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  • Does anyone here have a PayPal account...?? Have you had it closed down, for expressing views against the woke orthodoxy...?? If so, let us know...And watch this vid, in which the Free Speech Union, had it's account suspended, along with similar groups, challenging lockdowns and covid mandates, etc...
  • I have no issue with Iranian people, nor Afghan people and sometimes the dogmas of political control can interfere in lives and need to be highlighted...
    I will gift Roaring and all those interested, with a tour of Kabal, obviously a virtual one, but one from the real life perspectives of an English tourist, who documented his trip, fairly and objectively, to Kabal and observed life in the Afghan capitol city, as far as he was able to...This was posted on YouTube a couple of days ago and included the celebrations of the Taliban victory, which was after a full year had elapsed...

    You will find that Afghans have far more respect for the British, than they do for Americans and they look back in history at the British Empire, as a better one, than others....They have a strong sense of patriotism and even though Islam may colour it, it is the patriotism and sense of cultural identity, that guides them above all else...If anyone else thinks that Afghanistan should be invaded I would recommend that they give it up, as it won't work...(I did advise Bush Jnr, not to invade and he ignored me.)

    The video is presented well by this English guy, who seems to be a junk food fanatic, but contrary to what people might assume about Afghanistan, you can dose up on junk food there, also...If you want to...As well as all the mod cons, including internet...

    As far as the equivalent to America's famous right to bear arms, Afghans with the cash, can go down to the store and buy just about any firearm, grenade, or rocket launcher....

    The vid is fairly long, but well worth your time......I will also state that Afghanistan still has terrorism, but it is being conducted AGAINST the people and government of the Emirate, by ISIS.......

    ISIS was the group created by the dark cabal in Iraq......They are now attacking the free Afghans.....

    Roaring, view this vid and let me know what you think......It is very revealing.

    "Tourism In Taliban Controlled Afghanistan."
  • I too like Persia so much. It is there where many modern concepts, we take for granted, such as human rights and religious tolerance was spearheaded. Cyrus was a great leader. However, I beleive that there is a deep connection between shiism and this ancient society. Notice how shiism extends gradually to Iraq, then to Syria, then to Bahrain and then jumps Saudi Arabia to Yemen just like how Persian empire expanded! If Zoriastrians etc reasonated with Shia Islam, then so be it. They must have seen how they resonated. So Shia Islam might tell us something about Zoroastrianism etc.
  • Lol-the motorized scooter boom of 1916-mandfx for me
    The Motorized Scooter Boom That Hit a Century Before Dockless Scooters
    Launched in 1915, the Autoped had wide appeal, with everyone from suffragettes to postmen giving it a try
  • I have no issue with the ancient Persians of Cyrus...Noting that they were not moslems then...They were zoroastrians and there are even some practitioners still, in modern Iran...
    If you observe the so-called "Islamic Republic," it is but a drop in the ocean of time....Ancient Persia was interesting for any student to delve into...In contrast, the policies of modern Iran can only cause the student of history to sigh....
  • These are follish non issues. They should not be one of the basis to hate Iran, the home of Cyrus The Great!😆
  • These are follish non issues. They should not be any basis to hate Iran, the home of Cyrus The Great!😆
  • The question is 'how nude can a woman dress before it is deemed to be a pornography in public?' The answer is it depends on what the society in question regard as 'pornography'. It is an wholly relative issue.
  • These are simple facts, we need no pics from Iranian enemies to show us what Iranian women want. Over 95% of Irani women are Muslims, isn't it (women are even more enthusiastic about this fantastic religion). See to it that Muslim women dress in long free clothes and wears hijabs etc. There is no one who force them to wear such. Ergo majority of women in an Islamic world have zero problems with a rule pertaining to dressings.

    Furthermore all societies have different standards of nudity. Andamanese women walk almost naked. Such a dressing won't be allowed in a London street. So to Andamanese, Britain is no different from Iran when it comes to 'imposing a moral code on women'. Everything is RELATIVE.
  • 😊And now back to the important topic of the US midterms:

    John Jancar made some accusations about Trump's relationship with his daughter, which were completely unfounded....BUT we can state CLEARLY WITH PROOF, that Biden is a PEDOPHILE....Watch this vid and then tell me that Biden and his DNC, are your choice in an election....A party with this goof in charge can only go one way.....TO HELL...!! (This is for Democrats to ponder.)
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General Relativistic Aether Theory

Before Einstein developed Special Relativity, Hendrick Lorentz had developed the so called 'Lorentz Aether Theory' to explain the same thing. As far as physics is concerned, Einstein added (or in fact 'removed'), very little from Lorentz's…

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