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6 Ways to Know a False Inner Guide

6 Ways to Know a False Inner Guide from the True One

By Guy Finley


The journey to the divinity within has its dangers. About this we are clear: the inner path is lined with many trials and pitfalls. But there is…


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                                                                            JINAS SCIENCE-V-


There speaks extensively about the JINAS procedures (the entrance to the fourth dimension in our physical body), it shows us that the mind bottled physics and physicists could progress through the three-dimensional Euclidean DOGMA.


Current physics is regressive and reactionary. There needs to be research spirit to reach perceive and wisely manage the…


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Gold Mine of Information By Steve Beckow

A number of readers have asked about Jade Helm. Here is Matthew’s comment on the matter:

“Numerous readers in the United States have expressed concern that the military training exercise called Jade Helm is a ‘red…


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Cherie Roe Dirksen: Ready to Give Up? Why You Should Soldier On!

When the Going Gets Tough

Life gets hairy — let’s face it.

“Perseverance, secret of all triumphs” — Victor Hugo…


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Paul A Philips: Humanitarian Transformation Reversing the Inversion

Increasingly people are no longer buying into the mind control programmes enslaving humanity since time immemorial. People are slowly but surely taking back their power realizing the ‘big lie’ that they’re powerless and need to be dependent on…


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Stewards of the Mother’s Wealth By Steve Beckow


I’m amazed at the number of people who will be opening foundations after the Reval. (1)

People in Ojai will, Montreal, Calgary, Seattle, Bellingham, San Pedro, Tennessee,…


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Messages from ACEA via Suzanne Lie: The Mystery Schools

Note from Sue:

In late 1998 I began to get messages from beings known to me only as ACEA, which stood for All Consciousness of Earth Ascension. I have presented some of them before, and I feel a need to present one…


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Everything happens for a reason Hello family and friends just wanted to say how important each of you are and how much i love each of you....

We are all brought together as someone to add to the work of art  or to be sand paper to smooth the rough surface no matter what your job it was important it has reason.... Thank you for being the one to do the job only you can do it.....

Your life your every word has reason they…


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The True Origins Of General Relativity

The picture you get concerning the origins of the theories of relativity is that of a star treking superman, possibly a godman from 5th dimension. The whole world, so it is thought was barried in the dark ages of 'Newtonian physics' and the all over sudden, a guy of extraordinary intelligence was alone thinking of such mind bending ideas as bending spaces, bending time, bending spoons and other scientific magics. However what I will show you here is what may shake your faith in honesty of… Continue

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Dr. Angela Barnett


What will happen when we shift into the frequency that belongs to us in 2016? Each person will shift into the reality that they are most harmonious with. It will feel like everything is going your way. You will start getting everything you want.

There will be no pushing. The doors will just fly open. We will have a supreme lucky streak. We will create whatever we desire. Whatever…


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Archangel Michael: You’re Anchoring Light Upon the Planet

In the course of looking for material on “stewardship,” I came across the following passage in my readings with Archangel Michael. It was so helpful that I decided to post it as one piece.

The occasion was…


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Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young: Moving Beyond the Solstice

Greetings, Dear Ones, how pleased we are to be celebrating yet another summer solstice with you! It is one of our very favourite events, the summer solstice, as people come together in celebration of the light.…


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Archangel Michael via Natalie Glasson: Co-Create Your Personal Activations

There are numerous aspects of the Creator in all forms of reality. Whichever reality you choose to acknowledge and see upon the Earth as your own, you can be sure that the Creator is present.



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MapYourVoice: Ending Sexual Violence By Steve Beckow

Jeni Ambrose, Founder and Executive Director, MapYourVoice

Ulla brings this initiative to our attention.

More than 1.14 billion people around the world — 18% of the world’s population — are currently…


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Andy Bernay-Roman: A Simple Trick That Allows Me to Bring Joy to (Almost) Any Situation

A few years ago I was involved in a lawsuit, and it triggered a growing, ongoing anxiety that I just couldn’t shake. One day on my way to my lawyer’s office, I felt overwhelmed by negative thoughts. I crossed the lobby in a trance,…


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Dr. Angela Barnett

Channels Crystalai Council

The insantiy of people will get worse and worse until a large group of Light Workers, Old Souls, Indigos and anyone else who wants to participate spends most of their days focusing on sending Light Frequencies into the Crystalline Grids. The old energy in the Crystalline grids is the EMOTIONS of the world. That is where the insanity comes from.

That insanity will…


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Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff: The Quality of Happiness

Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of love called happiness.

Happiness is the experience of joy, contentment, and positive well-being,…


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Open: Benevolent Hand, Opposing Hand

How are you helped and opposed in your spiritual unfolding?

As we unfold spiritually and step onto the path of self realisation, the veils of limited reality are peeled away and our consciousness expands into…


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Inelia Benz: 7 Collaborating Steps to Raising the Vibrational Level of Planet

I, Inelia Benz, am willing to collaborate with any species or peoples who want to raise the level of vibration of the planet and the joint collective.

The next question is, “how do we collaborate…


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