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Anonymous - Occupy London Stock Exchange - September 29, 2011

A group of protesters ( Anonymous ) are organising an occupation of the London Stock Exchange on Oct. 15, 2011 to bring attention to what they see as unethical behaviour on the part of banks, following a similar demonstration on Wall Street.…


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SAUL - Amazing Changes in Attitude.... - John Smallman - September 29, 2011

You learned to fight for what you wanted, and, if you won, the prize never turned out to be worth the price that you had to pay. You put on a brave face, and others thought that you were enjoying life as they succeeded in convincing you that that they were too.


Channeler: …

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Occupy Wall Street rediscovers the radical imagination - WE are the 99% - YOU WILL LISTEN - September 29, 2011

Everything we'd been told for the last decade turned out to be a lie. Markets did not run themselves; creators of financial instruments were not infallible geniuses; and debts did not really need to be repaid – in fact, money itself was revealed to be a political instrument, trillions of dollars of which could be whisked in or out of existence overnight if governments or central banks required…


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Anonymous Hacks Goldman Sachs - Publishes Personal Info on CEO - Septmeber 29, 2011

WE are Legion.  WE do not forgive.  WE do not forget.






NEW YORK (CNNMoney) --


A group of hackers ( Anonymous ) got to financial giant Goldman Sachs Tuesday, publishing the personal information of numerous employees, including CEO Lloyd Blankfein.


Going by the name @CabinCr3w, the hackers blasted off a…


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Benjamin Fulford - Update Message - The Cabal - On Bent Knees - September 27, 2011

...the leaders of the Japanese Yakuza groups have, in exchange for a promise of immunity, agreed to provide testimony against George Bush Senior, J. Rockefeller and their flunkies about a series of political murders carried out at their behest both in Japan and overseas Bush flunky Richard Armitage has also privately approached a White Dragon Society member with an offer to testify against Bush and his CIA faction in exchange for…


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Beings from Beyond Time - Message - Karen Doonan - September 28, 2011

There is so much that human BEings are led by and in effect many of YOU are walking blind at this point. TRUST and FAITH in YOU, in the power that YOU are will see YOU take the blindfold off and realise that YOU drive the new, YOU are the creator on the planet earth.




Channeler: …

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Message from The Greater Galaxies - Karen Doonan - September 27, 2011

The level of human consciousness will vastly increase in the coming months...YOU were not meant to walk the planet earth in containment, YOU were not meant to walk the planet earth in fear or in despair...



Channeler: …

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SAUL - The Sense of Excitement Mounts - September 25, 2011

In truth, life in the illusion could hardly be called life at all, for it has been bare subsistence backed by the constant hope...that you would one day return to your divine Home. And that is about to happen.




Channeler: …

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The Andromedans - Message - September 24, 2011 ( HIGHLY Recommended Reading! )

While many rejoice in this “newly” found ability ( telepathy ) it can be used by illusion to instil a sense of paranoia, this results from FEELings being absorbed from those around YOU that do not belong to YOU...Many of YOU can already relate to irritability and arguments and disagreements that seem to spring out of nowhere... 
What has gone before cannot…

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Transitioning Into 5d Earth - Gregg Prescott, M.S. ( - September 22, 2011

One question I like to ask people is this:  If there was no such thing as money, then what would you be doing with your life?....We are the light that is at the end of the tunnel. It’s time for graduation....Are you ready to go home to 5d Earth?




by Gregg Prescott, M.S.…


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Welcome to Boston Mr. Rumsfeld - YOU are Under Arrest - September 22, 2011


 Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has been stripped of legal immunity for acts of torture against US citizens authorized while he was in office....The ruling comes as Rumsfeld begins his book tour with a visit to Boston on Monday,…


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Metatron - through RActurus - September 15, 2011

The fleets of the Galactic Federation of Light are very close to their arrival moment in your reality. The postponing of this great event that will make as you say ‘history’ is over. That was the last chance it could have happened and it is no more.



Channeler: …

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High Council of Orion - Karen Doonan - Septemeber 15, 2011

For too long humankind has been kept contained and suppressed, the illusion seeks at all times to re-inforce that which many human BEings are not questioning. We note the authority that the media teaches with across the planet and how human BEings still deeply asleep will seek to re-inforce that authority. We wish to question how a media outlet can become an authority?





Added by Karma's Helper on September 15, 2011 at 3:00pm — 2 Comments

Who Am I - I AM a Pleiadian walk-in - Wes Annac - September 13, 2011


In an instant my Life seemed to change, and my whole personality was transformed. Where I once had close relationships with many friends and family members, I have now begun to find I have nothing in common with these souls.




Sept. 13, 2011



This is a question I have found myself wrestling with countless times. In an…


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Saul - Anticipation is Intensifying - August 24, 2011

Your awakening from the dark mists of suffering, decay, and death into the brilliant radiance of the divine Presence will be an utterly exhilarating experience, and yet it will be but the beginning of your eternal ecstasy




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Archangel Michael - August 24, 2011

The Divine Blueprint for this Sub-Universe was created as a twelve-dimensional experience....As you advance in Light resonance, you will move ever upward into higher and higher stations of Light within the World Server Pyramid


Wednesday, 24 August,…


Added by Karma's Helper on August 24, 2011 at 4:32pm — 1 Comment

What Will Happen During the Shift - by Steve Beckow - June 4, 2011




What Will Happen During the Shift


2011 June 4

by Steve Beckow

drunvalo melchizedek 2012 shift of consciousness Lucy brings to my attention a lecture Drunvalo gave quite some time ago on what might be expected during the “shift” that we…


Added by Karma's Helper on June 5, 2011 at 12:08am — 1 Comment

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