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  • 🇵🇱 This was posted on Twitter by a Polish member of the EU parliament, Radek Sikorski.

    Chairman EU-USA delegation @Europarl_EN; VP EU-UK Friendship Group; Senior Fellow@Harvard; Distinguished Statesman@CSIS

    “Mała rzecz, a cieszy. As we say in Polish, a small thing, but so much joy. #Nordstream.”
  • "Always Above...!!"
  • "Clear. So we can expect more disinformation later today in flawless English 😇" Hehe...!! Actually, we saw the disinfo here yeasterday, about the pipeline, posted on this very And yes, one post flawless, the next broken, the next, almost illegible...What a team of them...
    They dance like "aliens" to the globalist MSM agenda talking points....The current one is "Russia bad, Europe good....!!"
    Green Dancing Alien Star Wars GIF - Bing
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  • "Another WEF puppet is Ardern of New Zealand." True, I forget to mention her, she is definitely another of these WEF-trained globalist graduates....
  • Notice that it is said that 'immigration' is one issue in Italian politics. However, the issue of how to solve the Ukrainian crisis did not arise strong enough! Apparently, like in all Europe, they just talk about how to fan it all the more! This is a shock because the war has caused over 10 million Ukrainian immigrants a cross Europe! This is such a population of immigrants that exceeds the total population of the whole Libya! Apparently the idea of 'blue eyed blonde immigrants' does not much rally the 'right', even though they might, as well, include Neo-nazis!!

    Europeans have erred if they think that it is ok if belongs to blondes!!😆
  • If you agree that all these war in Iraq, Afghanistan and other 'war on terror' nonsense is a work of cabals, then it isn't too long ago to say that cabals more of uses the so called 'left' to create psyops that called for drastic catastrophic reactions.

    Of course terrorism is bad, is a problem, and we need to deal with it. However, governments can use it to justify disastrous reactions, and so we need to be careful. But same is the case environment, contagious diseases such as covid, war in Ukrain, immigration so called crisis etc.

    Note that I included 'immigration' to highlight that I don't buy into the idea that the cabal 'uses the left', even after it is claimed that his idiot Bush was the cabal's puppet! There is no difference between 'behold terrorists' and 'behold immigrants'! In fact they use the same 'terrorism' fearmongering to scare the same 'rightists' into fearing immigrants, which is daunting because they also accept that the 911 incidence, which created all this 'fear of terrorism' was, infact, a false flag!
  • Another WEF puppet is Ardern of New Zealand,
  • Now I want German people to pay particular attention to this video, in which Biden threatens to end the Nord Stream 2, gas pipeline....It was a session of Q&A with the press, alongside German Chancellor Scholtz..
    The timeline was in February this year, just prior to the Russian special military operation....
    Moreover, the USN 6th fleet were taking part in BALTOPS 22 military exercises, in the Baltic sea, commencing in June, so had prepared the sabotage operation, alongside the cover story...
    The cabal use small groups of rogue elements, within the US military, to support their skullduggery.....The majority of naval personnel are innocent in all this...

    The German journailst wonders how Biden will end Nord Stream 2, as it comes under Geman control and he simply tells her that he will do it, promising that...
  • The Germans are going to have a tough winter, with energy supplies being inadequate....And it was very naughty of Task Force 68, to use a mine to destroy the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines..NVWC (naval under-sea warfare centre...(part of the USN 6th fleet.)

    They were stationed at Bornholm island, off Denmark, taking part in mine clearing exercises as cover, within the BALTOPS 22 military exercises in the Baltic sea...
    Biden was briefed and indeed knew about this, the cabal ordered it..There is video footage of the old codger boasting about how they would "stop Nord Stream, if Russia invaded Ukraine."

    Of course, MSM is trying to blame Russia, for destroying their own pipelines....which is truly absurd, but does demonstrate their insanity...
    Leaks in Nord Stream gas pipelines likely 'sabotage,' European leaders say
    Leaders of several Western countries have said leaks in two Russian gas pipelines are likely the result of sabotage, vowing a strong response as inve…
  • The heart of the dark cabal is within the top families, running the global central banking system....For your information, Roaring...
    You will see their "great reset/green new deal" agendas reflected in SOME nations, if not all..And certainly see their agendas reflected within the international bodies of globalism, such as the WEF, UN, EU, ECB, US Fed, IMF, TLC, BIS, CFR, etc, etc....
    The most WEF controlled nations, are Canada, Holland, France and Germany...Their leaders are highly active globalists and dictatorial.

    Many countries now have governments fighting the agenda...It's not just right vs left, BUT, we see the communists and socialists advocating the destruction of the nation-state, more than conservatives.....That's a fact...Just the way it is...Of course, there are many on the right who are globalists, too...In Britain we had to get rid of Boris Johnson, as they had corrupted him...
    Biden does not dictate to Britain as you suppose....He is always complaining about how we are diverging from his political outlook over the EU and Irish protocol...So don't assume we are controllled by that old fool, as we set our own agenda now, as the Russians do...and it's based upon sound economics and national sovereignty....Something easier for us to pursue, now that we have left the EU shackles....

    🚨 New British PM, Liz Truss, triggers the globalists of the IMF, EU and WEF......The UK is defying the dark cabal monetary orthodoxy, by cutting taxes and stimulating a growing economy, when the globalists want us to be like Europe and Biden's America, stagnant and declining....with rising energy bills and dependency on global institutions...

    Liz is rapidly becoming Donald Trump in a skirt.....Or maybe a new Queen Elizabeth I, standing firm against a 21st century version of the Spanish Armada....??

    Whatever your analogies, they are freaking the global elitist consensus, that wants a digital, centrally controlled currency and a great reset....Sending them into panic mode, as their small window of opportunity, to nudge the world into their green agenda, falls by the wayside...With the UK doing now, what the US was doing, under Trump....Stopping the great reset agenda...Forging national sovereign independence, from the central bank system's dark hegemony..👍🏻😁
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