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I want to make a suggestion that we all pray for all of our souls in one large endeavor to bring healing, faith, love, joy and all things good at once. As we all have our individual pain and suffering, our singular anguish that brings us the unsettling angst that suppresses our joys and smothers the jubilation we should all be feeling, we must break free of that individual thinking and try to join one in each other as a peaceful and joyous creation. Let us put aside those things that…


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Experiencing The Phenomenon of Parallel Universes

As a result of the shift to higher consciousness that is currently taking place, many people are beginning to experience their true multidimensional nature, and they are beginning to realize that there is more to life than the physical world that we live in. As a result of this, more and more people are experiencing reality shifts such as objects disappearing and reappearing, teleportation, bilocation, and even the phenomenon of crossing over into alternate realities (parallel…


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One of my favorite Christian songs is AMAZING GRACE.  While I enjoy and listen to Elvis Presely's version, his is not my favorite, but is moving. The story behind the writing of the song is also moving. I will relate to you what I have learned about this song. It touches the heart and soul with so much empathy for others that it is, to me, incredible. This is from Wikipedia, and is the version I had always heard, so will share their publication on it.…


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A great and loving quality is to be someone who can accept others. Accept them for who they are. Accept them for their quirks and their foibles. Accept that they are not you and that you should not try to place your concerns or your goals upon them. Accept them as part of the same divine Source that you have come from. Accept them as you would your own blood, your own self…


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The Book of Ecclesiastes, which was called Qoheleth, meaning Preacher or Teacher, was also the name the writer of the book called himself. He also referred to himself as the son of David, King of Jerusalem. Normally the authorship of this book is attributed to King Solomon.

The work consists of personal or autobiographic matter and at times its expressions seem more as aphorisms and maxims illuminated in…


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Who sings of all of Love's eternity

Who shines so bright

In all the songs of Love's unending spells?

Holy lightning strikes all that's evil

Teaching us to love for goodness sake.

Hear the music of…


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Intentional Healing with Reiki

Reiki is a natural healing modality that relies on the healing intention of the practitioner for its effectiveness. It is a simple process that can be of great benefit to the individual’s overall health and wellness.

It does not require a lot of knowledge or practice to become adept at the process. In fact, it is an instinctual part of our being.

We are always healing. No matter what the disease or trauma our natural self is always in a perpetual state of healing and… Continue

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Transmission for the Solar Eclipse October 23rd 2014 by Archangel Sandalphon received by Grace Antara Ma


Beloved masters, beloved lightservers this is archangel Sandalphon spiraling forwards to you on the wave of the eclipse portal bringing in the light codes of the balanced energies of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. It is a time of celebration, a time of honoring of all that you are... it is the time of bringing your mind and your heart into alignment, it is the time of bringing the two hemispheres of your mind into divine balance, so that the inner marriage, the sacred…


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New Moon Report

New Moon in Scorpio Thursday, October 23, 2:57 pm PDT, 5:57 pm EDT This New Moon is a solar eclipse that can take us on a stroll down memory lane as the emotional Scorpio Moon’s partial coverage of the Sun stirs up issues from the past. While we normally expect powerful feelings in this passionate sign, Scorpio’s intensity is softened by loving Venus’ conjunction and forgiving Neptune’s healing trine to this lunation.

Cerebral Mercury plays its reminiscing part as it approaches its…


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All of our lives we have been getting our selves ready for the End Times. Even those who do not consciously think about it, that thought dwells somewhere deep within the corners and crevices of our minds. It ligers there and pokes its head out now and then to give us a reminder that nothing is forever. Even all who are set and ready to go to their Heavenly home in some way or another have…


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 We often speak of “weeding our garden” here as meaning we are getting rid of those whose aim in life is just to cause trouble. I like to say that in life we can either “weed our lives and reap” or “leave it and weep” as meaning that if you take control of your life and do right you can remove the bad that haunts you and bring yourself to a new and better place, or leave it there to grow roots of sin that will grow and end up choking out the good in your…


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The Counsel of She...

        The Council of She ~

The light that you so seek has become meticulously activated. You have cleared the debris from the landing field of your soul and self. You have announced to all the molecular content of your being will be light. You have come into the center of the Universe that you represent. Slipping through the shackles that you have worn as…


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Using Brainwave Entrainment for Relaxation and Meditation

Recently, there has been a surge of those interested in meditation music and other tools that can more quickly effect meditative states. One of these items is a flotation tank that I will discuss later. Another is meditative music that incorporates brainwave entrainment

Brainwave entrainment is a method by which your brainwaves can be altered to mimic certain states known only to experienced…


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royal alchemical weeding coming

The ability to discern our inner guidance such that we begin navigating life from an assured sense that we are realising our divine destiny

its hard become ourselves by ourselves all we see is reflection of our self , to create evolutionary partnerships unleash a rise in vibration of our light body and awake unique gifts in each other

we are powerful agent of change and consciously co-create our personal future and the future of the world spiritual love is the power to manifest…


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Life is an experimentation whether we do something for the very first time or the millionth, we do it experimentally each time. Even breathing that is an automatic brain function is a new experience each time we do it.

Even our autonomic, the involuntary and the unconscious actions of our nervous systems working by nature does it experimentally with each action.

Since we consciously have to ‘think’ about spirituality and about our own existence, and it certainly is not an…


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“Life is too short to wake up with regrets.  So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.  If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you can’t get them back.  So I’m going to tie you to my heart so I never lose you.”…


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I awaken in the morning with the idea of joy and peace planted in my mind from the night before. I try to go sleep with good thoughts and thankfulness for all things that I have.  I decide to share my exuberance with all who pass me by or who happen to enter my personal area. Most times it is well accepted. I really don’t know any grumps who won’t engage in at least a friendly little “howdy” or smile and nod before that morning cup of coffee.

Today my Earth family is in celebration at…


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In the 1960s, 17 year old Laura Nyro wrote the song AND WHEN I DIE…which was recorded by herself…then Peter, Paul and Mary and ultimately made most famous by the group, Blood, Sweat and Tears. I have always been fascinated by the lyrics to the song and finding out that the girl was only 17 when she wrote it, made it even more profound for me. It reflects a peace of soul and mind, to me, that she was declaring that when it came her…


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Telepathy, space of colors and quantum nonlocality

A certain lady once told me that to make a telepathic connection with another person, both your minds must focus on one thing. After winding around with some lots of mathematics, I have come to beleive that she had a point. This is something that we should try.

Telepathic connection is perharp searching for someone in some spiritual 'space'. I have often find problems describing the 'space' of colors in simple terms. Consider the symmetry in the following statements;

1.)If… Continue

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Hi - I thought you would all enjoy this quote - cosmic hugs Gailene xo

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