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Started by AshtarCommandTribe [Admin]

2 Oct 3, 2010
Reply by drago kulic

UFO Press conference,27/09/2010,Washington

 A group of former US Air Force officers plan to break their silence over Top Secret Alien close encounters and reveal how UFO'S attacked n…

Started by kateclan7

15 Oct 2, 2010
Reply by Makaduta

U.S. Airmen are coming forward to talk about Aliens Deactivating nclear missiles

UFO skeptics often question why, if aliens have traveled half way across the galaxy to visit Earth, they only ever abduct American hicks a…

Started by AtlanMu

3 Sep 30, 2010
Reply by John: Anderson

The Plan - Awakening As One

Tip From AndronoverPart 1 "The Plan" Remastered from keith wyatt on Vimeo. Part 2 The Plan - "The Awakening Trilogy" Pt. 2 from keith wyat…

Started by AshtarCommandTribe [Admin]

2 Sep 26, 2010
Reply by Krishna Kalki

David Wilcock's Latest: "Exciting Update: 2 New Radio Shows"

It's great that so much energy is moving in the direction of disclosure ... To read entire blog and access links to radio shows: http://d…

Started by LAF

0 Sep 25, 2010

Reminder: Monday, Sept. 27, 2010, Ex-Military Officers Testify that Galactics Have Control of Our Weapons

September 23, 2010     by Steve Beckow

Started by Diwata

2 Sep 25, 2010
Reply by Aurelia

The Sealand Skull - Proof of visitation in historical times?

Did a quick search and didn't see it posted. Figured folks here would find this of interest.…

Started by Ashangel

0 Sep 22, 2010

UFO "Uprising" Muse Concert & Denver ET Ballot Initiative

Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner UFO Uprising concert in Denver coincides with extraterrestrial Ballot Initiative September 18th, 2010 3:49 p…

Started by LAF

6 Sep 20, 2010
Reply by mrtoon

New Disclosure Info

Aired on Sept. 17th, a short Coast-to-Coast interview with Richard Hoagland and Stanton Freidman on Disclosure. New info to consider ...

Started by LAF

3 Sep 20, 2010
Reply by Number9

Whistleblower Dan Burisch on Project Aquarius

Here's an article on Dan Burisch's document, Project Aquarius. It also discusses in detail Area 51/S-4, Project Looking Glass, stargates, E…

Started by LAF

1 Sep 17, 2010
Reply by LAF


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