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  • The physical form is a temple for spirit. It is our duty, as incarnated souls, to preserve it and nurture it and love it...So that this vehicle will allow us each, to complete life plan tasks, learning curve progressions, to maximum effect...There is no such thing as death, per se....However, we are beings that have physical duties to perform....We must preserve our vehicles, our forms, to the best of our abilities...
    Being fooled into taking a poison, is not wise.....We must each be fully aware of the vaccine risks and protect ourselves accordingly, from those who seek our "demise," upon the physical plane...
  • Of course, most members are fully aware of the covid vaccine, being used as a means to depopulate Earth humanity. Pet Rock knows it, marker dragon, too...
    This video is really for members who read more than post and/or are figurative fence-sitters, waiting for hard data....

    We have documented (among us,) the many health issues created by this vaccine and salient among them is heart damage...I would advise anyone interested, in watching this video, which is a GB News interview with a Dr Malhotra, who is obviously an independent thinker, on the matter...
  • Thanks Pet Rock, for sharing your 1990s experience, about the automatic writing and system to install Light Pillars....Great suggestion and I have answered you on my blog...
  • Shift
    Only PUREBLOODS will survive the vaccine / radiation holocaust being unleashed against humanity… th…
  • Has anyone else on ACC had an experience with offworlders, recently...?? Contactees or abductees...??

    My own experience was most interesting and totally positive...A contactee experience, which I have placed in this link, if any member would like to visit and share their data, here...most welcome to..

    I have shared much of the experience, but some is probably still in my subconscious mind...I thought I might remember more today, but alas no...
    Regards to all, Drekx Omega
    Violet Eyes...? - It's A Bit Shocking, But Interesting
    Contact Report 5th November 2021
  • Can the asteroid be splintered as a part of this? Is it meteors then? Shot down on purpose and hit the earth with the fragments. Hopefully that won't happen.;">
  • 200 years from now, mothers will tell their children how people used to kill themselves by regularly taking poison (western medicine)

    Children will not believe it. it will be viewed the same as we view lead paint chips and rat poison.

    The mother will say that nearly everybody took these poisons on a weekly basis and cut their lives in half.


    I pledge allegiance to the flag of my sovereignty, and to a constitutional republic that does not govern, fearless, answering only to God, with unconditional love for all.

    For the love of God, ban Western Medicine!
  • MSM; Health officials/scientists 'baffled'
    Health officials “baffled” by surging disease in LA’s most vaccinated communities –
  • Concentration Camp
    Howard Springs quarantine facility
    Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
    Howard Springs quarantine facility
    About 850 people are currently able to quarantine at the former Howard Springs mining camp on Darwin's outskirts. The camp has been renamed the Centr…
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Only PUREBLOODS will survive the vaccine / radiation holocaust being unleashed against humanity… the spike protein in vaccines causes genetic DISINTEGRATION

Zombie Apocolypse -'Vaccinated' will need to shun sunlightOnly PUREBLOODS will survive the vaccine / radiation holocaust being unleashed against humanity… the spike protein in vaccines causes genetic DISINTEGRATIONFriday, November 19, 2021 by: Mike…

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How To Tell A Story From A True Report

It is sometimes said that bible is just a collection of novels. So some people don't find any use in such. But of course it is simplistic to say that bible is just a collection of stories. It is an important historical document. We can definitely…

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marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"no vaccine is useful

the body needs no medicine

medicine just gets in the way of your immune syatem"
3 minutes ago
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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"And they call this new variant "Omicron.." They are playing games with you...And they will invent new variants to scare you with...When they reach "Omega," they will run out of time...and"
44 minutes ago
💮SAN 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"The government is currently examining whether the vaccination is of no use in view of this corona variant.…"
54 minutes ago
💮SAN 不滅 left a comment on Comment Wall
"The Tesla Death Beam was called the Blue Beam project in relation to the so-called Blue Beam project."
56 minutes ago
Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Sirian Update on Grand Solar Minimum 05/11/21 + "Astronauts"
"The Photon Belt is active, increasingly.....In measured steps, the window opens...And we receive it's cosmic Light...
Enjoy the music, too...😀"
1 hour ago
marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"I would not take aspirin if the government tried to force me. All medicines are poison. My health became perfect the minute I stopped doing doctors and medicine"
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Also SAN, are you planning to take a booster shot, every 6-Months, as some "experts" are suggesting...??

And who really needs to use a "Tesla death beam," on the public, when this vaccine, is so much easier for the authorities to co-ordinate...???"
2 hours ago