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Nancy A's Discussions

Website hijacked?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nancy A on Saturday. 11 Replies

Ignore bullying at what price? I begged off for two weeks, long-term target agreed, defender did not, administrator's advice: "focus" on something else, "NOT involved," so "outcome" is up to me!"This…Continue

Tags: Bullying, Disarmament, Security, Survival, Struggle

"Negative Alien Races" have been removed, AA Metatron cf. Steve Beckow

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nancy A Jul 27. 12 Replies

Archangel Metatron:  Sorting Yourselves for AscensionArchangel Metatron: I want the whole world to know that this week is a crucial time in your development toward Ascension.  The energies continue…Continue

Tags: SoulDevelopment, HigherSelf

Light Workers and Star Seeds: WE ARE the "OTHER" 1 %. OUR TIME TO SHINE IS NOW:

Started this discussion. Last reply by Malcolm Jul 15. 2 Replies

To Malcolm re: signs of delay in cabal's plans for decisive financial crisis and global dominion:Perfect summary, except plans about to tumble, catch cabal by short hairs, no way to recover. Light…Continue

Tags: God'sChosenPeople, DISCLOSURE, 12/21/12

Purpose of Impeachment, to Desensitize Global Population

Started this discussion. Last reply by Nancy A Jul 9. 27 Replies

Letter to a Friend whose blog was censored re: Desensitization: My greatest concern at present, is convincing majority of heads of state to bring Disclosure to a vote in UN, the only place where it…Continue

Tags: Cabal, Disclosure, UN, KochBrothers, USHighCourt


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Nancy A liked Crystal Star Rose (Rosey)'s blog post PROBLEM SOLVED
22 hours ago
Nancy A commented on the blog post 'CONFESSIONS OF A CONTACTEE PART l'
"Shadow government is cabal Rosey, not the Government that you report. Shadow government operates by stealth, is currently trying once more, through Joint Chief's Demsey, to start WW III in Syria, by forcing U.S. President's hand, to take a…"
23 hours ago
Nancy A liked Crystal Star Rose (Rosey)'s blog post CONFESSIONS OF A CONTACTEE PART l
"Ignoramus is you. Read my comment on 1st page, that this is a COVER-UP, or go back to sleep. DISCLOSURE is for those who have the good sense to stay awake and know what this is about."
Nancy A commented on the blog post 'No Title'
"Ever wonder why Disclosure is constantly delayed? Here's a clue, disbelief in what is true. "This so-called Feud, which is being ridiculed as a cat fight between two women, is a well-staged COVER-UP. One witnessed, took part in, FIRST…"
"This so-called Feud, which is being ridiculed as a cat fight between two women, is a well-staged COVER-UP. One witnessed, took part in, FIRST CONTACT in 1950, was knocked unconscious, left for dead, her so-called attacker accused as a rapist, while…"
Crystal Star Rose (Rosey) left a comment for Nancy A
"Val asked me to send you roses with his special thanks for being Valana's friend and standing up for her. Our special regards and sincere thanks, Commanders Val, Donn and Jill Thor and Grampa Ashtar"
Nancy A commented on the blog post 'No Title'
"Thanks Ben-Arion, for posting this blog on your site, to clear up, once and for all, the story of harassment of my friend, Valana, by a woman she befriended, who used their friendship to gain a following, then admitted she lied to gain access to…"
Nancy A liked Crystal Star Rose (Rosey)'s blog post No Title
Nancy A left a comment for Crystal Star Rose (Rosey)
"From a distance we are instruments Marching in a common band Playing songs of hope, playing songs of peace They're the songs of every man From a distance you look like my friend Even though we are at war From a distance I just cannot comprehend…"
Nancy A replied to the discussion 'Inside The Inner Earth! Japan’s Princess Nakamura’s Brand New Shocker! Alien Encounters, Enlightenment And World Peace...ALSO TALKS ABOUT ASHTAR COMMAND'
"Can't open video, but here are two comments that might be helpful re: interview and inner earth: 35442 She’s telling the truth.    In fact, “just go to the south pole on Google earth. Scroll into this area until…"
Nancy A commented on the blog post '7 Ways to Trigger the Heart Field – The Most Powerful Healing Force There Is'
"Breath of fresh air, straightforward advice, remember and apply, smile when all else seems to fail, appreciate efforts of those around us, even when they seem to be amiss, important to keep trying to reconcile our many differences, appreciate what…"
Nancy A liked Ben-Arion's blog post 7 Ways to Trigger the Heart Field – The Most Powerful Healing Force There Is
"Poster might have been well-intentioned, but unmindful of assuming an unqualified position.  Start by being sincere, thoughtful of others, appreciative rather than resentful of others' gifts."
Nancy A replied to the discussion 'Galactic Federation (of Light?): I CHALLENGE You!'
"Operation BlueStar is Final Solution to which 'cute Observer alludes, below, no longer secret: Four U.S. states compete to construct giant base size of 174 football fields replacing area…"
Nancy A liked Acute Observer's discussion Galactic Federation (of Light?): I CHALLENGE You!

Profile Information

About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
I'm a published social scientist under another name. I've been involved in matters of interest to the Ashtar Command for most of my adult life. I've been active in peace groups in recent years. I'm now retired from paid employment, and therefore fully self-employed. My immediate family ranges in age from eight to 82.
Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration
I'm pretty sure that I was one of the followers of Jesus, 2,000 years ago, and the foster mother of his most devoted follower, who was maligned by the Catholic church until 1964, because they thought she was of low birth, but she was, in fact, of royal lineage, and improved the genetic inheritance of humankind.
Books You have Read and Would Recommend
The URANTIA Book, apported to the desk of a psychiatrist in Hyde Park, Illinois, during the 1930s, in response to the many Qs. of divinity students who wanted to know the origins of the universe and universes, the history of our planet, and the Life and Teachings of the Christ Michael who incarnated as Jesus.
Movies and Music you Would Recommend
I rarely watch movies or TV. I enjoyed the Harry Potter movies but eventually lost interest. Sensationalism is not a big attraction for me. Modern emphasis on pyrotechnics is wearing thin: no plot, character development, or believable endings, quickly forgotten. Comedic TV series are fun for awhile. Life interests me more.
Your Goals, Visions and Desires
Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men. Reining in an inbred, financial elite of 300 banker families who purchased The U.S. Federal Reserve System in 1913, ripped it off unhindered for 80 years, were forced to temporarily relinquish it in 1993, but got it back by tricky means in 2001, probably by executive order.

Nancy A's Blog

Heads Up, re: Disclosure

Posted on August 6, 2014 at 12:30pm 11 Comments

Yesterday, Council members, and key members of the UN Economic and Social Council, received final message of 8 since March, re: need for Disclosure of off-planet beings, eighth one advising of challenge to AA Michael to appear with delegation at their next meeting on Ukraine and the MIddle East. This morning, news comes, that Russia called for such meeting, on "humanitarian situation:" 

"Russia called for an emergency…


Good Intel on Flight 17, from Fulford's desk on 7/22/14

Posted on July 23, 2014 at 7:24pm 1 Comment

From agents embedded in Mossud, re: what happened to Flight 17, cf. full report for more about what this means.

"The downing of remote controlled Israeli owned so-called “Malaysian Airlines flight MH17,” filled with dead and decomposing bodies, was one dirty trick too many for the nazionists and a turning point against them has now been reached within the world’s secret agencies and governments, according to multiple sources.

"What we first saw in Syria we are now seeing in the…


ET Commander Explains Reason for Delay In First Contact (to allow for mass ascension).

Posted on July 17, 2014 at 11:48am 26 Comments

Message two months ago, to explain what has been stirring us up since, to prepare for Disclosure and Ascension.

Dear world

According to the…


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At 4:24pm on August 26, 2014, Crystal Star Rose (Rosey) said…

Val asked me to send you roses with his special thanks for being Valana's friend and standing up for her.

Our special regards and sincere thanks,

Commanders Val, Donn and Jill Thor and Grampa Ashtar

At 6:37am on August 12, 2014, Crystal Star Rose (Rosey) said…

I meant to write under the pic I just felt like sending you something pretty

Love ya' Rosey

At 6:36am on August 12, 2014, Crystal Star Rose (Rosey) said…

At 5:12am on August 6, 2014, Crystal Star Rose (Rosey) said…

Dear Nancy, I found this today and thought you would love it, I did.  I choose to live this way.

At 3:03pm on August 5, 2014, Crystal Star Rose (Rosey) said…

How very ignorant! Anyone that has read Valana knows she has as good an English vocabulary and better than most.  It's so obvous Valana Thor wrote none of the trash they are posting here about her. I won't even give satan the time of day.

Gramma never said Claudia was her daughter in this life she said back at the time of Jesus Christ they had incarnation as young Jewish couple and Claudia was their little girl and she had agreed for years. She said she told her mother so evidently she lied but does not mean she was not their daughter and they loved her in this life and tried to be good to her and at the same time Claudia was here with her lies about Valana Thor she was on Valana's Eagles Haven site and this Eloche was calling her Ma Valana and talking about being on Val's ship as Commander.  Now how very evil!

Leave it Nancy I would to show her real self everyone here that knows Valana Thor's writings know she never write such a way. Claudia also writes well who wrote that? Valana never wrote anything like that.  She is Christian and some of the new age is far out and new agers do not believe it either, there is good and bad and certainly so in Christianity but Valana and Val have always tried to bring it together to find mutual agreement even with Islam and Judism.  Their dream was to bring the world together in peace so what is this all about? Why has Claudia followed her since 1997 to make the Val Thor story false. It is not. What is it Claudia's business if it were, who is she. She is evil that is Satanism right there, she is possessed I supposed and I hate to blame the devil with it! I think she has a vendata against my Gramma because her husband played the field and lied to Gramma and told her his crazy wife was dead I suppose that is wishful thinking on Karl Schloemp's part.

Gramma prays for her to be healed and delivered but told Gramma she could do better with her time if she got drunk! Teasing her but prayer will do no good if people do not accept it.  I'm done praying, she's evil and she is lyhing and makes up emails under my Gramma's name we know she has the password to Gramma's computer no telling what she has done to her but God is on the Throne and he has promised she will fall into the very ditch she has dug for my 83 year old 

Grandmother partially blind...  I have to just say God help tthe sick woman.  Rosey

At 8:31pm on August 4, 2014, Crystal Star Rose (Rosey) said…

Do you know you are so loved by God and the Holy Angels, too. You are a very sweet lady I am glad I came here. People are so very nice.  Thank you for being my Gramma's friend. 

Have you heard of Jesus of Faustini? She was a Nun that saw Jesus and he told her to draw his picture and everyone that saw the picture would have a miracle.  Uncle Donn said send you the picture, and we believe you will have the most special desire of your heart.  We send you Love from the Sanctuary in the Stars.  I have to go help Uncle Donn do Sanctuary tonight, Gramma doesn't feel well.  I may stay home this semester and help her with her work it's so important to her to have a place to put their writings. I asked Jesus for a miracle for her instead of me and I'm going to ask him to give you one, too, for being good to Gramma so few are, you are good person and Cmdrs Val and Donn know about you. They don;'t forget either. You have made me feel welcome here to this site, thank you.  Rosey

At 7:22pm on August 3, 2014, Semile said…

At 1:57am on August 2, 2014, amparo alvarez said…

I love flowers especially roses and I always love having a chance to send them to anyone I feel I can...Blessings Nancy and I am glad you like flowers too...

At 11:29pm on August 1, 2014, Crystal Star Rose (Rosey) said…

Dear Nancy, thank you so much for your beautiful welcome to the site.  You are such a sweet person. With much, much love, Tara (Rosey)

At 2:37am on July 29, 2014, amparo alvarez said…

Thank you my beautiful friend...I am so glad you chose me as a friend...It is always a pleasure being friendly and to have many good friends and share the best with them...This is a way to start uniting and appreciate others as much as you like being appreciated...Hugs and much Love...


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