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Sufian Chaudhary Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for World of Archangel

Sufian Chaudhary Seeks Crowdfunding via Kickstarter for World of Archangels.

Those with an interest in spirituality might find this the most important book they ever read.

Brisbane, Australia - December 16, 2014.

Through the centuries, Archangels have been known to summon…


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Acute Observer (Conflict)

Acute Observer (Conflict in Space)

As somewhat of a sequel to the previous video I posted and commented on I find this one titled “Conflict in Space” quite interesting because of a few pointed illustrations.

I will repeat myself from the 1st blog I posted yesterday….”So many things we read and discern whether or not it fits into our individual way of thinking.  As each of us is our own expression of being, we can enjoy this experience of…


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Map of Consciouness the Vibrational Scale

( Map of Consciousness by Dr.Hawkins)

It is a universal law that everything in existence vibrates. This is the map of consciousness which shows the levels of vibration one is capable of. Each emotion has a vibrational range. Dr.Hawkins states that emotions less than a level of 10^200 are considered force which are…


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The Central efforsts. The Twelve Apostles. Twenty-Four Elders. Four Devarajas. The Intimate Christ. The Father of all Lights. The Guardian of the Threshold.The Divine Mother Kundalini Shakti. The Karma Police. Anubis. Mitratón. Sandalphon. The Lord of Time. Minerva. The Ancient of Centuries. The Interior Lucifer. Integration of the BEING. Integration of Ego. The Black Sun. Disintegration of the Ego. Comprehension. The seven levels…


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Mark Passio- New Age BS and the Supression of the Sacred Masculine


In this video Mark Passio explains the tactics that the people in control use in order to stay in control and refers to them as "dialectics". He also points out the mistakes that the New Agers are making. This video is quite old so it may not match up with today's current events. The information in this video is quite useful as it contains a significant…


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Interesting information..Does this resonate with you?

I realize that I have shared an older video below, but I find much within it, that can be re-examined. Also, I felt the desire to share with perhaps a difference of perspective.

Interesting information... Does this resonate with you?


In reference to what really is or was Comet ISON…  I found the following video very interesting because it’s not the same as what others have said and the possibilities that are within the message are astounding.



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Because I am fond of the hymn JUST AS I AM, and I often go about humming the tune when I feel at a low or when I don’t want my thoughts to go there, although sorrowful and quite dreary as the hymns of that time, it seems to bring me a peace.

I wrote this I wondered, just where did the author  of this song come bout with the lyrics and why. I like to know background to much of what I take to heart and this helps me to…


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What Does It Mean To "Let Go"?

This is perhaps the most popular of all the current spiritual platitudes, "let go". Even in mainstream society you can't avoid this advice, "Let it go" is the main musical number for a very popular movie at the moment. Despite it being a generic piece of pop culture, there actually is some very deep wisdom to letting go, but it needs a little more explanation than…


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Matthew 7:6: "Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

This our Lord said in his sermon on the mount.

The pearls in Matthew 7 is a symbolic use for godly wisdom and the salvation of his kingdom. It is believed that God’s wisdom is something we strive to possess and we find in…


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Valiant Thor

I have been doing a lot of research on this lately and so far I have only been able to find information that this person may have existed. I expected to find a lot of debunking about it but haven't. Below is an example of the information I have found.

The photos are dubious, as they could be of anyone.

I'm not willing to discuss this with Valana or… Continue

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When the Student Is Ready, the Teacher Appears - Communicating with Animals

Here's a link to an article about what we can learn from animals and the tools that they give to us to improve our lives:

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Integrity of Mind Body & Spirit Teacher: Owen Waters

Integrity of Mind Body & Spirit

by Owen K Waters

Web Source:…


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Virtual Reality Shifts are a Doorway into Fifth-Dimensional Timelines Teacher: DL Zeta

It is possible at any time to visualize and begin aligning with the version of your reality that allows you to exist along fifth-dimensional timelines. As you gradually shift to…


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My Companion is Faith Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ December 16 – 23 2014 Received by Julie Miller

My Companion is Faith


Julie Miller…


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Violet Flame Invocation


Send forth into the physical conditions of this world, and into the physical atmosphere, those Activities of the Violet Consuming Flame's Love, Power, and Victory which have never before been used on this Earth, to bring more Instantaneous Fulfillment of my Calls.

I DEMAND all the Powers which the Great Central Sun Magnet's Violet Flame Love contains -- drawn into outer physical conditions! Powers which have never been drawn…


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Go with your intuition which is always divinely guided.Saul by John Smallman


John Smallman

Humanity’s progress towards awakening has been phenomenal over the last two or three years, although, if you are…


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In a warning published by Variety, the Sony hackers threatened to carry out an attack on the premiere of The Interview, as well as other showings of the Seth Rogan comedy.

The hackers also released a set of the files, the previously promised…


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JESUS-Sananda & Teachings from the ACIM For CHRISTMAS.

same... See More…
Photo: Subject: “About Living the Will of God.” Received by Oscar. Christ Michael: “I am always with you. As well, your Thought Adjuster and the Creator Father of this universe also work in complete harmony, because in the end, we serve the same Master and His Will is always unique, unequivocal and clear. It is not important if you think of me as Jesus or as the Father, because if you have spoken to me, you have also spoken to my Father. “You are gaining a better understanding of my revelation of God to my children in this universe. My goal was not to ‘talk about God’ or just bring the ‘good news’ about salvation. My goal was to live a life as a representation – a reflection – of God, so when my children study my life, they can literally see and know the Father who indwells them. When you think about my capacity to love my neighbor in the way in which I lovingly served my brothers and sisters, the attitude of nobleness and goodness you attribute to me, and all you have discovered and admire in me, simply shows that you are getting to know our Father. We are one. “Now when you talk to your Thought Adjuster – the Father Himself – you can understand Him personally as you relate Him to Me. Before I came to this world, people had a somewhat abstract idea about God. They could not really comprehend Him, and the love of the creatures was limited by their ignorance. After My visit, people have been able to visualize God and understand Him better, making Him more personal, more accessible, and creating in human minds the idea that a relationship with God – in appearance so distant, so superior, and so divine – is truly possible. “Could you do the same for your peers? All human beings can be a representation of God when they let themselves be guided by their Thought Adjuster. In simple terms, if you let your Thought Adjuster, who only expresses God’s Will, guide your steps, wouldn’t you be acting as God Himself would act if He were in your shoes? Living the Will of God is becoming like God, and revealing God to all who have the good fortune to find a soul consecrated to this noble purpose. “Becoming like God implies a higher knowledge of the Father and an increasingly deeper relationship with Him – an experience that has no end in eternity. The only price for this supreme transformation of eternal value is simply to learn to listen and understand His will, which is always the path with most love, truth, beauty and goodness.” © The 11:11 Progress Group. We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

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Understanding the nature of illusion

How can someone be free if they can't even see their own cage? Even worse, what if they believed the very thing that was keeping them caged would someday set them free?

And what is it we want freedom…


Added by Will on December 17, 2014 at 10:08am — 12 Comments

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What Does It Mean To "Let Go"?

Posted by Will on December 17, 2014 at 9:10pm 0 Comments

This is perhaps the most popular of all the current spiritual platitudes, "let go". Even in mainstream society you…


Can There Be Spiritual Awakening Without Societal Change?

Posted by Will on December 14, 2014 at 9:39pm 33 Comments

This is a very important question, can we have a spiritual…


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