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Message from Ascended Master Paul the Venetian ~ via Julie Miller



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Bizarre , One of a Kind, Asteroid with Six Tails Spotted by Hubble Telescope

What if its not an asteroid? -Bill

Bizarre Asteroid with Six Tails Spotted by Hubble Telescope…


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Send love to my sister



This is me and…


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11-11-13/11-23-13 Aion Portal Activation

This is a lovely activation.


Dedicated to my beloveds....…


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Archangel Michael/Ashtar Sheran: Seven “Siblings” and The One Energy Effusion Channeler: Ariel DeAngelis

(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on November 10/11, 2013)

WE are confident that you have enjoyed the Love Energy Effusion which has beamed to you today direct from Pleiades Proper -…


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Do not downplay or underestimate the power of your loving intent. by John Smallman

Humanity is awakening, the signs of this marvelous advance in your spiritual evolution are to be clearly seen wherever you choose to cast your glance.

Be aware of the suffering that many are…


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Denise LeFay: 11~11~13 Portal Passage

Thanks to:…


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Do not underestimate the power of your love, of your compassion. – channeled by Ron Head


We are here today to speak with you of the marvelous portal into which you are passing at this time.

We would pass on to you some reminders of how to…


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Reflections of Moments in the Mirror ; the beloved I AM Presence

Photo: Here is the transcribed session of the guided meditation from the call on the 23rd of December 2012. The transmitted portion of what was received from our Divine Parents will be sent out separately for anyone that wishes to have the transmission from this night. The question and answer portion will also be provided for anyone that wishes to have that as well. Please message me if you are interested to receive these portions and I will send them to you. The important thing is the practical application and utilization of the guided meditation that was provided on this call to connect to and receive from our Divine Parents / Spirit for you personally. Any transmission or received Spiritual communication is geared toward the receiver of such. Spirit attunes and personalizes these transmissions specifically for you, unless it is specifically stated by Spirit otherwise. I encourage you to connect through this meditation to receive in stillness the answers to any question you may have specifically. If you are inclined you may share this with anyone you wish to. I certainly appreciate the added energies and support to all those that were present on the call and may you have a wonderful and blessed New Year. In Love from my heart to yours. Michael Xavier Universal Service of Light Circuit – Connecting to the Salvington Circuit – Special Session 12/23/12 Reflective Liaison / Transmitter Receiver and Meditation were provided and guided by the Indwelling adjuster of Michael Xavier. Opening prayer: Father Mother God we love you so much. It is our privilege and our honor to know that you are not separate from us. When we draw closer to you we also know that you draw closer to us. Nothing can separate us from your love, so we purely open our hearts and minds to you, to connect and receive all that you have tonight to share with us. Allow us to receive and understand and grow in this love and universal understanding as we extend our love and hearts from our universe, to the superuniverses, to Havona and to Paradise. We invite all those who serve our Creator from the depths of their hearts to assist us this evening according to our guardian Seraphim and our indwelling Spirits oversight. Our intention is to connect more fully, communicate more clearly, and understand more lovingly with Spirit in our personal realities and spheres and also collectively. Afford us the proper level of clarity, truth and understanding, all in accordance to your will. May all that receive this now in this eternal moment and in the future be assisted and connected to understanding and universal clarity as we turn this over to Spirit in love. Good evening everyone. Welcome everyone that is present as it is a joyous occasion to share this experience with all that will receive it. I know we have ones here that have never experienced a call like this, so as circuits and the presence of the midwayers, celestials, melchizedeks, angels and guides are imprinting and infusing this circuit with their presences, remain in the mindset of being still in a relaxed and open childlike state of trusting. Let all preconceived notions and human thinking go as we give way to the higher mind, mid mid or soul mind, and Spiritual Supreme BEING of ONENESS. This first portion of this call will be the practical application of connecting to what many call the crystalline grid which is the Spiritual network upon which many are able to receive and communicate from the higher realms. It is this new energy that is extrapolating to the collective and to individuals uplifting energies of our DIVINE PARENTS and our INDWELLING SPIRITS to be harmonized and expanded. This will be more and more understood as the connection is utilized by you personally in your meditation and personal applications of this meditation. This connectivity will allow you to receive such information and understanding as it is brought to you from Spirit, filtered and translated by your soul and then finally applied in your individual realities and worlds with love. Focus upon the words LOYALTY TO THE FATHERS LOVE as you allow yourself to drop from the intellectual mind into the heart where this spiritual presence is felt and can be understood in feelings which there are only concepts for. Let us begin this journey together. Remain focused on the love in your heart, as we take a moment in the mind’s eye to picture a favorite place in nature. This can be anything that you love outside on our planet. This is personal to your understanding. It can be a pond, a park, a waterfall, a place that you like to travel to mediate where you can appreciate the grand beauty of Mother Earth. Now as you are now in this place, I want yourself to feel the great love that you have for our planet our Earth, remembering that it is our Mother Earth that keeps us sustained and nurtured. She gives us everything we have, from the clothes that we wear, to the food that we eat, to the cars that we drive. Not only does she provide everything for us from her body, but she also gives us all that we need to continue to exist here with her. When we take a breath it is her that provides the oxygen from the atmosphere. When we take a drink and partake of food, it is her that provides the clean water that and nutrients that gives us and sustains our bodies. As we continue to build the circuits of GROUNDING INTO THE HEART OF MOTHER EARTH, remember that she is your Mother, and she loves you. She is very aware of you, and cares for you and all of her children deeply. As your love for her grows in appreciation and understanding of your personal relationship with her, fill your heart with this love allow it to grow. When you feel it built in your heart to a palpable amount, with your intention, direct it to her heart, right into the center of the earth, visualizing a stream of this loving energy coming from your heart through your body, into the heart of mother earth. Allow your love to expand and grow inside her heart. Take a moment now to allow your intention and visualization to complete the circuit from your heart to her heart. You will feel the circuit is complete when you receive from Mother Earth the love she has for you. This is a powerful love, and she is so glad that you have made a connection with her in this way. This is a personal and intimate experience that is different for each one of us. She will without words, convey to you her love which is beautiful and loving. Allow yourself a few moments now to feel and receive this from her. (Pause) Now we will turn our attention to the Universe, and our Divine Spiritual Mother and Father. W e will center in hearts the word SALVINGTON. Our Divine Parents are known by many names and concepts, but in this meditation we will be using the concepts of Michael of Nebadon and Nebadonia. It is the intention in your heart that will connect you with our Divine Mother and Father. If you know them by another name, feel free to use whatever you are comfortable with, as long you remember that you are being lifted to their presence where they are located in our local universe. While not losing sight of our great love for Mother Earth, focus your awareness to SALVINGTON in your heart as you open and allow the great love that our Divine Parents have for you to come into every part of your BEING. Allow yourself to feel the love that you have for the heavens and the vast creation of space, which includes your guardian angels and the celestials that care for and watch over each and every one of us, not only individually but collectively as well. If you have a spiritual presence or celestial that you work with you may now visualize them in your hearts and minds eye. For your moment now allow your love for the celestials and angels and the heavenly creation of our Universe to grow and expand in your hearts knowing that is by the WORD OF MICHAEL and ENACTMENT OF NEBADONIA that we exist, move and have BEING in this universe. Remember that your Divine parents love you unconditionally for who you are. There are no words for how much our Divine Parents love us. You are their child and they love you like you were their only child. Expand this love in your heart and allow it to expand to the very heart of our Divine Parents on SALVINGTON. As your love for our divine parents builds continue to fill your heart with this love and allow it to grow. When you feel it built in your heart to a palpable amount, with your intention, direct it to their hearts, right into the center of Salvington, visualizing a stream of this loving energy coming from your heart through your body, out of your head or crown chakra, right to the center of Salvington. It is Ok if you do not know the location of where they are physically located. It will be enough that you know the word Salvington. Your Spiritual presence, adjuster, or Higher Self will take care of the rest. With your intention direct this energy to them on SALVINGTON using the love in your heart as a catalyst of connection then we will take a few moments and allow this love to have its BEING in our Divine Parents. Allow your intention and visualization to complete the circuit from your heart to their hearts. You will feel the circuit is complete when you receive from them a feeling that is very powerful and intimate to the one who has completed and connected to this circuit. You are now in the Holy Trinity and have made a connection that will allow you to receive perfect understanding. THE DIVINE FATHER has manifested THE WORD in the BEING OF MOTHERS HOLY SPIRITUAL PRESCENCE to bring forth possibility of the world in which you see and have created by your free will. Your Divine Father is in Love with the Divine Holy Spiritual Mother and they are in love with you, their spiritual son or daughter. In knowing and now meditating on this, allow them to infuse you now with whatever you receive. Allow these infusions of spiritual love and acceptance to saturate your very being as you focus now solely on your heart. Now rest in the peace of knowing that you are now connected to the universe in love and through love you are part of the love that breathes and flows in everything created, no longer separate, fully connected to the Universal Harmonic Order of Unity. Bring your awareness to your heart feeling the knowingness that it is your heart as the Creator and the Created that Spirit is manifested. The Trinity of the threefold flame in your heart has realized its place and BEING as the whole and a conduit for a canal of the ALL THAT IS. It is in your heart that this journey has taken place, and through this meditation is become fully realized. BE STILL AND KNOW as you feel that THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS IN YOU and in Absolute Realization will become you again.

Reflections of …


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Message from Archangel Uriel via Gülçin Önel

Photo: I pondered the unimaginable magnitude of your love that you hold for all your children today. In contemplating this I couldn't help to think how much I love my own human children from a human point of view. This pales in comparison to your infinite unconditional love that shines blindingly still to serve as a reminder that there is nowhere you would not go to find your children crying out for you Father. Time has proven your loves magnitude even though it has been two thousand years since you have graced us with your wisdom and loving presence on this little world in your vast creation, you are still here in every way and regard. The blinding light that is You, still glimmers endlessly on our world, because of what you have done. I praise you Michael, My Father, Come Creator Father Michael and make strait those roads that your children have lost their ways on. If my child were to become separated from me, and become lost from my side, I as a human Father would spare nothing to find my little one from the pains of confusion and fear. I would hear their cries of distress and search endlessly until my child would be found again. Your illuminated love hears the cries of the lost and searches for those who plead for your light. In desperation those who have fallen and found themselves asleep in darkness entreat for your mercies and love. These cries do not go unheard from Your loving ears, for you hear all your children who cry out for home. You love us all equally and hold no condemnation or judgment for those who have tread in paths of ignorance. May all those dreaming away in illusion find your strong arms, for You lift the lost into your life giving light and infinite compassion. You tenderly whisper to all those who cry for your compassionate loving caress, I am here, I am with you my child, you are safe. I have found you. I have found my child. Prodigal sons and daughters have realized that they have squandered their inheritance of endless love in the once known safety of their true home. Many are finding themselves ready to return home to the Love that has waited for so long tarring in worry, but have forgotten the way. Allow your love to blaze in all hearts, especially the lost, that you will meet us eagerly on the path home even if we fall at your feet in distress and shame. Tenderly you kiss your child and in happiness tell the angels to clothe this one in white robes of healing and forgiveness. You cry joyfully in your heart and receive us home not because you have to...... because you have waited for this day in joyful expectation. In eager anticipation you wait for all your children to return to your heart, our true home, those whom have left the unconditional love that you exemplify. Fatherly love that encompasses compassionate grace and unfathomable mercy eagerly awaits for your children whom have left to search for love away from you. It is in your nature to love your children unconditionally and worry about them as if they were the only child in all creation. You provide salve for our wounded hearts in the form of cheerful cries of love when the lost realize that you have never left us, for in your heart you carry us eternally in love. Prophets speak, singers praise, poets write, yet the many dimensions of your love and heart flee from human understanding, as if somehow incomprehensible. I hear the praises of your glory and your love as your children are realizing you are overjoyed at our new found understanding. Your children reach for Your light that you shone with endless wisdom as they sing to you arms upraised, expressing their hearts praises to you Michael, yet the vastness and depth of your outpouring grace, mercy, compassion and love is infinitely elusive to your children here on this sleeping world. Who could ever know the depths of your love, who could ever discover, even if given eternity to search, all the hidden treasures and facets that gleam in the ocean of your compassion for Your children? The infinite dimensions of the infinity of Your love eagerly awaits to be explored under the surface of what we can comprehend of this divine love. Eternity allows us time to uncover new and beautiful facets of the breathtaking treasures of your love while lie buried in the deep ocean of you. Afford us, your children, eternity to search for those precious jewels that await to be discovered in the depths of your love. My Father, Brother, Best Friend, your spirit sings with joy in the secret places of my heart, and when I hear your loves song glimmer from within, I only wish to share it with the world! Which of your children could comprehend the depths of your compassionate love, for indeed, it can only be compared to the universe, for we strive to unlock and understand the immeasurable vastness of your Creation made in love. I pray that those whom have forgotten their ways home will be blessed with the understanding that You would give up everything to search for even one lost child. I behold the peace and love that you hold in your heart for us, for it is a song to me. Let the day come, and soon, that you will return for those whom have forgotten the glorious love that you have for all your children. I love you so deeply, so passionately, that it is my sincerest desire for all to come to know you as I have. Hold us in your arms this day and kiss us beloved Father, for your embrace can only be described by me as home. I am home in you. I am home. I am home.
Message from Archangel Uriel via Gülçin…

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Steven Seagal Speaks His 411 - November, 2013

Steven Seagal goes on Russian Media and Speaks some greeeeeeat words of wisdom..........albeit, "filtered" want "proof" of "The Shift"......seriously....check this out.......



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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 10th November 2013

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 10th November 2013

Description: <a href=" height="141" width="171" />…


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The Light Collective and Mother Gaia: In the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan


10 November 2013…


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Roshi, Joan Halifax on compassion, women in Buddhism, and altruism By: Karen Bouris

Roshi, Joan Halifax on compassion, women in Buddhism, and altruism

By: Karen Bouris

Web Source:…


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New Frontiers of Knowledge by Steve Beckow ( secret nasa foto stolen by hacker )

secret nasa foto stolen by hacker

Pretty interesting photos - Nephilim, structures on the Moon, downed saucers, Hollow Earth, pyramid positions and constellations. Allegedly stolen from NASA by hackers. Thanks to Ellie.

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Metatronic Frequency Report-Here Comes The Sun….Again!

Today is a 9 & 11 Frequency day with a 111 Sub-frequency Influence.

Today we have a dual Frequency day; something that has only happened three times before since I began doing these reports. But that is not really too surprising…


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Watch "Dolores Cannon - How Aliens Guided Human Evolution" on YouTube

rebloggt von Joe Eigo Enlightened Warrior VORTEX:

Dolores Cannon - How Aliens Guided Human Evolution



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Galactics -A close friendly Encounter With lightships!

Posted by STAR* on November 16, 2016 at 9:30pm 1 Comment

I hope you guys can make it out well on the video just as i did when i was watching it live ;)  There was 2 of them but my camera could only manage to pick up the 1,…



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To know more about YOUR own soul plan, spiritual…


Are We All Extraterrestrials?

Posted by Panacea 8 on September 2, 2016 at 12:06pm 10 Comments

cosmic alien invasion

By: Rene Descartes

We are in this physical world, but we are not from this world.

It is important to understand that there is an…


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