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How to conversate with God.

God talks back to you.

The understanding that God talks to all his children is the highest physic realization. To have a real relationship with God is what it is to know him. It's difficult for some to do this. There are those who feel that talking openly with the almighty is to big. It was for me. I call the alpha and the omega Father. The Father loves all of you and knows all of you by design. Talk so he might know you. So he may teach you. So he may set a place at his table for… Continue

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Within man there is a Divine Ray. That Ray wants to return to his Star that has always smiled. The Star that guides our interior is a SUPER-DIVINE ATOM OF THE ABSOLUTE ABSTRACT SPACE. The Kabbalistic name of that atom is the Sacred Ain Soph.

The Ain Soph is our Atomic Star. That Star shines full of glory in Absolute Abstract Space. Thus, from this Star emanating Kether (the Father), Chokmah (the Son) and Binah (the Holy…


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Communicating from a Cosmic Perspective

One of the most apparent differences between human beings and animals is our ability to communicate sophisticated and abstract concepts. Unlike other primates and mammals, who are also capable of exchanging different perspectives on reality, H*** communicans do so using more precise devices such as human languages and technologies.


Communicational phenomena, however, is not limited to the domain of clear, “rational” linguistic exchange. In fact, it could be said that…


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VISION; ~ ****My Visitation & Journey through Diamond Consciousness in The Body **** ~

 ~ My Visitation & Journey through Diamond Consciousness in The Body ~

INSIDE of me I SEE that I am walking along a path and on both sides are blue turquoise flowers; they are about my waist high and gently I brush my hands as I walk along



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Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman: Becoming a Practical Mystic

Beloved Masters, there is a Light Path that will lead you out of the density into the LIGHTNESS OF THE SPIRITUAL REALMS.

The key that allows you to traverse this Sacred Path is within…


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David Wilcock: The Secret Space War

David Wilcock prefers that we post only an excerpt from his columns. His latest discusses the “space war” going on as high-ranking Illuminati try to flee the Earth.

If any ships have been shot down,…


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Jennifer Hoffman: Change is Coming, Are you Ready for it?

I have to share a secret with you, I don’t really like change. In fact, I am very much a creature of habit. I love order and routine, so when I have to make changes, I generally take my time and then make them when I don’t have any…


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Council of Nine via Eliza Ayres: Divine by Nature

We are the Council of Nine, one of many councils involved in the evolution and transition of planet Earth.

Today, you enter another new phase. The subtle energies of stars…


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The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele

The Arcturian Group March 1, 2015We come with greetings of Love and Grace to assist all who seek change and deeper awareness.

We observe that many have already accomplished this – you have done the work and are beginning to see the…


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Answer The Call

I Need You To Remember   Part 3    View On YouTube     Kirk Nugent

"This Is NOT An Easy Mission!"…


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Dr. Angela Barnett

Each of you only has less than two years left to raise your frequencies into the NEW VERSION of your Personal Parallel Universe that you will be creating in Fall 2016. Each of you will move into your own reality. Those who appear within your reality field will be those who resonate with your very consciousness, because the only reality comes from the Experience of Excitement that you…


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David Wilcock THINGS ARE GETTING EVER-INCREASINGLY WILD ON THE INSIDE TRACK Right now there is a war going on in space, directly over our heads. It really heated up in mid-December of last year and is ongoing. That war is reaching a decisive tipping-point. It appears that it will turn out very favorably for the vast majority of everyone on earth. In fact, it appears that it is already impossible for the Cabal to win this. Time still has to play out before it is visible to everyone, but the…


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Fantastic You Melchizedek’s Weekly Message ~ Channeler: Julie Miller

Fantastic You

March 1 – 8, 2015

Received by Julie Miller

No matter what someone has told you,…


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Exposing the seeker Teacher: Mooji

You say you have been trying so hard to find the Self.

But you, the one who is trying so hard to find the Self is who or what exactly?

Nobody is challenging this identity. In…


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The New Multi-verse Channeler: Anarchistbanjo

Monday February 16 was when the fabric of the multi-verse was torn apart and the astral divided into two cells that are tightly connected together in love.

Since then I have read so much…


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Father/Source: On Earth As It Is In Heaven Channeler: Kathryn E. May


In the coming messages and radio shows, we will be walking everyone through the process from Creation to the present, in a general way, having to do especially with the creation and evolution of souls.…


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I SEE many people all around me

I SEE I am in a valley with mountains on the right and trees on the other side; there is a stream running through in the middle

I SEE many people in robes all…


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Ascended Master Lady Portia: Now is the Opportunity [ENG/ESP]

'Beloved Lady Master Portia: "Many a salty tear has been shed, many have experienced the feeling of deep remorse that has risen within the soul when Opportunity to serve has fled. In your Earth plane, there are those you have either neglected or ignored and who are no longer with you. How often you have wished that you had Opportunity again to do for them the little things that would have made life easier, to have said the kind words, to have given them the encouragement, to have provided some comfort, perhaps of a small nature, that would have given the loved one an easier pathway through the world of form. Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest of all is: 'It might have been.' "Beloved ones, today is your day of Opportunity! Today you have a beating heart, beautiful Primal Life is given to you. You awaken each morning with that Life. You have enough knowledge of the law as we individually have been able to give to you and each of you have certain momentums of good in your causal body; certain understanding, certain substance of the good of this world, certain momentums of healing. "You have Opportunity without limit to assist in the Cosmic Momentum of each hour. Mankind always seems to look either backward into the glorious yesterday or forward into the shining tomorrow. They say "If I had lived in that era when that dispensation of Jesus Christ was coming to its height, I would have made things easier for that family" or they look forward into the tomorrow and say, 'When I have developed and matured my consciousness and placed my world in order and when I have done one thing or another, then I shall consecrate the balance of my life to God.' "Yesterday is gone and most of us who have lived in the yesterday, repeat the patterns again today. Tomorrow often never comes. The eternal now is that which is at hand, that which is yours to serve through the use of life. NOW IS THE OPPORTUNITY THAT STANDS BEFORE YOU. As our beloved sister has written "Coming in many disguises, not always blazing Her Light; only vibration apprises what's to be done that is right." Do you understand? "BE ALERT FOR OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity knocks at your door to help your fellow men, to help mankind at large, to help My beloved Saint Germain in this great endeavor which has occupied His Heart, His Spirit and His Prayers for countless centuries. Each day is filled with the gifts of Opportunity, and Opportunity shall ever remain in this universe. There is always Opportunity for a beating heart to progress to fulfillment. There was never a consciousness, when it voluntarily desires within itself to go forward, who is not given full Opportunity for that progress." <3 Amada Lady Master Portia: “Muitas lágrimas salgadas têm sido derramadas, muitos experimentaram a sensação de profundo remorso que ressucitou dentro da alma quando a Oportunidade de servir fugiu. Em seu plano da Terra, há aqueles que vocês negligenciaram ou ignoraram e que já não estão com vocês. Quantas vezes vocês já desejaram ter a Oportunidade de novo para fazer a eles as coisas pequenas que teriam tornado a vida mais fácil, ter dito as palavras amáveis, para ter-lhes dado o incentivo, para ter fornecido algum conforto, talvez de uma pequena natureza, que teria dado à pessoa amada um caminho mais fácil através do mundo da forma. De todas as palavras tristes da língua e caneta, o mais triste de tudo é: 'Poderia ter sido.' "Amados, hoje é seu dia da Oportunidade! Hoje vocês têm um coração batendo, linda Vida Essencial é dada a vós. Vocês despertam todas as manhãs com essa Vida. Vocês têm conhecimento suficiente da Lei como nós individualmente temos sido capazes de dar-lhes e cada um de vocês têm certos momentums do bem em seu Corpo Causal; certa compreensão, determinada substância do bem deste mundo, certos momentums de Cura. "Vocês têm a Oportunidade sem limite para ajudar no Momentum Cósmico de cada hora. A humanidade parece sempre olhar tanto para trás, para o glorioso ontem ou para o brilhante amanhã. Eles dizem "Se eu tivesse vivido naquela época em que a dispensação de Jesus Cristo estava chegando à sua altura, eu teria feito as coisas mais fáceis para essa família" ou eles olham para a frente no amanhã e dizem: 'Quando eu tiver desenvolvido e amadurecido a minha consciência e colocado meu mundo em ordem e quando eu tiver feito uma coisa ou outra, então eu devo consagrar o equilíbrio de minha Vida a Deus. ' "Ontem já passou e a maioria de nós que tem vivido no ontem, repetem os padrões de novo hoje. Amanhã, muitas vezes nunca chega. O eterno agora é o que está à mão, o que é seu para servir através do uso da Vida. AGORA É A OPORTUNIDADE QUE ESTÁ DIANTE DE VOCÊS. Como a nossa amada irmã tem escrito "Chegando em muitos disfarces, nem sempre flamejando a Sua Luz; somente a vibração informa o que está para ser feito, que é certo" Vocês entendem? "ESTEJA EM ALERTA PARA A OPORTUNIDADE. Oportunidade bate à sua porta para ajudar os seus semelhantes, para ajudar a humanidade em geral, para ajudar Meu Amado Saint Germain nesse grande esforço que tem ocupado o Coração Dele, Seu Espírito e Suas Orações por séculos incontáveis. Cada dia é preenchido com presentes de Oportunidade, e Oportunidade deve sempre permanecer neste universo. Há sempre Oportunidade para um coração que bate para avançar no cumprimento. Nunca houve uma consciência, quando se deseja voluntariamente dentro de si mesma ir para a frente, que não foi dada a Oportunidade completa para esse progresso."'

Beloved Lady Master Portia:

"Many a salty tear has been shed, many have experienced the feeling of deep remorse that has risen within the soul when Opportunity to serve has fled. In your…


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Muslims a Part of American History? (Re-posted)

Muslims a Part of American History? (Re-posted)

I want to shake the guy's hand that wrote this...

Have you ever seen a Muslim hospital?

Have you heard a Muslim orchestra?

Have you seen a Muslim band march in a parade?

Have you witnessed a Muslim charity?

Have you shaken hands with a Muslim Girl Scout?

Have you seen a Muslim Candy Striper? (Or even a ‘ Stripper’ )

The answer is no, you have not. Just… Continue

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