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  • I mean I can go ON WITH THIS lol Who was always in the pockets of the NWO and corrupt political money men. Who wasn’t, who fights against that. I mean LEARN HOW TO DISTINGUISH FRIEND FROM FOE. You frickin people. Clueless.

    Go ahead tear down the lightworkers lol The people trying to help. And the hell with anything else, that’s what humanity is good at.

    I mean hell, they killed Jesus Christ lol Humanity CAN’T DISTINGUISH FRIEND FROM FOE. And you still see it to this day, even among so called awake spiritual people, these people CLUELESS. You help make the world a hell hole lol
  • Or Iran, all the neo-Con crap about Iran trying to build nukes lol Wanting to nuke Israel. We have to go to war with Iran. Total crap and everyone knows it. And Trump, the fool, almost DID lol Lucky he smartened up at literally the last second.

    And who made an Iran Deal to make sure they don’t get imaginary nukes. Barack Obama, yea lol Did he get any credit for that, no, he got shit on. Right wing fanatics saying how it just gives them nukes, total opposite of reality lol And oh Obama’s a bad man, un-American lol For making an Iran Deal to stop them from getting nukes they weren’t even trying to get lol For choosing diplomacy over frickin war.

    You know the NWO didn’t like that deal lol Can’t go to war now lol

    And who scrapped that deal, Trump lol Who almost went to war with them and threw the world into WW3, Trump lol People just seem to forget that.
  • Trump and Biden are persuing the same policies. These guys are trivially different. They told us here that 'China will come'. When biden continued the same Trump's agenda about China, they did not retract their nonsense. They simply stopped talking about Biden 'bringing the Chinese' conspiracy theory!

    Likewise withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan was Biden respecting what Trump planned to do in second term! Again instead of noting that these guys are, in many ways, similar, they simply begun opposing the withdrawal of troops!!!
  • No one on this site praises George Bush....We all know he was a Cabal puppet...Both George H.W. Bush & George W. Bush.....Yes, pure NWO...
    Biden is too...But most of the time he naps through the cabal Zoom conferences...;-) hehe..!! So misses the plot and has to improvise their agenda...Joke...!!
  • I mean people are saying now how great George Bush is lol This is a guy who was PURE NWO to the heart, Skull and Bones, 911, he went into Afghanistan and Iraq, to cause mayhem over there.

    Then when Biden, another person trying to HELP. Pulls out of there, they all whine about, oh it didn’t go 100% smooth, I mean give me a break.

    Btw, the withdrawal was agreed to by Trump lol Rightfully so, and Biden followed through. And oh it didn’t go 100% smooth lol Biden should resign, I mean give me a break. What were you doing, when Bush put their asses IN THERE lol Cheerleading it on, that’s what. Frickin FOX News said anyone who doesn’t support this NWO war is un-American lol Just bunch of FOOLS.
  • It is a very rare politician who has no "skeletons in the cupboard," for the deep state to exploit, to blackmail them with. And if not blackmail, they bribe, or threaten...Always the deep state will look for a weakness to exploit in any politician. So they can manipulate...Of course, with some politicians, who are simply evil, greedy or power hungry, the deep state Cabal does not have to try too hard...They just rig the election to get their unpopular guy or gal, "elected."
    This is neither left, nor right wing....The Cabal uses anyone....
    Trump is a rare exception, because he has no dirt on him...He is not even a real politician. That is why the white hat Military Intel guys picked him, in 2015..
  • Opening the eyes is knowing that politicians are all the puppets of NWO.
  • Great description, Alan....hehe...!! ;-)
  • I’m outta here lol To go play ball. Again, learn to DISTINGUISH FRIEND FROM FOE.

    The NWO could’ve been defeated long TIME ago. If people didn’t have their head up their ass. Can’t see lol

    There’s people fighting for you, and for the most part, they get shit on. Why. Why does humanity destroy people trying to help them.

    Funny, it’s only the people trying to help who get the most shit. Obama, Trump, AOC, etc. Actual people, for the people, they get the most shit lol Everyone knows George Bush was NWO, he doesn’t get any shit lol Oh no. It’s ONLY the people who aren’t NWO, who get the shit. Even from supposedly awake people like on here. I’m just sick of seeing it everywhere.

    Distinguish friend from FOE. Do that. Then we can defeat this NWO, and finally have a better world. That should be your focus. I’m sure it is, but you folks confused. Open them eyes.
  • AOC is just another cow fart in the wind.
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