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Thoth and Enoch are one and the same person!

A couple of days ago I took time to view a blog that was posted by our Galactic Sister of the Light, Gwendolin. Which I deeply thank and give credit for inspiring me to write this blog.

Her blog posted a video from You-tube that contained  The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. There are a few You-tube videos that have been posted and my favorite is this address...


This weekend, I had the opportunity to listen to a few of the posted You-tube videos of Thoth and they are identical but each reader has their own way of delivering the information.  As I was listening to the recordings I must confess, I had the stomache flue and ascension symptoms. So I had much time on my hands to listen and ponder on the information. Yet  it was not until today that I experienced my Eureka. Thoth and Enoch are one and the same person.


The Tablets of Thoth read in English are so eloquent and poetic thanks to Issac Newton, father of Chemistry, who took the time to translate it and the material therein is highly intelligent. I commend Issac Newton but I am deeply confused how the ideas of Newton Mechanics came to be,,,,,, that we are just machines and the universe is like a clock, although most of his life was dedicated to understanding Alchemy?????? It is known Issacs knowledge came from scientific books written by Thoth.... obviously some books of Thoth were checked out from the Alexandria library before they set it ablaze... and personally I always believed the Romans and those in government positions at that time had political reasons for suppressing such knowledge... ....And those printed books also survived the time when the church mandated a book burning "party." Furthermore, Issac Newton took the knowledge Thoths science to create our Tablet of Elements. BUT .... Thoth words touched on the idea of Quantum Mechanics. It is obvious that Isaac Newton was already stepping on the Church's toes at that time and had to secretly create formulas with hidden meanings in between the lines. Here is a link that explains what I mean.


I want to share that there many similarities of the writings of Thoth and Enoch. From the top of my head I can recall that when Thoth explains his history of how he escaped the fall of Atlantis it is similar to Enoch, Noah's grandfather, who also lived to write about the great flood.


Thoth explains how he came to a land of barbarians and erected the Pyramid and Sphinx and Enoch says he built two great Marble "Pillars" where his books and hundreds of books are hidden underneath to be found at the end of times. Thoth shares the secrets of Atlantis are underneath these foundations and ......  also a spacecraft is underneath the Sphinx.


Both are mentioned to have discovered the 365 day Calender, created Astronomy,  Geometry and both are thought to be The Father of Science.


I have read the Books of Enoch which were found from the Dead Sea Scrolls but one must remember that The Emerald Tablets were made around the same time that the Pyramid and the Sphinx were made. The Books of Enoch were made during the time when the Hebrew folk were held captive in Babylonia. They were influenced by their captors and were taught from the Babylonians and many mystic Hebrew Cults were created during this time and one of them were the ESSENES. If you trace back the Book of Enoch you can see for yourself that it was written during the time the ESEENES came to be.


When you compare the language of the books of Enoch and the Tablets of Thoth you can clearly see which sound more intelligent and scientific. Although he does speak often of the Halls of Amenti and other dimensions but not in the spooky way that Enoch Books were written. Enochs books sound so spooky and how he explains the weather does not sound very scientific as a scientist would explain the weather at this day and age. That is where the books take on their differences. Also, Thoth speaks of The Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry and Atoms. The books of Enoch are not as intelligently written as the Tablets of Thoth. Obviously the author was a Hebrew man who tried to capture the Tablets of Thoth in a simple superstitious minded way who had not the real documents to copy down and improvised in between very dramatically and mysteriously..... but there are many similarities of the Tablets of Thoth and The Books of Enoch. Though I must admit and reiterate that the Tablets of Thoth are far supreme than The Books of Enoch.


I would just like to add, the book of Genesis was written from The Books of Enoch but only small portions that the Church saw fit.

The Tablets of Thoth are very long but they are worth listening to for a true seeker of knowledge. When you have read both the Books of Enoch and have read the The Emerald Tablets of Thoth you will find countless similarities but one cannot deny that The Emerald Tablets of Thoth is the original book.


I conclude this blog with....

Both Enoch and Thoth promised to return at the end times "with the keys to the gates to the Sacred Land."


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Comment by Custos Astralis on January 1, 2013 at 2:55pm

Thank-you Gwendoline, I am honored you took the time to read my blog.

Hurtak is a new name for me. I shall read up on it. And take a look at your link.

Comment by Gwendoline on January 1, 2013 at 2:31pm

Thank you for your kind words, dear Costos, Child of the Light. Excellent research work on Thoth and Enoch, and thanks for the other shared insights.

Just for info: I didn't refer to the initial book of Enoch, but to Hurtak's "The keys of Enoch. The book of Knowledge", which Hurtak claims to have received directly from Enoch. Not the easiest work, but with many marvels, joining science and spirituality together (Matthew's last message -last chapter of it- also talks about this upcoming merge

In regards to Merlin: that rings a bell with me. Beware though that Merlin is a title - so Thoth might have been one (or more) of the physcial Merlins in history; he definitely is a studax :-). As for current incarnation: not too sure, it's rather as if Thoth's Soul would have many incarnations simultaneously right now.

Thank you kingjeff for the great info on the Flower of Life. BEAUTIFUL colours. Your description resonates with how I lived/felt the period from (20)21st thru 31st December. As a sidenote: it might well be that we humans needed this new imprint before any major changes in just any part of our society could take place. And thank you for making the connection with other well-known names in history.


Comment by Custos Astralis on January 1, 2013 at 10:32am

In November, I read a channeling from Thoth that was written and brought to us by a Galactic AC light brother.

I must admit, I gave my opinion of the channeling before listening to the Tablets of Thoth and now I see my folly. His channeling indeed resonates the same truths as that of Thoths. I only wish I could remember exactly which Tablets mirrored that channelling.

So I humbly would like to share the site of this blog with the Channelings of Thoth on my blog here.

The string is below.


Comment by Custos Astralis on January 1, 2013 at 8:08am

Lady-C thank-you for your comments. And I absolutely love that last question in regards to WHO is the incarnation of Enoch/Thoth.... I was pondering the same thing this morning. Whoever, it is.... is a  person who can master the elements like Jesus.

After I had my Eureka about Thoth/Enoch I Googled to see if someone had the same idea and one person said that he was also believed to be Merlin as well. After reading that, I thought..... well, if he had a spacecraft that he mentioned that is underneath the Sphinx then he was able to travel everywhere. Maybe he is responsible for building all the pyramids all around the world. Then he would be the one who also created the Stonehenge.


Comment by Lady-C on January 1, 2013 at 5:46am

I've read the Tablets of Thoth, and about Enoch in the bible, but didn't make a connection.  It's been many years ago and I wasn't where I am today.  I applaud your studiousness.  I used to be far more curious, but have to admit that the years wear you down....and poor eyesight has just about finished off my reading career.  I didn't get around the reading the Book of Enoch...just about him in the bible.  Have you figured out who is the incarnation of Enoch/Thoth?  I'm kind of getting that it's none other than Zahi Hawass, Egyptologist!

Keep up the good work. 

Comment by Custos Astralis on January 1, 2013 at 1:53am

Yes King Jeff! That is right Thoth is also Enki and also Hermistigus. I hope I spelled that correctly.

Thank-you for your wonderful contribution. Have you read my blog about Tetragrammaton - Christian Mysticism?

Love and Light,


Comment by kingjeff on January 1, 2013 at 1:21am

  Traditional Flower of Life Traditional Flower of Life with 3 D energies New Flower of Life with 5D and above frequencies now resonating in all as a result of 12/12/12 and after 9 days of download activation of Atomic Diamond God Cell Matrix Template in all restoring All That Is in all as they awaken. 21/12/12 72 hours dark night of the Soul when all are purged by the Fire of the Lord ie Body Temple Frequencies are raised to Christ Consciousness Hence Christ Mass for the first time in 26,000 years when we align with Our Central Sun Alcyone shortened to cyone or syone or Sion and Zion City of Our Lord which in turn is the last Central Sun there being another 8 to the Great Central Sun of Prime Creator Prime Creatrix the Great Cosmic Mother Queen on the Chessboard. with all the myriad Angelic and Star Systems in between Blessings all Love Joy Balance Harmony Kingjeff   PS   Thoth is also Enki and the Waterpourer known as Aquarius

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