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The Essenes- Jesus- Mary Magdalene and Mary the Divine Mother in the Essene Comunity - The Reawakening of the Essenes today

The Beginning of a New Era with the Essene Villages

This is the sign of a new era beginning, for the whole of mankind, or at least for those who possess the ears to hear this call to awakening and action, and the hands to start building the new world which is asking to appear.

This is why was simultaneously created the Essene Nation, a way to take a stand and declare the will of the Essenes of today to act concretely for the protection and preservation of the patrimony of the first peoples’ wisdom.

The Essenes, as a first people, as ecologists (even before the earth was polluted), have always been responsible for the harmony between mankind and the intelligent, living kingdoms which are part of nature. This is how the great worldwide project of the Essene Villages was created, genuine oases in the midst of the desert, in a world which is getting colder and ever more robotic, where man has become the one god, ungrateful and tyrannical, exploiting all the kingdoms of nature for his own gain.

The construction of three Essene Villages in France, Quebec, and Gabon is the seed of a new humanity, one who will bring about the Golden Age and has already begun to see it rise again. This new humanity is growing today under the banner of the Essene Nation. More than ever, it is calling for an union of forces, in the direction of all beings, of all peoples, just like Enoch, Rama, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mani, the Cathars, the Rosicrucian, etc., have done

Saint John the Baptist, Jesus and Saint John Saint John the Baptist, Jesus and Saint John

trained from their youngest age by the great Master of the Essene Fraternity on Mount Horeb, are like the very same being. Saint John the Baptist prepared all the conditions for the coming of Christ which he had prophesized as Elias.

And when Jesus appeared in “front of the scene”, as the living incarnation of Christ, Saint John the Baptist disappeared, beheaded by the orders of King Herod. After three years of public service, Jesus also disappeared, crucified by the people supposed to welcome him and crown him king of Israel. The Alliance with the Christ – the Master within all Masters – was then entrusted in Saint John, the beloved disciple, who became the new great Master of the Essene People, the bearer of Christ and the guardian of his secret doctrine for the next two thousand years. From the Mystery School of the Christ, which he resuscitated and founded with the help of the Virgin Mary, a new river of Essene Wisdom was born and it prolonged itself through the Fraternities of the Manicheans, the Bogomils, the Knights Templar, the Cathars and the Rosicrucians, up to the contemporary Essene Nation and Essene School.

Mary and Mary Magdalene

For the Essenes, Jesus is not a being that simply descended from the skies, appearing from nothing. He was the matured fruit of the great millennial tree of the Essene Tradition, the end result of a very lengthy work, from the prayers and the sacred rituals of millions of souls who have worked in silence so that, one day, this being of Christ might touch the earth through a great Master and teach the whole of mankind. Jesus was the response of the Father and the Mother to all those souls in dire need of truth justice and peace.

Thus, the birth and apparition of Jesus in our History are not something “miraculous” if this means irrational and unexpected. For the Essenes, it had to happen as clearly and scientifically as the apple has to grow on the apple tree.

The preparation, the birth and the evolution of Jesus have been in great part a “feminine matter”. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a great priestess of the Essene People, trained and prepared for her mission on the slopes of Mount Carmel, inside the temples constructed through the initiative of Elias the prophet. Thus, she actively contributed to her son’s development by passing down all her virtues to him. Then, when he reached adulthood, it is Mary Magdalene who took great care to make sure that Jesus always had the best conditions to fulfil his mission.

Those two extraordinary women became, in their turn, authentic Masters, living incarnations of the Mother of the world, the daughters of Isis, the great initiator who knows all the secrets to engender Light on the earth. Jesus himself, like all the great Masters and guides of the People of Essenia, is a son of Isis. “No man may go toward the Father without passing through the Mother.” (words from the mysteries of Egypt)

all texts and credits go to Olivier Manitara- web page:

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