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About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
Awakened Starseed.

Control your Dreams. Control your Reality. The Magic is Within.

You're as beautiful as your heart.
Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration
Spirit beings I have met along the way.
Books You have Read and Would Recommend
The Emerald Tablet, The Kybalion, The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, The Urantia Book, The Crystal Stair, 2150 AD, On the Breath of the Gods, Tao Te Ching, Illusions, The Other Bible, The Lost Books of the Bible, The Initiate series, Secrets of Shamanism, Siddartha, The Magus, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, Riverworld series, Childhood's End, The Foundation trilogy, Inkheart, Inkspell, Inkdeath,...

Harry Potter 1-7 =)
Movies and Music you Would Recommend
Circle of Iron, The Last Wave, Knowing, What the Bleep do We Know?, Lost Horizon, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...there are a number of movies that I use in metaphysical teaching, but I can't think of all of them at the moment.
Dr. Who, Torchwood

Harry Potter 1-7, Inkheart, Love Actually, and Nottinghill =P
Your Goals, Visions and Desires
I'm just watcher... trying to understand humanity in all its various idiosyncrasies.

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Terra and nameless poem


Once in a world
Far beyond our own reaches
I lived in a castle
A kingdom of one

Now I'm fighting a battle
of my own mind
Like a dragon of fear
Attacking my mind

Let the peace of mind overcome
The sweetness of Serenity
Remembrance of my homeland
So very far away

Hence I went wandering
A field filled with marigold
How sweetly the smell
of a fresh Autumn day

Now I'm lost in your world
Home seems so very far away
A twinkle a star, my mind left to daze.

Semile - 1981


The time to Run is Upon Us
As the Prophesies foretold
From Ancient Rune
Predicting present doom
A New Age to Behold

A Catapillar to Butterfly
A Coming time of Change
The Infinite turn of the Circle
Of Death with Life to Man

Man, with Sight, yet Blind to See
Inhumanities concern you not
To Seekers of the Truth Absolute
You've Ridiculled their Insightive Thought

When Out of the East will Rise the Scourge
And Red the Rivers to Run
Before Man begins to Comprehend
His Rise to a Setting Sun

To Late as those Adhering the Seal
Adament their Truth Sublime
Yet Ignorant to this Erroneous Act
Lost in Adjudication of Time

The Illuminating Truth
Shall Cleanse the World
As maelstrom take the Chaff
Millennial Peace has led the Way
As an End to Begin Again

You need not Eyes to Seek the Truth
Just Heart to know what's Right
Criticize not what you Don't Understand
Don't be Blind to the Infinite Light

Semile - 3/15/87

It doesn't matter which path you go down in life
All paths are the same
It's just the scenery that changes
Semile - 2010

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At 8:54pm on August 18, 2014, STAR* said…

I just emailed your reply, so you can check ;)

At 8:13am on August 17, 2014, STAR* said…

you have new mail... you can check now ;)

At 4:07pm on August 16, 2014, STAR* said…

hi... just replied to your email so you can check :)

At 10:33pm on August 13, 2014, Crystal Star Rose (Rosey) said…

Semile, what I found compelling about that video was the scientific facts he presented were scientific.  Valana (my Gramma) has read a lot about quantum science and "the Field". She was in some kind of experiments with an english woman, she has CDs here on the woman's first writings, internviewing scientists on what he calls, "the Field".  She understands a lot and agrees with it that he's explaining it correctly. You probably understand what he's saying and the first part is the science and how the ancient prayer works. They evidently understood back in the ancient days about the "field" but did not of course understand it scientifically as we do today.  

It fits with what Valana has channeled along those lines of how prayer works and why.  What the scientists call "the field" some call it the Spirit of God that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent spirit substance that flows around is and through us and what we are made of.  Energy/Light is everything, there is no matter which Eddy said back in 1800's.  Did you hear that Einstein went to the Christian Science church but did not join because he would not give up his pipe!  He said "how did that woman know what I cannot get the scientific community today to understand, that there is no matter all is energy."   Which I'm sure you know... but what causes the energy to be you and me and a tree no one knows.  The secret is "feeling" What we believe in our heart is mirrored back to us from the "Field" that's more Eddy and her reflection theory.  Then the metaphysicians are saying that our thoughts create molds through which the omnipresent spirit substance flows into and creates the thing itself.

Val says the thought is the thing itself and if you can put it away not in you but let it go then as Jesus tried to teach stubborn minds that still do not understand him.."As you believe (present tense) you shall (future) have it... it's all in the belief.

That is the communication with our creator and Valana says she has always said she and Val do not communicate telepathically as the world thinks of mental telepathy she calls it heart telepathy.  They "know" back and forth and that is instant regardless where he is that's why she writes for him so well. That's the universal language and that's why Valana was so happy over that video as that's exactly what Gregg said, what my Gramma has been saying since she's been online, that "heart telepathy" is the universal language not mental telpathy..but no one understood her so she stopped awhile now she's heard Gregg say very same thing and she is very thrilled! That's why we love the video it confirms what Gramma has written through the years. "Heart telepathy" or feelings" in the mental transfer and the universal language.  As Gregg says it's the way to talk to God and God reflect back what our feelings tell him about ourselves...not a man God but "the field"... I hope you can follw me Gramma is standing her dictating the words! :-) Rosey 

At 9:29pm on August 13, 2014, Crystal Star Rose (Rosey) said…

Hi Semile, here is url for video, "Secret Ancient Knowledge" it's almost four hours long but worth every minute.  He's a scientist, Gregg Braden. He's been to the monasteries at Tibet, Peru and China searching for ancient knowledge and found a powerful prayer and how we create our own lives the ancients have known and now our science explains it all.

Thank you for the good information.  I don't get all my notices either I think it's the ning network we don't from Gramma's site either. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers. Rosey

At 7:52pm on August 11, 2014, Sky said…

....Thanx Semile....:).....Love You Lots + Lots.......Hugz.......<3......xxxx........

At 5:19pm on August 11, 2014, STAR* said…

you have mail !!! 

At 9:41pm on August 10, 2014, STAR* said…

hello ;) I just sent you email to your personal inbox ;) you can check ;))

At 3:58pm on August 10, 2014, David Kenyon said…

A Little Angel was Born

On July 24th at 10:22 A.M. a beautiful angel was born unto our human condition; her presence will be felt and her mission of love a powerful force for good.

 Her name is Alyssa Isadora

Alyssa Isadora was born into the care and loving parenting of her mother, STAR


and her father, Rune


Please offer little Alyssa Isadora your prayers and blessings for health and prosperity as she grows into her loving mission and please congratulate both STAR & Rune who are parents of Alyssa Isadora by divine order.
Light & Love,

At 1:58am on August 10, 2014, Crystal Star Rose (Rosey) said…

Love, light and peace my friend.

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