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Lost Walt Disney UFO DOCUMENTRY : Full Uncut Version

Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary: Full Uncut Version This film was shown only once, and with no advance notice on stations in only five US…

Started by Krishna KalkiLatest Reply

India permits free energy technology despite threats from UK, US, Saudi Arabia

ENERGY, OFF THE GRID INDIA WON’T SUPPRESS TEWARI’S FREE ENERGY GENERATOR APRIL 16, 2015 India considers its own free energy program a…

Started by Krishna KalkiLatest Reply

5 Of The Most Believable Alien Encounters

Thousands of people claim to have had alien encounters. Some appear credible, while others… not so much. We found that the 5 stories in thi…

Started by Krishna KalkiLatest Reply

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A VEGAN is a true human being fully aware that you are what you eat. A VEGAN is a god conscious being that does no harm to other living en…

Started by Krishna Kalki

2 11 hours ago
Reply by Krishna Kalki

The Extraterrestrials, Ultraterrestrials And Extracelestials that Exist in the Universe (Video)

This workshop will explore the various types of intelligences that exist in the universe as well as seek to define our own origin and role…

Started by Krishna Kalki

0 yesterday

There Should Be No Animal Killing...No Slaughter Houses ...No Butcher Shops ON PLANET EARTH

This is very important for the ascension of Planet Earth. Meat Eaters need to change their ways and go on a Plant Based Diet in other words…

Started by Krishna Kalki

1 on Friday
Reply by Louis Cheyne

Strongly Recommend : Best to cook your own food and make your own drinks...Forget the restaurants and cafes ..HIGHLY RECOMMEND. TO MAKE YOUR OWN .

Quiet a lot of Restaurants are known to stack their food and serve it the next day and then the next day. Quiet a lot of restaurants do no…

Started by Krishna Kalki

1 on Tuesday
Reply by Krishna Kalki

FOR YOUR INFORMATION : Epigenetic Memories Are Passed Down 14 Successive Generations, Game-Changing Research Reveals

In Brief The Facts: It's amazing how much information can be passed on to our offspring. Scientist have discovered that our DNA has memori…

Started by Krishna Kalki

0 Oct 15

Scientists Receive Green Light To “Resurrect The Dead” Using Stem Cells...LETS HAVE YOUR VIEWS ON THIS LIFE SAVING TOPIC

In Brief The Facts:biotech company Bioquark has been given the green light to 'resurrect' the clinically dead using stem cells. They are…

Started by Krishna Kalki

0 Oct 15

Mount Shasta Interview With Tony Rodrigues: 20 Years a Slave in Secret Space Programs

Three new ExoNews TV episodes have been released of Tony Rodrigues who claims he was used as slave labor for several secret space programs…

Started by Krishna Kalki

0 Oct 13

UFO Hangar Door Opens on top of Mt. Adams/ECETI ...ONE OF THE PLACES TO VISIT

Started by Krishna Kalki

0 Oct 10

Study Reveals ‘Intentionally Treated Water’ Might Change The Growth Rate Of Plants

Study Reveals ‘Intentionally Treated Water’ Might Change The Growth Rate Of Plants In Brief The Facts: Three Buddhist monks focused their…

Started by Krishna Kalki

0 Oct 9

French Butchers ( Also More Popularly Known As MURDERERS Which They Really Are ) Being Targated By Vegans

FIRSTLY LETS GET SOME FACTS RIGHT ..These are few as it would be to much to list here: 48. Meat can never be obtained without injury to li…

Started by Krishna Kalki

4 Oct 9
Reply by Krishna Kalki



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