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At 10:15am on July 17, 2012, latinoindigo2012 said…

why did you take a lot of medications??? what disease you have?? I hope you get better!!!!

And thanks for sending me your love and light  energies!! I'll send you my energies as well!!

At 8:00pm on July 16, 2012, Aniela Michaela said…

Eny questions you have I´ll gladly answer to you as best and easily to understand as I can! :)

At 7:27am on July 16, 2012, latinoindigo2012 said…

Is that you on the pic?? If yes you are really precious !! i like your eyes !!

At 7:26am on July 16, 2012, latinoindigo2012 said…

you are welcome !!im always seeking to have more friends who are seeking the same path as me .Im tired of living in this 3d reality i feel that my soul came from an other planet i feel that i dont belong to this 3d stuff

At 5:44am on July 16, 2012, Ranthom said…

Hello Sam,all is well and going according to Gods' Will on this end....thanks for asking.I'm trusting all is well with you.Stay blessed "Little Sister"!

At 4:16am on March 4, 2012, Jose Ignacio Contreras said…

At 9:31am on March 2, 2012, Starseed said…

hey there if you have panic attacks you need more vitamin B and fish oil


Blessings love and light

At 2:53am on February 24, 2012, Ranthom said…

All is well...thanks for asking,

At 1:51am on February 5, 2012, Rune. H said…

At 12:14am on December 31, 2011, J Ash said…

hey sister, dont worry! all will come for you when the time is right..i cannot do this kind of long channeled messages myself, i get more the inpulses and say things when they actually have to come out...:-) read ur FB message :-) x

At 4:09am on December 19, 2011, Rune. H said…

Hi shadowmysticangel !

I am so thankful for what i have, that i was chosen to be here on Earth in these ascendees times. Yes, English is not so good, but it has become better after i got membership here on AC.

How are  you my friend ?..

I have been told that i have had a incarnation as a Shaman, a Noaidic one, i believe it was in Norway or Sweeden. So now i reading a book about Shamanism.

Thanks for your reply, and i hope you are feeling better!

At 7:15am on December 18, 2011, Starseed said…

yes you look very pleadian lol

At 7:14am on December 18, 2011, Starseed said…

hey star sis shine your light bright

xx starseed

At 11:25pm on December 14, 2011, J Ash said…

Hey dear sister, how are you?? hope all is well and shinning on that side of the world. let me know how everything is going with you.

Love and light to you ! :-0 xx



At 3:37am on December 4, 2011, Ranthom said…

Hello Sam,Stay blessed little sister!

At 8:12pm on November 27, 2011, StarGirl said…

Thanks for ur friendship............<3Star

At 11:38pm on November 26, 2011, Ranthom said…

You little sister are loved more than you know ! 

At 1:12am on November 26, 2011, Luke Skywalker said…

Hi my sister.. I saw your comment about not judging others and I aggree 100% .. Thats how I see it, complete non judgemental unconditional Love to all...

you are so Loved :)

stay as blessed as you are my dear sister... may you feel Loved always.. forever..

and Love, peace, joy and harmony be ever with you...

Luke :)

At 6:24pm on November 23, 2011, Jose Ignacio Contreras said…

Hello Beautiful Angel,Thank You For Your Friendship

At 10:03am on November 23, 2011, J Ash said…

My pleasure and duty, sister :-)  keep well and positive.


Jai :-)

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