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Master Lanto ~ Wisdom and Understanding /channeling/Sharon Taphorn, 1 December 2012



Working with Master Lanto: I had not heard of Lanto until he came to me when I requested a master for the next master to write about in my book. I was thrilled to do a little online research and verify who this energy was and thought he was a perfect addition to the group. When I learned…


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The Ascended Masters: The Best Thing You Can Do is to Come Together /channeling/Wes Annac 6 December 2012



Channeler: Wes Annac /channeler/138146/wes-annac The Ascended Masters: The Best Thing You Can Do is to Come Together We see you constantly immersed in a Creation of your own making and we watch as [some of] you dear souls feel you are not getting the proper nurturing and attention…


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Keys to the Vibrational upgrade window of 12:12/21 (in fact, it’s started already!) /channeling/Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer, 5 December 2012



a message from Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer Wednesday, 5 December, 2012 Hello friends, Some information has come through recently that may be of guidance to those that identify as Light workers, Adult Indigos and all others on an awakening path at this time. 1) Personal…


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The Kingdom of Heaven (Uranus) is at Hand ~ 12/21/12

The Kingdom of Heaven (Uranus) is at…


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What is Agape? - Welcome to Sophia Love


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POOF transcript WOOOOOOOOW!!

Here is some highlights of Poof's phone interview from Nov. 29.

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Christmas- The Celestial Truth- Christ Michael Aton


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Remembering Who We Are, In Dreams Of Yesterday

Photo: Siriaya: For those that are brave enough to hear the voice of the Divine Spirit within and those that are strong enough to want to come to know who I am; when I use the words ‘strong’ and ‘brave’ I mean not strong and brave in the sense that human beings know strong and brave; I mean to break away from the inherent way that those concepts are looked at upon your sphere. Strength is coming to know your inner strength. Bravery is being brave amidst wickedness in a world that’s seemingly devoid of a spiritual presence. Each and every one of you are brave for being on a world that was once isolated from my presence. It was isolated from my presence not by my choosing or my will, but by those that have chosen to try it their way without me. I never leave any of my children, ever. In this understanding and knowingness the only thing I could ever say to bring forth any kind of easement in the minds of the children of earth, is to know that in their minds and in their hearts I dwell, waiting ever patiently to whisper and to commune with each and every one of my children, to whisper to them and let them know that they are the only child in all of creation. Be kind and understanding to one another. Look at each other as if you would look at your own self. Do not judge one another. Just be who you are and allow others to be who they are. See them not for what they’ve done, see them for what they possess inside and may have forgotten. So many have forgotten the presence within them and how to find it. It is up to you and those that read this and also those that know where I dwell, to nurture, to water, to illuminate every aspect of consciousness that you touch, to bring into their awareness where I AM in them.

Remembering Who We Are

Remembering who we really…


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Do you ever have noise irritate you? I dont mean one noise but all noise. Why is it so irritating?here lately noise is bothering me. Including noise that I make, why? In the past television amd music were great friends of mine. But now aggrivating.people taljing to me irritating. And id like to just be quiet but it seems like something wamts to distract me. People start asking me about things where normally when im in a talking mood they give one syllable answers.but when I want to be quiet… Continue

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Of Service to Humanity in awakening before Ascension(due date 21 Des 2012) and also Planet Earth to ascend!

Greetings Beloved Ones!!

We are All helping with the awakening of Humanity before Ascension and also with Mother Earth Ascending. We have a mission here on Planet Earth to complete, that is if we choose to go on with our contracts. There might be some ending their contracts, that is free will/choice and the rest of us will be completing our missions here on Mother Earth.

Here is a link with information on, that You can follow, if You choose. Please read the message from… Continue

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...IT IS YOU, in finding ONESELF...

Hi everyone

When a person begins a journey for the first time unprepared, he wonders if he will ever get to his destination. There is so much uncertainty and even fear because he knows he has to get there but does not know the way.…


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Concepts of the mind

Cool title :)

Now I jump around in topics or thoughts as there in relationships as far putting into a sequence that is readable and delightful to the mind your basically sol;)  I don't really don't stay in my mind to work it out, I dip into it when I need too 

I prefer chaos of quantum my relation to things don't really need to put into organized thoughts for my mind to sift over in the building of details to get a picture, I feel and toss stuff up and around looking for…


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The Absurdity of War and Violence Within the Oneness of All

This is one of my recent short essays about the absurdity of war and violence in these times from my blog:  Hope you enjoy:

I’d like to put in perspective the absurdity of violence and war in these rapidly changing times. The more I learn about the literal connectedness of all things, the more ludicrous hatred and violence between people becomes to me. It is obviously long overdue…


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A Parable


A Parable

“Imagine that once upon this time, there is a sealed fishbowl (made of one-way glass) inside of a large aquarium. The fish in the aquarium can see into the bowl, but the fish in the bowl cannot see out. Their fishbowl is their only reality. Imagine that the large aquarium is filled with salt water and anemones, crabs, and all kinds of wondrous fishes. The fishbowl is filled with fresh water and goldfish.

The glass of the fishbowl is getting thinner…


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Jihad - The End Of The Koran!


Rama Rao Das asks,

“How could it be jihad if one holds a gun or a sword?

Oh! my Guru, let the Koran be known in a word…

Who is great? Greater is who?

What does the Koran state?

As at Your lotus feet I prostrate.”


My Guru says,

“As on My Guru’s lotus feet I concentrate

The end of the Koran, now for thee, I state,

God is great (Allâhu Akbar),

His devotee is greater,

The Guru is the…


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Ascension Quest; Ascension, And What It Means, From a Humble Humans Point of View. Part 1

Photo: A reminder Christ Jesus: “And everywhere you go, preach, saying, `The kingdom of heaven is at hand,’ and minister to all who may be sick in either mind or body. Freely you have received of the good things of the kingdom; freely give. If the people of any city receive you, they shall find an abundant entrance into the Father’s kingdom; but if the people of any city refuse to receive this gospel, still shall you proclaim your message as you depart from that unbelieving community, saying, even as you leave, to those who reject your teaching: `Notwithstanding you reject the truth, it remains that the kingdom of God has come near you.’ He who hears you hears me. And he who hears me hears Him who sent me. He who rejects your gospel message rejects me. And he who rejects me rejects Him who sent me.” The Bible: "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. The Urantia Book: 5:2.4 It is because of this God fragment that indwells you that you can hope, as you progress in harmonizing with the Adjuster’s spiritual leadings, more fully to discern the presence and transforming power of those other spiritual influences that surround you and impinge upon you but do not function as an integral part of you. The fact that you are not intellectually conscious of close and intimate contact with the indwelling Adjuster does not in the least disprove such an exalted experience. The proof of fraternity with the divine Adjuster consists wholly in the nature and extent of the fruits of the spirit which are yielded in the life experience of the individual believer. “By their fruits you shall know them.” What your guardian seraphim do for you – The guardian of destiny influences you in every possible manner consistent with the dignity of your personality; under no circumstances do these angels interfere with the free action of the human will. Neither angels nor any other order of universe personality have power or authority to curtail or abridge the prerogatives of human choosing. 113:5.2 Angels are so near you and care so feelingly for you that they figuratively “weep because of your willful intolerance and stubbornness.” Seraphim do not shed physical tears; they do not have physical bodies; neither do they possess wings. But they do have spiritual emotions, and they do experience feelings and sentiments of a spiritual nature which are in certain ways comparable to human emotions. The seraphim guard you; they do not seek directly to influence you; you must chart your own course, but these angels then act to make the best possible use of the course you have chosen. Thoughts with spirit: In the end it is about understanding the goal and destination which is the piece of Paradise within you. “But angels minister to evolutionary creatures in many ways aside from the services of personal and group guardianship.” There is indeed much confusion in the collective muddied lake of the world and many points of view, but upon leadings of spirit I am reminding us all to not forget the point. We are here to work alongside our Paradise Parents and shine light for all men in darkness of separation, confusion, and illusion. Let us be about the business of the kingdom – Before we can reflect we must realize we already possess it within, and if we stay the course we shall find “God” – then we can be about magnifying by our experience God’s beauty and nature through our reflection of it. Until we depart in chariots of fire......

  Have you ever wondered why, there's so many stories of what's going to happen on 12/12/12 and the big one on 12/21/12.`And which one is true. The human mind has a hard time wrapping its thoughts around the Ascension event when its going in so…


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Asention probs? This may help..

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Lepufology 401

(Detail from « The hares and frogs » by Wenzel Hollar)

The fourth chapter of the series is entitled « Lepufology 401 : Responding To An Invasion. » Having accepted to collaborate…


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