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  • Those people didn't appear in the film. They didn't look like the actors. These people in my dream just wore the same clothes, this typical black suit.
  • My experience is that I cannot control when I am in my own inner dream world (well the time i got in), but that I can enter it and determine where I want to go. In my own inner dream world I can fly very often and am sometimes a white pigeon or a person with wing feathers on my arm. I am usually in the position to just look at everything and determine where I want to go. I am aware that there is a real portal to my inner world. For some time now, people have appeared there wearing black suits and looking like from the movie:"Men in Black". They command me around and they have built a door in front of the entrance to my dream world, i.e. the portal. The door is guarded by them and they order me not to enter my dream world. I often wake up in my dream in the middle of my dream world. I don't seem to need the portal myself. There was another portal in my dream world that was on the ground like in the anime: "Inuyasha" I would be ordered to open it, but I said that I couldn't because I didn't know the people and didn't want to open it.

    I coud talk about my dreams for hours. I remember so many Details of it, from so many dreams.
    By the Way i always feel more Home within my owen Dream world. I know if i am not in my owen inner Dream world.
    I don't know with who I coud talk about, but you here. Выставлен на продажу
  • Interesting answer RL. Sometimes i got dreams with things or Persons i never see or meet in my life. It can be a Massage from your Subconsciousness or even from a Spirit. Maybe it is a Massage from your Body. I got bad dreams also when i get Stresses or my Body is weak or sick. I think it's possible that Dreams are some Kind of Vision for things wich happen in future or now if youre understand them correct.
    Show you a Trailer from a Movie were you see what i think about.
    There it's the Future, but i think it can be the now (present time), too.
  • Quote:

    1. How You know you are awake?
    2. What is Reality?
    3. How do you know that you are in the so-called Reality?
    4. Does everyone live in a different reality?

    My reply:

    What drove humans to develope 'real' or 'not real' concepts is the presence of sets of information that purports to pertain to a set of information that we have labled it in some way. The later info is called 'reality'. We have, for instance, identified the concept 'guitar' with a set of information: the stiff neck, frets, tightening screws the resonator the strings etc. So we say 'the real guitar has a stiff neck, a string etc'. If we see what looks like a guitar but, when close exermined, lacks those essential attributes, we may say 'this is not a real guitar'. If, for instance, the neck is made of plasticine, we may say 'this is a model of a guitar, but not a real guitar'. If the strings or the object itself don't move, we may say this is a sculpture, an image or a photograph of a guitar, but it is not a real guirar.

    Of course as a model of a guitar, we can go one and talk of it as a real model. So it is not a real guitar but it is a real photograph of a guitar! So the suspicion 'this is not real' only make sense if the scenario is a set of information that purpots to pertain to another set of information that we label it because the latter set routinely manifest. When we see an object comming, we can wonder if it is a lion because the 'lion' apparition has come to us over and over, and so by 'real lion' we mean 'the one similar to the usual'. The 'unreal lion' is the one that differs significantly from the ussual 'lion'.

    If a dream could recur consistently, then we can meaningfully talk of the scenarios we saw as 'real things'. We can begine to call them names such as 'Carpathian', 'Elfs' etc. So when we see another thing, or have another dream, we can wonder if we are seeing a real elf or if we are in the real place we called it 'Carpathian'. In other words we are wondering if 'we are experiencing the usual dream as we often do' and so 'we are seeing a real elf' since the concept 'elf' is what we formed in the dream itself, and not anywhere else.

    So dreams can only be said not to be real if they seem to tell us 'we are in the usual wake world' of which we will discover it otherwise when we wake up. We say 'we are not in real London' because the concept 'London' is what we coined in the wake state. But if the scenario in the dream is understood as 'a london-like place' in a world called 'Carpathian', then that will be a real 'Carpathian', but it is not a real London.
  • It's not the first Time I dreamed about things i not see in my life. It's completely out of anything i have see in a Day or Week. I am not really care for the Television. It's bore me and i most Time not wach it.

    I get the Movies for free in my crasy Dreams. Woud be stuff for good Books.

    I get Massages from Spirits, who only tell how they lose thier life and yes absolut true i think i get some Kind of Visions sometimes, but i can not explain them.
    There is no one i know on my Family or Frinds who woud understand it.

    😱Oh, maybe i am not normal? You know my Brain Waves was not normal Doctor's say some Years ago. I was there cause of these horribal Headache I always got. Maybe it was this Cluster Pain.
  • What if this is true as he sing it?
    He maybe sings about the love between each other can come true, so that's the Reality he sings about, like dreams come true. 😏
  • Let me ask some very strange Questions.

    1. How You know you are awake?
    2. What is Reality?
    3. How do you know that you are in the so-called Reality?
    4. Does everyone live in a different reality?

    My Answer:

    1. Sometimes i am not so sure about. Dream or Reality? Need sometimes some Minutes to realise to be awaked, after i did sleep.
    2. Different Dimensions.
    3. Yes, from thier Perspektive.
    Everyone have an owen inner World.

    Well, a little view from the things i think about. 🤷‍♀️
  • yes, it takes practice, that's what I observed also
    what catched my attention in one of our exchanges was your argument of counter-intuitive approach, that reminded me of the saying "don't settle for the low hanging fruit", meaning, there is always more to discover, I believe there are 12 dimensions :)
  • Hey friend, it takes practice.....;-) And as for Serbian President Vučić, if I were him I would not waste my time, visiting that nest of poisonous vipers, at Davos..Many politicians are not actual globalists, BUT, feel that Davos and WEF is prestigious...However I would suggest to them, that it is actually inclined to blacken their reputations....
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