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  • I am everyone and also, no one....
  • Were you come from? I mean your Family. Some Japanese here ;) ? Love Japan for it's tradition to have Respect infront each other and bow..
  • My father (R.I.P. 2015) told me when he was still alive that we, i.e. only on my father's side, are Mongolians of Russian descent, whatever that may mean. His brothers say so too. I was told that we are related to Genghis Khan.
    My Mother and her Mother comes from Schleswig Holstein, well both born in Neumünster, this is in the Noth of Germany. You can see more from me on my Instagram, i am loveligth78on there. I can not posting here to many Pictures, of cause. ;). My Followers, duh.. is my 1/2 sis, we got the same Daddy, so 1/2 sis, I got 2 1/2 brothers, too. From second time my dad was married. You got to know me :) if were want be Family. :). Ashram ( from Norway, also, plus there is a second uncle from me living) is one of my uncles, I got about 6 (brothers from dad/one dies, too). tan_chas.. is my great uncle from London..(Oxford), hashed is distance familiar with me, too and also, guldber.., well there more of my Family and distance family.. just if you like to know them.. they are all nice :). Well some of them love to travel ;). When is the next AC Event in Germany, Hamburg? I come maybe :).
  • yes, the EU can only come up with some new "holograms" for the metaverse with no substance and without context in real politics lol
  • Of course and as ever, the absurd European Union want to appear to be militarily "powerful" outside of the NATO structure, with their own version, named🤭
    It sounds more like a supermarket chain, than a serious defense alliance...🤣 And of course, the EU has never wondered about the possibility that a kitchen with too many chefs, can cause the "meal" to be substandard...
    Idealists never get these things....

    The German establishment should get their soldiers to stick to using broom handles with PESCO service and Heckler & Koch HK416s, with NATO service...
  • Yes, NATO is a tool for western imperialism and I consider it to be more a liability, than defense...Note how two new members are now keen on joining it...?? Finland and Sweden...
    Much is driven by a fear of Russia....And Russia is fearful of NATO expansion.....So the whole set-up is simply making for tensions...And of course, when the Warsaw Pact existed, NATO made a bit more sense....Now it is the perfect tool for Neo-Cons and Neo-Liberals..
    Normally America takes the lead, but Britain has taken on that role, recently, conducting negotiations with the two Scandinavian countries who want membership...Of course, Norway, Iceland and Denmark are already members...
    What is NATO and which countries are members?
    The alliance now has 30 members.
  • I discovered him about a month ago, Imran Khan should have been on his show because of the coup d'etat in Pakistan, he is now online and on most platforms, I like his anti-imperialistic and anti-NATO (anti-cabal for me) view
  • Yeh I used to watch him on the Iranian outlet, "Press TV" and also he appeared on RT, before it too was blocked in the UK...He is a lefty, but of the non-woke type, so a man of principles and a passion for equality and fairness, in the traditional liberal manner...

    He is pro-Palestine and supports various Middle east causes, which I do not...However, he is courageous and principled...I am in accord with his passion for the UK Union....Also, we agree on Brexit being a good move for the UK.....I would say that I agree with about 80% of George's politics....So not all, but a lot...

    He was also opposed to the Gulf War, as I was...And hates Tony Blair...ditto...;-))

    But yes, he knows as much about ET life, as an Eskimo Inuit seal hunter, knows about home central ☺️
    George Galloway
    George Galloway (born 16 August 1954) is a British politician, broadcaster, and writer who is the leader of the Workers Party of Britain, serving sin…
  • very informative Drekx,
    I'm listening to George Galloway's (the old socialist ;)) weekly "The Mother of All Talkshows", I think he is based in London, he has about 1 Million listeners over the week, also very informative but only on eartly matters ;)
  • The third Atlantean root sub-race, known as "Toltecs," where red-skinned giants...It was this particular Atlantean race that built cyclopean architecture, with great enthusiasm....Using sound harmonics to levitate 100-ton granite blocks into exact position, within a structure...
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