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The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa - Part 1


                                                                              Written by Wes Annac

I would now like to present, analyze and discuss material concerning the Galactic Federation, sometimes referred to as…


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60 Billion is an important number...

Uploaded by FForInsight on Feb 7, 2009

Visit or for more information

Tony Stubbs Las Vegas, Nevada November 1, 2008 - Author, editor speaks on the subject of…


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Michael ~ We Are Cranking Up The Volume ~ Ron Head - May 1, 2012


This you have asked for...This you have always known...You will be changed...These frequencies have been building around you for many years, but the strength and frequency continue to build...approaching this month, your frequencies will begin to entrain It is quite possible that the feeling you get may be something like wanting to get up and dance...Listen to this music in your hearts, enjoy it, and go ahead and…


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Wes Annac ~ The Updated Methods of Disinformation 'Commenters' ~ May 1, 2012


The dark knows that every day, more people are waking up and they know as well that the internet and various spiritual websites have been much of the reason for this awakening...They know that we are getting together on spiritual forums and discussion groups, and discussing our Star brethren as well as our ascension and they do not want us, who they perceive as backward peasants, to begin awakening with each other..It is…


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Dolores Cannon ~ 5D Earth is Here ~ - April 1, 2012

Among some of the ascension symptoms...high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, dizziness, depression, joint aches and pains, ringing in the ears and headaches...Everyone has a different frequency and vibration, so it’s going to react differently to these changes.. We’re like fleas on a dog.  In order for us to go (with the Earth into 5D) we have to change our vibration.” 



April 1,…


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Hilarion ~ Open Your Senses to All that Lives in Your Surroundings ~ Marlene Swetlishoff / Tsu-tana - April 1, 2012

There is a sense of renewal and rejuvenation in the atmosphere and all around new life is poised, ready to come forth in its diverse and glorious majesty...It is the time for renewal of intentions and goals...and determination that this year, things would get done, that it would be different...Yet, all around you, what is reflected back to you is only more of the same old, same old. But wait! There IS something…


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Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: A Message of Ascension Assurance ~ Valerie Donner - April 1, 2012

...we are experts in the ascension process. It is what we do. We go to various planets and assist them with this process...To some of you the fifth dimensional ways of being might sound like your fairy tales. I assure you this is not the case...Our fleets surround you...We are simply a breath away. Watch what happens in the sky...


Channeled by Valerie…


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Why Haven't You Been Called to Action? - Brenda Hoffman - Febuary 1, 2012

Does it seem as if you do not belong anywhere, and yet you know that you must do something important, something special?...You know you have an important role to play in this wondrous transition. And you know the transition is happening now. So why have you not been called to duty, to action?...Even though you are onstage, the spotlight only hits the featured dancers...And so you will when the time is right for you. You are a…


Added by Karma's Helper on February 1, 2012 at 5:02am — 2 Comments

It’s Time to Wake Up! - Gregg Prescott, M.S. - - January 1, 2012

Many of us know it’s “time to wake up” but why do some people remain asleep, even when you show them intangible proof of how we have been manipulated for thousands of years through government and religion?....The status quo has kept is locked in a prison planet through brainwashing, fear, money, subservience, control and conformity...The mainstream media has exponentially lost their ability to brainwash us...There is a war right…


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John Smallman – JESUS – Many Event Are Set To Unfold – 1 January 2012

2012 will be a year of changes and surprises, some unsettling, but many uplifting and inspiring...there are still many who favor the old ways and hope to continue using them ...they will not succeed...A new age full of amazing and brilliant creative ideas and concepts is dawning...



John Smallman


January 1, 2012



2012 will be a year of changes and…


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A.A. GABRIEL - Weekly Message - Marlene Swetlishoff - December 2, 2011

To be in consciousness means to walk in the awareness that One is more than a physical body, that One is a Being of Divine majesty...To be in the highest consciousness means to be in wholeness and perfection of Being as you were at the moment of your Creation...when One continually strives to raise One’s consciousness, it automatically raises the consciousness of everything and everyone upon, within and around the…


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Council of Twelve via Radio Ann: Aint’ No Use Complainin’ - December 1, 2011

 Isn't focusing on a lack of UFO disclosure the same as waiting for the rapture or the messiah? A continual state of unsatisfied longing?...Do you think the future will be bright because you’re not happy now? No. That’s backwards. Be happy now. No matter what. Disclosure or not. NESARA or not. Occupy or don’t...Complaining, waiting, complaining, waiting . . .it takes a lot of self-discipline to stay upbeat. That’s the…


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High Council of Orion - Karen Doonan - October 1, 2011

We are YOUr brothers and sisters from the stars and we walk amongst YOU, for YOU are we and we are YOU. Tread softly on this the new earth borne just moments ago, for YOU are like the petals on a newly bloomed rose.




Channeler: …

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Hilarion's Weekly Message, September 25-October 1, 2011

Moving your body during these times and stretching your muscles, tendons and ligaments and doing deep breathing helps to keep the energies moving through you in a balanced way. Following good dietary habits and drinking large quantities of pure water...


Marlene Swetlishoff


Beloved Lightworkers,


This is a time to nurture yourselves and to listen to the inner…


Added by Karma's Helper on September 26, 2011 at 1:25am — 1 Comment

Ascension 101 – Lesson 1 A Beginner’s Analogy For Understanding Ascension - by Geoff West - July 2, 2011


Ascension 101 – Lesson 1  A Beginner’s Analogy For Understanding Ascension



At the most simple is merely a CHANGE...albeit a very special kind of change.


Everyone knows water, so let’s look at the element of water for a moment as a way of understanding the coming changes, and their potential effect upon an individual.


Water is one of the primary elements of creation, and the…


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High Council Of Orion Message - July 1 , 2011


High Council Of Orion Message

July 1 2011…

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More on PRG’s World Disclosure Day, July 8, 2011 - by Steve Beckow - July 1, 2011




More on PRG’s World Disclosure Day, July 8, 2011





Paradigm Research Group expands in a media release on World Disclosure Day, to be held July 8, 2011. Thanks to Geoff.

World Disclosure Day – July 8

PRG Update – June 30, 2011



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Archangel Metatron - June 1, 2011





The Eclectic Eclipse-Triad

A TRIAD of 3 Powerful Eclipses in 30 Days Beginning Next Week !…


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Blossom: Galactic Federation - June 1, 2011 - The Time Is So Very Near Now.......



The time is so very near now ... our dearest friends. Long have you waited. Long have we waited . Yet cannot your hearts FEEL the excitement that something is about to take place?



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Hilarion's Weekly Message: April 24-May 1, 2011



Hilarion's Weekly Message: April 24-May 1, 2011


Hilarion's Weekly Message: April 24-May 1, 2011

Received by Marlene…


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