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  • Milwaukee, WI
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Nancy A's Discussions

Children of the Cabal: It’s never too late to start over.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nancy A Apr 7. 8 Replies

            Relationships are always evolving, never standing still. What was true before might not be true now, but then again, it might but in greater bloom. Seeds were planted. Did they grow? Or…Continue

Tags: toys, condemnation, entitled, training, cabal

One way to voice your discontent

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nancy A Apr 8. 5 Replies

Using "free speech" in an effective way does not require being violent, or even being rude. We're brain washed to "not discuss politics" in polite company, only shouted in the street. We're brain…Continue

Tags: SupremeCourtDecision, FreeSpeech, voting, politics, elections


Started this discussion. Last reply by rsolor Nov 21, 2013. 2 Replies

President Obama's Handwritten Tribute to the Gettysburg AddressSubmitted by Doreen Smith ( on Wed, 11/20/2013…Continue

Tags: Sacrifice, Freedom


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Latest Activity

Nancy A replied to the discussion 'Benjamin Fulford - April 21, 2014: Cabal split, unable to act despite deadline!'
"No mention that 7 families are of European origin, double and triple citizenship, pay no US taxes despite ripping off The Federal Reserve for 100 years, own our defense industries as well as the military and industrial complex, promote wars and fund…"
20 hours ago
Nancy A replied to the discussion 'The Answer for Me is Love'
"Steve learned that finding the right answer required asking the right question. For me it's simple arithmetic. God + 1 = a majority when we realize that God is half of the equation. Success in spiritual matters requires being on God's…"
Nancy A liked Avatar's discussion The Answer for Me is Love
Nancy A replied to the discussion 'Witless John Kerry and the Ongoing Propaganda War in Ukraine'
"Disclosure will be the game changer. That's when all this nonsense will disappear. Clinton got out while under attack. Obama couldn't. Romney was supposed to win, but kept shooting himself in both feet, ended up with both feet in mouth.…"
Nancy A replied to the discussion 'The "Tidal Wave of Consciousness"... Is Gathering Momentum and Cascading Across the Planet'
"This is why those who patrol our skies gave us the Internet, that we might be connoisseurs of like ideas from around the world, that no thought would be lost, but reappear and reappear, to build tidal waves, to cleanse our shores of centuries of…"
Nancy A replied to the discussion 'The "Tidal Wave of Consciousness"... Is Gathering Momentum and Cascading Across the Planet'
"Cocoon is opening, dawn of new life for human spirit, ready to emerge. Yesterday afternoon in USA, Olivia Newton John sang Zanadu, from movie Zanadu, as amazing as ever, after all these years. "Have to believe in magic!" are words, still…"
Nancy A liked Tally's discussion The "Tidal Wave of Consciousness"... Is Gathering Momentum and Cascading Across the Planet
Nancy A commented on the blog post 'To Err Is Human, To Forgive, Divine'
"New dawn. New resolve to fight on. Forgiveness cleanses the soul. Forgetting is what we can't afford to do."
Nancy A commented on the blog post 'To Err Is Human, To Forgive, Divine'
"So hard to break chains that bind us to a past we can't forget, when trouble looms another time, and then for children we tried to teach, who scream when it happens to them in the present, reminding when it happened for each before, and no…"
Nancy A liked Avatar's blog post To Err Is Human, To Forgive, Divine
Nancy A and nighteyes are now friends
Apr 16
Nancy A commented on the blog post 'High Council of Orion - Why we have stepped forward at this time.... /channeling/ Channeler: Karen Doonan'
"What a difference a year makes! Cabal is fighting among themselves. Bankers are being challenged. Mischief is being found out, even by general public. Conflicts bubbling to the surface are being met with determination. It's not possible to…"
Apr 9
Nancy A liked Meindert Arends's blog post High Council of Orion - Why we have stepped forward at this time.... /channeling/ Channeler: Karen Doonan
Apr 9
"How we address each other on this site affects our dna as well. Written words reveal intent so study your speech in mirror and notice expression and intonation. If another reads different intent, in your words, and reacts with accusations, that is…"
Apr 9
Apr 9
Nancy A commented on the blog post 'Probably I will miss you !!!'
"Thanks for quick summary Mr. Ed. You are adorable, as usual. Daddy Bush as AAMichael? Next it will be BushJr. as St. Germaine, the Pope as Christ Michael, who hasn't been seen around, lately, so, could be? How about equal time for royals? QE2…"
Apr 9

Profile Information

About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
I'm a published social scientist under another name. I've been involved in matters of interest to the Ashtar Command for most of my adult life. I've been active in peace groups in recent years. I'm now retired from paid employment, and therefore fully self-employed. My immediate family ranges in age from eight to 82.
Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration
I'm pretty sure that I was one of the followers of Jesus, 2,000 years ago, and the foster mother of his most devoted follower, who was maligned by the Catholic church until 1964, because they thought she was of low birth, but she was, in fact, of royal lineage, and improved the genetic inheritance of humankind.
Books You have Read and Would Recommend
The URANTIA Book, apported to the desk of a psychiatrist in Hyde Park, Illinois, during the 1930s, in response to the many Qs. of divinity students who wanted to know the origins of the universe and universes, the history of our planet, and the Life and Teachings of the Christ Michael who incarnated as Jesus.
Movies and Music you Would Recommend
I rarely watch movies or TV. I enjoyed the Harry Potter movies but eventually lost interest. Sensationalism is not a big attraction for me. Modern emphasis on pyrotechnics is wearing thin: no plot, character development, or believable endings, quickly forgotten. Comedic TV series are fun for awhile. Life interests me more.
Your Goals, Visions and Desires
Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men. Reining in an inbred, financial elite of 300 banker families who purchased The U.S. Federal Reserve System in 1913, ripped it off unhindered for 80 years, were forced to temporarily relinquish it in 1993, but got it back by tricky means in 2001, probably by executive order.

Nancy A's Blog

Letter to Friend re: Flight 370 and Human Survival

Posted on March 16, 2014 at 11:00am 1 Comment

Thanks for pep talk. Woke up Friday feeling refreshed, more focused than before, able to complete what seemed like a mission impossible, all week, finished in time for post, so today I feel great, and now I know why. Astral plane was cleared, of all souls waiting to ascend. Those visiting me have moved on, returned to God. Just posted to Friend List cit. re: "last four days," which described what else was going on, clearing of all INCARNATE souls for return, as well, when each is ready, for…



Posted on February 25, 2014 at 2:27am 2 Comments

"Say You Say Me" as written by Paul Michael Barry, Mark Taylor, Lionel B. Jr. Richie. Lyrics © Universal Music Publ. Group, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Sony/ATV Music Publ. LLC, EMI Music Publ.

I had a dream I had an awesome dream

People in the park playing games in the dark

And what they played was a masquerade

And from behind of walls of doubt a voice was crying out

Say you, say me

            (Chorus) Say you, say me; say it for always



National Security Agency (NSA) spinning out of control? Lecture: Jan.16 in Washington D.C.

Posted on January 13, 2014 at 11:50pm 2 Comments

"Everyone's a Target: How America Lost Control of the 
National Security Agency- and Can it be Reined…

Integrating Our Bodies of Light: Next Phase of Sacred Journey of Conscious Evolutionary by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Posted on January 4, 2014 at 8:10pm 1 Comment

"On 1/8/14, we have an opportunity to hear the latest spiritual breakthroughs from Barbara Marx Hubbard.

She has been the most popular and important Shift Network teacher since we launched for a reason:  Barbara is literally helping us pioneer a new possibility for our evolution.  

She calls this the “birth of the Universal Human,” which is about the merging of our divinity and our…


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At 5:53pm on March 31, 2014, Semile said…

At 3:55pm on March 20, 2014, April Bender said…

Nancy thank you so much for your kind note!

At 12:28pm on March 17, 2014, flatheat said…

Thanks.English is still difficult for me to understand meaning behind words.

At 9:25pm on March 14, 2014, Sky said…

.Hugz.......*Beautiful Woman*...Love Ya...:)......<3 .....Thanx For Your Friendship.......xxxx...........

At 6:50pm on March 14, 2014, Sky said…

....Lol Your Right.... Some Of These Obnoxious Types.....Are Good For A Laugh....:)... I Find.....Sometimes Good To Sit On The Sidelines + Leave Em Too It....Theyre Quite Childish + Insecure....Most Of Them.....Think I May Know Who You Have In Mind....:) .....Hope You Dont Mind.....Just Noticed Your Comment.....:)....Hugz....<3.......

At 3:45pm on March 13, 2014, Michael said…

At 3:48am on March 13, 2014, Luke Skywalker said…

Nancy ... ok please allow me just to say that I have nothing personal against you whatsoever .. I never did ... I felt compelled to write this short message to let you know that ... plus, I am hardly ever a participent in this website much and my original comment in that thread yesterday was only because I had noticed your very positive comment in the other blog ... so it was not an attack on you ... just in case you may have thought otherwise ...

I get along very well with Drekx and I know that both of you spar with each other but I think you have a good heart and I also know that Drekx does aswell ... I know you may disaggree with that but everyone has a good heart really ... I realise its not my buisness to enter a discussion and get between two people ... so I step back from that ....

I would love to see everyone in this website be friends with each other ... including yourself and Drekx ... its a bit difficult in a way to be friends with others who are not getting along with each other ... for example, I am a friend of einstien and I am also a friend of Drekx ... but they are now at loggerheads with each other ... and I try to keep them both my friends ... its not always nice to see our friends fighting with each other ...

Its a pity that the disaggreements between members in this website lead to souls falling out with each other ....

anyway, no hard feelings Nancy ... I am only trying to wrap my arms around everyone ... because at the end of the day, that is more important to me than any forum discussion ... I hope you guys resolve your differences .... and by the way, I also have a sense of humor so often I throw in a joke here or there in the forum ... its always lighthearted .... although I have a few dirty jokes aswell ... Lol .....

anyway, to make a long story short .... I wish you well ... and I wish Drekx well aswell .... I hope we can all join together in a more constructive way where there are no attacks whatsoever comming from anyone ... just positive imput ....

Love to you ... and I hope my message here is taken in the Spirit it is given ... from the heart ...


At 3:19am on March 13, 2014, Semile said…

Thanks for accepting my friendship Nancy. I look forward to getting to know you better. 

At 9:55am on March 8, 2014, Veruschka said…

Greetings beyond Beautiful Beloved Nancy!!

....Stopping by to blast You with Infinite Love and Light to remind You that You are truly beyond Awesome Beloved fact these tiny words could never describe You because You are beyond them all....YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AND WILL ALWAYS BE!!


Wishing You a Super, Joyous and Blessed day and also weekend in ABUNDANCE OF EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL AND BEYOND!!


I Love You so very much, Beloved Sister....BLESSED YOU ARE IN ABUNDANCE X INFINITE!!!



At 9:03pm on February 26, 2014, Michael said…


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