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" Greetings , I AM Sanat Kumara , the holder of the Planetary logos and your beloved friend and companion and here I am with thee today to talk about my preferred subject of the Universal Laws , in particularly today of the Law of Manifestation . You are all still wondering of why you are still not able to bring into your lives and realities more of the things that you desire , and I want to bring to your attention that that the answer is getting down to knowing the way the Universe works and yes, down to the basics. You may feel that this is an abstract subject and quite boring , but you need to understand the basics and the rules of the creation before you can manifest that which you wish the most . You are indeed powerful creators and you are manifesting at all times , only that you are bringing in that which you don’t want more than the things you need and desire , of course in an unconscious manner .

Lets start with what is not desirable in your life at this moment , and invoke the Laws of the Elimination/ Transmutation/ Repulsion to release and clear them all for good , and know that it is done , don’t spend time and energy any longer in this old, outdated space/place ! Then , focus on what it is that you most want and aspire to.  Invoke the Law of Manifestation and intend to manifest the abundance of peace , joy , loving relationships , sacred partnership and unions , material goods and moneys , whatever you desire , and go into the 13th Octave and gather all the energy that you need, from the Mother/Father/One and see it manifest it in an instant , and bring it into your heart , into your sacred space . You are so powerful , you are the alchemists indeed  ! Take some time to feel it , to see it happening , let it sink into your being, spend as much time you need here in this space ! Then drop  this newly creation , drop it into your solar plexus, into the still point , and then take a deep breath and push it out, push it through your solar plexus out into the Universe . Know that is out there and that the Universe is working on it .  Most of it, be certain of the rapid manifestation , do not allow yourself to doubt and worry , not even for one moment . The last step though , for there is one more important step, is to pay attention to the clues and take the actions required and trust that they are going to take you to the most desired outcome, for your greatest and highest good of all .

Have fun with it my dear friends , for life at this time was meant to be a lot of fun, laughter and excitement ! See how powerful you are ,and you can start small , and dream big , yes , the sky is the limit ! Call on me with anything that you may need assistance with, I am here with thee !


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