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The 4 BLOOD MOON TETRAD - The First is on April 15 2014

Hi Everyone!

I have not checked in for a while but I found some Information that I wish to share here. I hope all my old friends are doing well.


Well, out of sheer synchronocity I found this information on the 4 Blood Moons, today.


Today, I was  compelled to organize a sweatlodge on the full moon of April along with using the Star of David which is the Tetrad - The Name of God.

So I googled what magical effect this would have on me and stumbled upon this Information.


Below is how the Astrological Chart will look like on April 15, 2015 at 8am from my location in Austria.



The bible says in several places - Revelations 6:12, Acts 2:20,Ezekiel 32:7, Joel 2:31, that he would turn the Moon to blood and those who call upon his Name will be saved.


Well, God's Name cannot be called out with your voice. God's Name represents the 4 Elements. And I shall share a Special recipie on how to call out God's Name through energy.  But there are many recipies to do this. I shall do my best to share mine. This Picture below Shows 4 Hebraic letters. Each represents an element. Yet, man tries to make a sound from the letters like Yahweh or Jehovah. I have seen These Hebraic letters in century old Catholic churches within a Gold pyramid shape on the wall. Yet, no one ask what they represent.


You can use this Tetra Star below. It shows which point of the star represents which elements.

The top Point belongs to Archangel Metatron. One can place candles on these Points. Writing upon the candles the correct Archangel/Element etc. I share the specifics below. It is important that Metatrons Point is North and Archangels Michaels/Fire Points Southward.


 We know as the Tetragramma represented through the Tetramorph. I have written Blogs in the past regarding Tetramorph.



 Below you see the Star of David. Which has 6 Points. Yet the Star above has only 5 points. The reason the below star has 6 Points is because it is trying to Show you a Tetrahedron in a 2d flat way. A Tetradron is a 3D polyhedron with 4 triangular faces. The above picture is based on the 4 but shows you there is a higher Dimension past the 4.


When using a Pentagram please do your homework or dont do it at all. Or go to someone who knows what they are doing. It is so important to know what you are doing especially in small things like making sure you have it right side up, pointing North (if you place it on a table know where North is) otherwise you are endangering yourself to dark entities especially during a Moon Eclipse. You dont want it upside down like the way Satanist do it to blasphemy God's Name, those people usually become possessed because they have no idea what they are doing. Which is when they Point the top downward then they are opening the spiritual doors to lower dimensions.

 The Best uncomplicated possibilities are: To wear a Pentagram, point upward,on your neck or place it upon your wall. Or use the 6 sided Star of David. Which is a Tetrahedron not opening any doors above or below.  You could place the Star of David on your wall. Or wear a neclace of The Star of David or the Flower of Life. Which also contains The Star of David within it.


Then just light your candles.



If you know your herbs you can sprinkle the correct herb that correspond to the element upon your candle. There are many herbs that correspond to fire, earth, wind and air but I shall give you an example below. And I personally use the Color of the Archangels for the Candles. Or you could use the Color of the elements. 

The above Picture is representig a Tetramorph. Here you have the Color of the Elements.

The Tetra Morph is also found in the Bible under Revelations 4:6

But the church does not let simple people like us understand the powerful Name of God.

The Tetramorph dates back to Ancient Egypt and Babylonian Times.


This Babylonian Picture represents a Cherubim.

Such Images are found in ancient Catholic Churches signifying the Tetramorph - 4 creatures representing the 4 elements which represent God's Name. In the middle sits a saint who has access to the higher dimensions. He is sitting in a Vesica Pisces.

Before lighting your candles please clear the room by smudging with White Sage.If you are into crystals you can use the correct crystal that represents each Archangel to help anchor God's Name Energy. If you decide to take part in calling upon God's/Source Energy Name then make sure you clean and purify the air. You can compare it to inviting a King into your house and it would be so disrespectful if your house is a total mess. I reiterate, you do not want to turn these candles on if you have not or cannot cleanse the air with White Sage or Myrrh, Frankincense and company. Doing so also protects yourself from any bad entities because it raises and purifies the energy that is being smudged. But most of all, smudging will help you to cleanse the emotions and spiritual blockages coming up to the surface. If you have doubts about your spiritual security mix a teaspoon of Yellow Herb (found in Curry) with some milk or eat 1/4 tspn. of Angelicus Root. This protects your Aura and your Body 10 fold and it also has powerful healing properties.



Archangel Gabriel - Element Water/Emotion - Tetramorph - OX

Herb - Chamomile

The Archangel Gabriel is the Angel of Guidance and corresponds to the color white. Gabriel can help you to organize your life as well as provide you with advice and guidance - particularly with education or career. Spiritually Gabriel can help you to find your life's purpose and to replace feelings of discouragement with fulfillment.


Archangel Michael - Element Fire/Mental - Tetramorph - Lion

Herb - Cinammon

The Archangel Michael is the Angel of Protection and is associated with the color blue. Michael can be asked for protection against any sort of physical or spiritual danger. These might include robbers, stalkers, accidents, astral attacks, psychic attacks, witchcraft and the evil eye etc. Spiritually the Archangel Michael can help restore your faith in God and free you from self-doubt and fear.



Archangel Uriel - Element Earth/Physical - Tetramorph - Man head with beast body

Herb - Angelicus Root

The Archangel Uriel is the Angel of Peace and is associated with the colors purple and gold. Uriel resolves all problems in personal, social and professional relationships and helps to create harmony in life. Uriel is the angel of nurses, doctors, counselors and teachers. Spiritually he can help you to let go of bitterness and resentment, renewing hope in the hearts of those that have lost faith. He is also the angel who manifests divine justice.



Archangel Raphael - Element Air/Spirit -

Tetramorph - Eagle

Herb - Cloves (the one that you cook and bake with)

The Archangel Raphael is the Angel of Healing and is associated with the color green. Raphael is responsible for the healing of body, mind, soul and spirit. He can help put your daily bread on the table. When you are in need of clothing, food or shelter, Raphael is the angel to call upon. Raphael can also help your doctor make the right decision and aspiring musicians make beautiful music. Spiritually Raphael mends broken spirits and helps you accept the truth.


(Tetra means 4 and Morph is the Creature. On the 3D plane we have 4 elements but the the 5th element is not found on the 3D plane it is found in the 5th Dimension, in the Ether.) And smoke (smudging) penetrates and travels into all dimensions.


Archangel Metatron - Ether /Universal Energy - Tetramorph  or 5th Creature - Cherubim

Herb - White Sage

Metatron is the highest level and the first manifestation of the infinite stream of energy emanating from the Father / Mother. Of order, he is a seraph angel, but he is also the highest Cherub and manage everything with his right hand, which is called Michael. His left hand is his' Female Part "and is named Sandalphon, some call it also Gabriel. Metatron has also the title of a Archangel. He is associated with the mixture of Colors Indigo, Turquoise Green & Violet,


The Vedic Astrologers are calling this the Grand Cardinal Cross. But the meaning of this Grand Allignment is much deeper. God's Name is being alligned in the stars and his Spirit shall pour down upon us through the full moon. We are to receive him by calling out his Name.


Which I showed how through the Star of David and lighting candles. Flow with the energy. Alot of us are going to feel like all our emotions are coming up. We shall feel extremely emotional, perhaps crying or depressed. This is the best and perfect timing to face the past and find out the roots of your fears/insecurites, how they are linked to you, your emotions an your current state of being. The perfect time to cleanse your Soul from past lives as well as this life.


I plan to be a part of a Sweatlodge on the four Blood Moons. You could also throw the five herbs I mentioned in the fire that is heating up the Stones for your Sweatlodge.


I hope you like my contribution to the wonderful knowledge that is being shared on Ashtar Command. I wish you all a wonderful experience during These 4 Blood Moons.


In the light,

Custos Astralis


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Comment by Goldenmind on March 13, 2014 at 5:14pm

Something is about to change the world.

This is what is going to change: What Happens When America No Longer Needs Middle East Oil?

The restructure of the Middle East and the end of the Age of Pisces


Comment by Feather Winger on March 12, 2014 at 5:27pm

interesting post, Custos Astralis....hugs...!!!

Comment by Feather Winger on March 12, 2014 at 5:25pm

Comment by Custos Astralis on March 12, 2014 at 5:23pm

Thanks Feather Winger. I would not mind that beautiful Picture on my wall.



Comment by Feather Winger on March 12, 2014 at 5:16pm

Comment by Custos Astralis on March 12, 2014 at 4:57pm

Hey and now it returned but my comments have disappeared. Something fishy in the air.

Comment by Custos Astralis on March 12, 2014 at 4:55pm

I am being hacked!!!!! I had a second Video and when you go into You-tube and type Blood Moon you get a Server Error. I wrote this to explain why my second Video was not working but my comments and my 2nd Video disappeared into thin air as well as my comments about smelling a conspiracy.


Comment by Custos Astralis on March 11, 2014 at 10:34pm

I live in Austria and it is almost midnight. I wont be able to respond to comments till tomorrow.

Love and Light,

Custos Astralis

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