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  • This polygamy culture might have been necessitated by constant wars that seriously reduced men's population as men often were the worriors. With only one wife, they would not be able to rebalance the gender population as the y chromosome must come from man.
  • Yes, that came in much later, but in ancient times, a Hebrew was permitted to have a wife, a concubine, a slave girl, etc...Actually, OT Judaism is very different to the modern form...
    In practice, the Jews did mingle with gentiles, across the world....And many of us have some Jewish blood...I have some on my father's side, so cannot be a Jew, by definition, but when you think of genetics, that does not need a religion to define itself...
    I have some Russian jewish genetics on my father's mother's side....The name of "Lev."My grandmother had a Jewish father, from Russia 19th century and an Irish mother...what a mix.....And my mother was German...Dad English and his father, English for centuries, going back to Saxon times...
  • Orthodox Jewish families are very picky when it comes to lineage and who is marrying who. The descendants of the priests are not allowed to marry a convert, she has to be Jewish by birth. The old Hebrews must have known much about DNA.
  • Yes and Islam is nothing less than an imitation of the Hebrews...Even their names have Jewish originators...But yes, the spreading of the genetics, far and wide...This science became a religious duty.....
    They went forth and multiplied, as it was God's command.....Not just fun...;-)
  • The Hebrews had many wives, thus their DNA spread fast 😉
  • Yes, a priest using the codename of "Archangel Gabriel." It may also be of interest to learn that Jesus/Yeshua was a reincarnated Joshua son of Nun, who was the Hebrew leader who entered the "holy land."
    Well, any religion that believes a woman can become pregnant through a virgin birth, needs to study biology....
    Of course, the Hebrews made it all very "mysterious" and later religions, also did their best to confuse everyone....

    By the time of Jesus, the genetic weakness had been corrected, but the practice continued on.....A part of the religious mystery school...
  • Interesting!

    I’m not really into biblical stories, unless it starts to make sense.

    Let me guess: the ‘angel’ who impregnated the mother of Jesus was actually a Jewish priest with fixed DNA?
  • Understand that he was considered so blasphemous, against the Egyptian gods and Pharaoh, that all records of him were struck off...Note that his name was actually Egyptian and it meant "drawn from water." There were variations of this name, also, such as Thutmose, or Thutmosis.....Although in the royal family from a baby, it would have been much easier to cover up such a person's existence...A great scandal for the Pharaoh...
    Not so easy to cover up a Pharaoh's heresies....As with Akhenaten, who also tried to bring back the one God, to replace the many (Anunnaki.)
  • How do you explain the absence of Moses in Egyptian writtings at around that time? If Moses was brought up by Pharaoh's daughter, and there was this interesting story of Moses from being found in the river to appearing before Pharaoh to performing country wide miracles etc. Isn't it puzzling that the story about him seems completely unknown to Egyptians?
  • A stone sarcophagus....Used in ritual, as well as for burials...The ceremony of death and rebirth was well known to the Knights Templar, also, who practiced it at their Paris temple, inner sanctom...They learned it from their descendants, the Levite priests, who later entered the Essene community...Escaping to France...

    For Hebrews, Moses was the originator of this intiation ritual and it was performed upon him on the mountain...Sinai...
    Note that Moses had been intiated into the Egyptian mysteries....And all Pharaohs received a special initiation ceremony, in the Great Pyramid of Kufu, which is actually a temple of initiation, rather than a tomb..Many get confused about it...
    The King's chamber has just such a stone sarcophagus......
    Mount Sinai was standing in for the pyramid...(Moses expected no less.)

    He was not taken onboard the mothership, or anything like that....But the technology was GFL...The stone vessel was Egyptian.....
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