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5 Ways to Keep Your Sanity During Mercury Retrograde

By Danielle Paige We’ve all heard of it…the dreaded time when Mercury goes retrograde. Gulp! However, what I’m here to tell you may shoc…

Started by AvatarLatest Reply

Introduction to Esoteric Astrology & the Seven Rays

(From Soul Cycles of the Seven Rays,by Phillip Lindsay © 2005) Humanity is entering a 2,160 year cycle called the Age of Aquarius, where as…

Started by Kelly LightchaliceLatest Reply

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MALCOLM'S 2020 ASTROLOGY PREDICTIONS - U.S.A., Russia, China, India, U.K., France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, Federal Reserve, N.Y.S.E., Putin, Trump, & U.S.A. 2020 Election.

The Capricorn line-up of 2020 will have a huge impact on world events! Here are my astrology predictions for 2020 relative to this line-up,…

Started by Malcolm

8 Jan 7
Reply by Pet Rock

JFK ASSASSINATION CONFERENCE (with videos & handouts): A Santa Fe Astrology Meet-Up Discussion Reviewing The JFK Assassination Via Astrology, Occult, And Freemasonry Areas.

This conference concerns the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The conference is divided in three areas: part one is basic astrol…

Started by Malcolm

0 Nov 23, 2019

The Horoscope of Jeffrey Epstein (1953 -2019) And The Star of Zuben Algenubi ("The Southern Claw of The Scorpion"). INCLUDED: transits taking place at the time of his arrest and the time of his death.

This report will concern an important discovery made with the horoscope of Jeffrey Epstein, as it may explain for his horrific sexual behav…

Started by Malcolm

0 Aug 28, 2019

SANTA FE ASTROLOGY MEET-UP 08-25-19 - "The Magical Influences of Stars: Ceremonial Magic And Fixed Stars." A look at one of the oldest applications of astrology, including "magical spells" with stars.

This was probably the first non-individual and non-mundane use of astrology. The first use of astrology with ceremonial magic goes back app…

Started by Malcolm

0 Aug 28, 2019

SANTA FE ASTROLOGY MEET-UP - 07/14/2019 - "Astrology And Stock Market Cycles." A Look At Stock Market Psychology And Cycles In Astrology That May Define Times Of Optimism And Pessimism.

Notes of this lecture are currently being sought for; this lecture was done July 14, 2019, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Please read the follow…

Started by Malcolm

0 Aug 5, 2019

SANTA FE ASTROLOGY MEET-UP 06/23/19 - "Business Astrology Part 2: Analysis of Microsoft & Apple Computer Incorporation Charts" IS APPLE COMPUTER ABOUT TO GET HIT WITH ANTI-TRUST SANCTIONS?

The same handouts from Part One will be used. The BIG EXCEPTION is that houses, Midheaven, and Ascendant are not going to be used since all…

Started by Malcolm

0 Jun 25, 2019

SANTA FE ASTROLOGY MEET-UP 06/16/2019 "Business Astrology, Part One. Definitions & Terms Explained." Case Study: The Beatles (BASIC ASTROLOGY CONCEPTS; NO 90 DEGREE WORK OR URANIAN PLANETS).

This Part One of the Business Astrology series will focus on The Beatles. Part Two (next week) will focus on the incorporation charts of Mi…

Started by Malcolm

0 Jun 17, 2019

URANIAN ASTROLOGY AND TED BUNDY: Analysis of Ted Bundy's Sun position and the Type 3 Planetary Picture for "One's Own Death" applied to Bundy's chart.

There are a lot of newcomers to astrology inquiring about Uranian Astrology. Like teaching classical guitar, one has to start with the basi…

Started by Malcolm

0 May 13, 2019

Santa Fe Astrology Meetup: "Secondary Progressions. Bill Gates & Microsoft; LBJ & JFK Death; Manson & Helter Skelter; Jimi Hendrix & Monterey 1967; Marilyn Monroe & Death; 2016 Presidential Election"

Secondary Progressions analysis is an astrology technique used for prediction of future events. Many people involved in astrology swear by…

Started by Malcolm

0 May 7, 2019

SANTA FE ASTROLOGY MEET-UP 04/28/19: "The Vertex Point." Einstein, Dalai Lama, Robert Hand, Dane Rudhyar, Elvis, Icke, JFK, Bruce Lee, St. Bernadette, Gandhi, Bob Marley, Janis Joplin, & Capone.

The Vertex was discovered by astrologer Charles Jayne. It is a point on the horoscope located where the Prime Vertical crosses the Ecliptic…

Started by Malcolm

0 May 1, 2019



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