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  • Thank You Joanna.
  • My comment was about the effect on the aura and toroidal energy field. I think that is relevant
  • To truly help people to awaken is to show by example that every human on Earth is innately capable of transcending, transforming and transmuting any misaligned energy, whether material or subtle, by simply focusing within, from and through the pure Light of Love that we All innately are behind the layers of illusory separateness.
    Dwelling negatively on thoughtforms of fear doesn't serve the Ascension of the Whole.
    Toxins/misaligned vibrations in foods, water, vaccines, medications, EMFs, chemtrails, beliefs, emotions etc can be transmuted as naturally as breathing when we KNOW we are the Love that transcends and encompasses all creations.

    For anyone who feels called to focus on viruses and vaccines as an aspect of Mission, send only Love into them, the Light of Oneness into them, into All, for the upliftment of All...instead of judgements, fears and unfounded/ungrounded projections of complexities that only exist as shadows...
    Bring true Inner Peace to Everything...when that radiates from you, it helps people awaken to the love and peace they innately are, if they're ready and receptive....and to KNOW that there is nothing to fear...we just need to align ourselves in true Unconditional Love, and allow ourselves to stand open in the flows of Grace and Providence - that we experience as Blessings - streaming constantly throughout Creation.

    Onward and upward folks...Love to you all 💛💛💛
  • Wandercloud. Good point. It holds relevance if our mission involves helping people awaken or heal themselves but there is debate as to whether that is part of mission
  • Are these comments really fifth dimensional. We are meant to be leaving behind all stuff of the 4d mind - if you are still interested in this crap the plane of illusion still has power over you.
  • Where do they specifically link the coronavirus vaccine to a loss in visual capability and/or compare it to the sensory capability of a heroin junkie?
  • I was vaccinated with biontec vaccine 2x. No reaction, as always. I do not know if for min. 37 degree increased temperatue also belongs to side effects. It's a financial crisis that you cover up with the pandemic. After all, the rulers do not want to lose their power, that is, the wealth. Maybe?
  • and Damien Wynne
  • Jason Shukra
  • Source?
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