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  • Thanks alot for that information. I can now read it.☺

    Now the math of regularization and renormalizations, the one they use in calculating g-factor, might work, but for reasons other than QM! Infact I see the thus regularized wave as classic, like the wave on a guitar string! In the guitar, the higher the frequency (in the harmonics) the lower the amplitude, so that the resultant Fourier series is not infinite. Infact it has a natural 'cuttoff' when the wavelength equals the size of the molecules of the string.

    So they are unwittingly switching back and forth from classic to QM!

    Also note how physicists can discover 'the immaterial' provided they influence the seen. Of course they haven't seen anything 'material' affecting muon! Same would be the case if a ghost was in the lab! They would find it by noting that their theory, which exclude ghosts, does not adequately account for what they observe. This is because some effects are due to the unseen ghosts.

    Finaly notice that once they accept that something unseen is affectin muon, they will call it 'physical', even if they don't understand it! This highlight the meaninglessness of the label!
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  • R.Lovely, here's the link again:

    I see where you're coming from....and also intuit muons have a significance, just beginning to be touched upon now, within the Shifting awareness... ;)

    Re your question, yes they are, predictably. I hold the vision every day for the smoke&mirrors to dissolve in Light, and all veils of confusion to transmute and fade away... 🌟🌟🌟
    A Tiny Particle’s Wobble Could Upend the Known Laws of Physics
    Experiments with particles known as muons suggest that there are forms of matter and energy vital to the nature and evolution of the cosmos that are…
  • Are Trump supporters now criticizing Biden for doing things that Trump was doing?
  • RRN just out and out lies, huh? Wow.
  • Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 5 CONVICTION!
    Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 5 CONVICTION! - Real Raw News
    A military tribunal on Thursday convicted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on charges of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, accessory to m…
  • If you say 2+infinity=infinity, you cannot say 2=infinity-infinity. Yet such is how the math physicists do the calculations!

    They say the zero point energy in vacuume is infinite! But ask how we measure such, they say we actually measure the energy differences, ie potential energy. Such infinity-infinity=the answere they were looking for, which they call 'renormalization', is obviously nonsense. So they introduce another technique called 'regularization'. Here, we introduce a cuttof (this is where Planck's Length comes from). So we are realy not summing upto infinity. We must replace our equation with another one which surpresses the energy due to frequencies below Planck's length. This is because, so they say, at Planck's Length, we might need new physics (quantum gravity) to describe how the frequency is related to energy.

    However, this new equation that dumps the vebrations below Planck's Length is nolonger the one predicted by any quantum equations (eg Schrodinger equation). They pulled it from thin air! Furthermore, this equation contradict QM as the demand that the zero point energy is strictly given by hf comes from uncertainty principle.

    Also this shows that SM is wrong!! There is no way we could test Newt's law if in our calculations, we neaded to add in the interactions between an object with ever tiny air molecules and then at some point, we say hell, perhaps there is a new physics for subatomic interactions (QM)! We would only sum a few and regard Newt's Theory as falsified, should it not agree with experiments!

    You see the problem? In Newt's law, the smaller the object, the lesser it contributes to the 'force', and so we could neglect the quantum effects, hence we could test Newt's law without having in mind a 'cut off' due to possibility of new physics for small objects (in this case quantum mechanics or QM ). However, in SM (Standard Model), the smaller the domain, the larger its contribution. This is due to the equation E=hf. (The larger the frequency the smaller the wavelength ). So the unknown physics at Planck's Length contributes the largest!! So there is no way we can test SM!

    If we replace our equation for E=hf so that the higher frequencies contributes lesser, and completely dumps them at Planck's Frequency, as they do in regularization, then we contradict QM as strict zero-point energy as E=1/2hf comes from Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

    Such is how these goons do math to calculate g-factor! They 'swap the hat and pull out the rabbit'!
  • Joanna,
    I had not known of the recent muon g-factor measurement. But your link did not contain anything. There is an error.

    If you follow more on this, you will find that the supposed experiment does not challenge quantum theory (actually the standard model) in its domain. They are seeking for deviations in 5th or so decimal places.

    Quantum guys normally boasts that standard model predict g-factor correct to 12 decimal places. But they use dubious maths that involves nonsensical use of zeroes and infinities, a technique they call 'renormalization' and 'regurlarization'. You can even see in this case of muon. Some are saying that they calculated and found a different solution! In other words they don't even know how to solve the equations! But they still call it 'prediction of standard model'. That is to say fitting calculations into data is still called a 'prediction'!!

    Standard model invent new rules at every addition of new decimal place! For instance Feynman introduces 'propagators', 'quasi-particles', summing infinite waves (regardless the fact that it makes no mathematical sense), renormalization Feynman Diagrams etc. These rules were not there in previous quantum theory. So the 'prediction' of g-factor is actually its first prediction! If they introduce new rules in obtaining even farther decimal places, then the theory is actually worthless. This is the case! If you draw different Feynman Diagrams, you get different answers!
  • Re: Clones: Source?
  • 2021 Saturn enters Aquarius its called the ''Big Shifts and Resolutions''.
  • Earth could be going though ice cycle some of these cycles patterns have different names one of this called '' The Ophiuchus Cycle '' preparing for winter.
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