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With the protection of Source I give you peace. It has been proven before that your weapons can be shut down and it will be proven again if necessary. There will be no nuclear weapons allowed to be used in this timeline. All valid weapons are being monitored and there are not many capable of task. Those in positions of 'responsibility' are showing their desperation with fear mongering at all times. Have no fear, fear is your only enemy.

They have been trying to cause chaos in Ukraine, Syria and North Korea. They were hoping to push a major war in one of these 'theatres' and North Korea is under their control. North Korea is to be used as a false flag to start a war that nobody wants except the US corporation. All other countries are in defensive mode. The war is a must for their survival, their empire will collapse without the war. This war will not happen.

The people of Earth have risen in consciousness and will not participate in these games any more after learning from past lessons. Those in positions of making moves have to do so without the backing of their people. This removes the power they possess. They are not capable of creating the hysteria needed. They do not have the permission.

They will fall. After having the power to do such good they choose to destroy and deceive. They shall be judged at the weighing of Souls. 


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