrestrial contact which highlights the encounters of George Ad…

Started by Andromedan Antares

3 Dec 20, 2017
Reply by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser

I SHOT JFK. Confession of James E. Files, Professional Assassin From The Giancana Family. I SPENT A LOT OF TIME RESEARCHING THIS; I'M 95% SURE HE'S THE ONE

This is a must see documentary. James E. Files makes one error (regarding how much he was paid), but other than that, the information is ve…

Started by Malcolm

1 Nov 15, 2017
Reply by Malcolm

THE CONNECTION OF ISRAEL, GOLDMAN SACHS, & ISIS: Here's Why Israel And The CIA Want To Kill President Trump. A Failed Syrian Petro Scam Aimed At Punishing Russia For Refusing To Support Western Banks

Genie Oil: The Syria, Goldman Sachs, Israel, ISIS connection A map of the Golan Heights with Genie Energy’s logo (L), ISIS’s flag (TR), I…

Started by Malcolm

2 Aug 12, 2017
Reply by Malcolm reveals that in the last 25 years, more people were killed who were associated with Hillary Clinton compared to those killed by Great White Sharks

More People Killed By Hillary Clinton Than By Sharks In Last 25 Years July 7, 2016 Baxter Dmitry News, US 1 Humans have an inbuilt fear…

Started by Malcolm

5 Aug 4, 2017
Reply by Malcolm


SPECIAL REPORT: UNEARTHING NAZCA Ancient Non-Human Body Discovered A rare ancient three fingered and three toed mummy has been discovered i…

Started by √ℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ።

0 Jun 23, 2017



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