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  • The upper atmosphere above earth is a junkyard
  • I exclude Austin (East Beijing) from last statement
  • Not here in Texas. :) Where I live, you would not know covid exists.
  • Planet earth is still in quarantine until all dark forces are out.
  • They are illegitimate and have no power. It is everybody's mission to stand against them in authenticity without regard for self-preservation, which is shame
  • They are taking down private websites this going affect free speak and more. They are saying this to combat terrorism and radicalization
  • Under God's (Source) (Law of Freewill) laws. no man can have power over another. Period. Governments -by definition-are a violation of the law of freewill. I will never consent to be governed again. No unenlightened (to the highest degree) person can handle power without corruption. No enlightened person (of the highest degree) would accept having power over another. Again, by definition, all in power are corrupt. An important point is that there is only 100% truth and 0% truth. The minute that you tell a little white lie or pass a bill that is wrong to assist the bigger picture, you drop from 100% truth and authenticity to zero. The descent into corruption and even child satanic rape and adrenochrome can be much faster slide than you think. Everyone can become good again but for most it will not be in the same lifetime.
  • For additional reference I'll post this data, as it is important. The whole thing was contrived to fit an agenda....So we can stop debating it's veracity, over and over...It's a fake pandemic, which should never have been declared...

    Covid19 was created in Wuhan, China...the virology lab....With CCP official backing.

    As Movella states, it was financed by the NIH, and the gain of function research conducted in China, with American tax payer money..
    So Dr Anthony Fauci is very much involved....NIH stands for National Institutes of Health, a US government body...(for non-Americans.)

    The basic idea (I'm not going too deep,) is that genetic engineering of SARS virus in bats, which were transported for the research, from the cave, thousands of miles away from Yuhan, could be modified, to enable transmission to human cells...

    In nature, this SARS bat virus does not transmit to humans. So they increased the virus' ability to attach onto a human host cell and penetrate the di-lipid cell wall, by magnifying the number of positively charged amino acids in the receptor binding region of the virus...From two to four. The so-called spike proteins, often mentioned by virologists..

    Visually, these are the flat areas located on the end of the spikes...Imagine a sphere, with spikes...Now the virus, with enhanced charge, magnetically passes through the di-lipid cell wall of the human host. It gravitates to the cell nucleus and enters the replication centres for RNA production, reproducing itself and spreading around the host body...Always remember that a virus is actually smaller than a bacteria, and technically active, albeit, not truly living...It needs a host.

    The tests the Chinese conducted were on weak Chinese subjects, with low immune systems, lacking nutrition, smokers, etc...Such people were easy prey for covid19...

    However, covid19 is actually a paltry virus, as when attacking a healthy di-lipid wall, and immune system, it cannot break through the host cell wall to replicate...It is rapidly destroyed by natural immunity and well nourished humans...Humans that look after their health are not impacted by this virus...

    Basically, the Chinese underestimated the health of most westerners...Thinking that they were like Chinese workers....Chain smokers, diabetics, drunks, poor nutrients, junk food addicts, polluted city life (China is awful.)

    So frankly, it is the vaccine that causes the real damage..The "pandemic" is fake. It should never have been declared...It is all about destroying the west, especially. The appalling lock-down/mask/vax measures do that, not the virus itself...Measures called for by the cabal-controlled WHO...
    Also, note that this is exposing those with dictatorial ambitions, more than others...
  • Well governments have totally disgraced themselves, these last 18-Months, so I understand your point of view on this...Covid19 has become their primary means of bringing in dictatorships...They have lost all respect and trust.....People see it...
  • In my world, the government has zero rights to tell me to do anything. I do not consent to be governed. I threw away such childish things
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