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In these days of world pain, let love and joy equally be keynotes of your life - as a group and as individuals - for they carry the healing vibrations of the Hierarchy. 

Ponder on joy, happiness, gaiety and bliss; these release the channels of the inner life, and reach - in a wide circle - many kinds of men. They heal and cleanse the physical body, and help you do your work with little effort, a proper sense of values, and a detachment which is based on love and not isolation.

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Joy is DIVINE :)


(1) Be joyful, for joy lets in the light, and where there is joy there is little room for glamour and
misunderstanding. (5 - 461).

(2) Aim at demonstrating happiness. Be joyous in your work and service. Be not so intense, but
go happily along the lighted Way. Such is my prayer for you. (5 - 408).

(3) You can train yourself to build in that quality of joy which is the characteristic of a personality
which is consciously anchored in the soul realm. (5 - 398).

(4) To those who wrestle, strive, and hold on, the joy is doubled when the materialization comes.
The joy of contrast will be yours, for knowing the past of darkness you will revel in the light of fruition; the joy of tried and tested companionship will be yours, for years will have proved to you who are your chosen associates, and in community of suffering will come the strengthened link; the joy of peace after victory will be yours, for to the tired warrior the fruits of achievement and rest are doubly sweet; the joy of participation in the Masters' plan will be yours, and all is well that associates you closely with Them; the joy of having helped to solace a needy world, of having brought light to darkened souls, of having healed in some measure the open sore of the world's distress, will be yours, and in the consciousness of days well spent, and in the gratitude of salvaged souls, comes the deepest joy of all, - the joy a Master knows when He is instrumental in lifting a brother up a little higher on the ladder. This is the joy that is set before you all - and not so very far ahead it lies. So work not for joy, but towards it; not for reward, but from the inner need to
help; not for gratitude, but from the urge that comes from having seen the vision and realization of the part you have to play in bringing that vision down to earth.

It is helpful to differentiate between happiness, joy and bliss: First, happiness, which has its seat in the emotions, and is a personality reaction. Second, joy, which is a quality of the soul and is realized in the mind, when alignment takes place. Third, bliss, which is the nature of the Spirit and about which speculation is fruitless until the soul realizes its oneness with the Father. This realization follows upon an earlier stage wherein the personal self is at-oned with the soul. Therefore speculation and analysis as to the nature of bliss is profitless to the average man whose metaphors and terminologies must perforce be personal, and related to the world of the senses. Does the aspirant refer to his happiness or joy? If he refers to the latter it must come as the effect of group consciousness, of group solidarity, of oneness with all beings, and may not be interpreted in terms of happiness after all. Happiness comes when the personality is meeting with those conditions which satisfy it in one part or other of its lower nature; it comes when there is a sense of physical well being, of contentment with one's environment or surrounding personalities, or of satisfaction with one's mental opportunities and contacts. Happiness is the goal of the separated self.

When however we seek to live as souls, the contentment of the lower man is discounted, and we find joy in our group relationships, and in bringing about those conditions which lead to the better expression of the souls of those we contact. This bringing of joy to others, in order to produce conditions in which they may better express themselves, may have a physical effect as we seek to better their material conditions, or an emotional effect as our presence brings to them peace and uplift, or an intellectual result as we stimulate them to clarity of thought and understanding. But the effect upon ourselves is joy, for our action has been selfless and non-acquisitive, and not dependent upon the aspirant's circumstance or worldly state. Much happiness is necessarily foregone when ill-health makes its pressure felt, as the environment is difficult, and the "accumulated karma of many births" presses down, or as the troubles of the family, nation or race, weigh upon the sensitive personality. The happiness of youth, or the self-centered contentment of the selfish insulated person (hiding himself behind the shield of his protective desires), must not be confounded with joy.

It is a platitude as well as an occult paradox, to say that in the midst of profound personality distress and unhappiness, the joy of the soul may be known and felt. Such however is the case, and it is for this the student must aim. (4 - 368/70).

(5) The only cure for this creeping inertia, is to ignore the body and take your joy in the livingness of service. I speak here not of definite disease or of serious physical liabilities; to these right care and attention must be duly given; I speak to the thousands of ailing men and women who are preoccupied with taking care of themselves, and so waste hours of the time which could be given to the service of humanity. (8 -168).

(6) The races today are steeped in misery and an unhappy psychological acquiescence in sorrow and pain. The clear light of love must sweep away all this, and joy will be the keynote of the coming New Age. (12 - 120).

(7) We stand today on the verge of great things. Humanity is on its way with renewed impetus. It stands no longer at the cross roads, but irrevocable decisions have been made, and the race is moving forward along a path which will lead it eventually into light and peace. It will find its way into "the peace which passeth understanding" because it will be a peace which is independent of outer conditions, and which is not based upon what present humanity defines as peace. The peace which lies ahead of the race, is the peace of serenity and of joy - a serenity, based upon spiritual understanding; and a joy which is untouched by circumstance. This joy and serenity is not an astral condition but a soul reaction. These qualities are not achieved as the result of disciplining the emotional nature, but demonstrate as a natural, automatic reaction of the soul.  This is the reward of a definitely achieved alignment. These two qualities of the soul - serenity and joy - are the indications that the soul, the ego, the One Who stands alone, is controlling or dominating the personality, circumstance, and all environing conditions of life in the three worlds.
(15 - 200).

(8) The future holds within its silence other modes of saving humanity. The cup of sorrow and the agony of the Cross are well-nigh finished. Joy and strength will take their place. Instead of sorrow we shall have a joy which will work out in happiness, and lead eventually to bliss. We shall have strength which will know naught but victory, and will not recognize disaster... . Only the dawn is with us yet - the dawn of the Aquarian Age. The full tide of light is inevitably moving upon its way towards us. (18 - 234)

(9) And my brother, be happy. Learn to feel joy - a joy which is based on the knowledge that humanity has always triumphed and passed onward and forward, in spite of apparent failures, and the destruction of past civilizations; a joy, which is founded upon the unshakable belief that all men are souls, and that "points of crisis" are factors which are of proven usefulness in calling in the power of that soul, both in the individual man, in a race, or in humanity as a whole; a joy which is related to the bliss which characterizes the soul on its own level, whereon the form aspects of manifestation do not dominate. Ponder on these thoughts and remember you are grounded in the centre of your Being and can, therefore, see the world truly and with no limited vision; you can stand unperturbed, knowing the end from the beginning, and realizing that love will triumph. (5 - 471).

(10) In these days of world pain, let love and joy equally be keynotes of your life - as a group and as individuals - for they carry the healing vibrations of the Hierarchy. (5 - 299/300).

(11) I call you also to a cultivated joyousness, which will end in releasing you to fuller service. (5 - 138).

(12) So many in the final years of life, live, think and act in such a manner that the soul withdraws its attention. Thus only the personality remains. To all of you who have passed the half century I would say: Face the future with the same joy as in youth, yet with an added usefulness, knowing that the wisdom of experience is yours, the power to understand is yours, and that no physical limitation can prevent a soul from useful expression and service. I would remind you of something which is often forgotten: It is far easier for the soul to express itself through an older experienced body, than through one that is young and inexperienced, provided that there is no pride and no desired selfishness, but only longing to love and to serve. (5 - 465/6).

(13) Ponder on joy, happiness, gaiety and bliss; these release the channels of the inner life, and reach - in a wide circle - many kinds of men. They heal and cleanse the physical body, and help you do your work with little effort, a proper sense of values, and a detachment which is based on love and not isolation. 5 - 170).

14) Meditations on joy:
1. The Joy of the Soul irradiates my life, and lightens all the burdens which those I meet may carry. The Joy of the Lord is my strength, and I develop strength in joy for others. (5 -176).

2. Joy - Like a bird on the wing, I fly towards the sun. I sing in my soul, so that all I meet can hear. (5 - 435).

3. "With industry I work as doth the ant. With speed I travel as moves the hare upon its path. With joy I climb as doth the goat which scales the precipice and stands upon the mountain top.  Industry, speed and joy must be the keynotes of my life; diligence with the task assigned; speed to assent with all the Master says; speed on my way to service; and joy to shower forth on all I meet. Such is the Way for me." (5 - 462).

4. Let the song of the soul be sounded forth by me, and the clear high notes bring peace and joy  to others. My word today is Joy. (5 - 565).

5. Sit in perfect silence and quiet for fifteen minutes, not negatively drifting into a semi-tranced condition, but actively becoming aware of that inner centre of stillness and of peace where joy and bliss have their home. (5 - 577)

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Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on May 7, 2015 at 4:59am

You seem to have a good handle on things, Hellen.  I sense that some people close to you have tested your strength but that you have your guides and the nature beings and angels within you helping out and things will turn out well for you, given time.  You will be proven right, and the toxins are gone.  I went through something similar last night when the x-class hit and a navy blue energy removed some negative thoughtforms I harbored, I just sent them love as they left...I feel the earthquakes too, you are closer to some major lines so you probably get it more.  There was a feeling earlier today of something that was painful, I get it in the sacral chakra myself...grounding has been off for a while, almost too happy, lol... I like my edges, something is preventing full grounding, we are being held back for something big building.  Do you get the feeling that the pot is boiling?  I bet there will be many thunder and lightning storms in your area, Hellen, envious...I looove storms.  

Comment by lisa Omega on May 7, 2015 at 4:08am

No problem i just hope whatever it is goes right for you.... I'm here if you need to talk 

Comment by Hellen on May 7, 2015 at 4:04am

.i agree with your statement Lisa.. i know what i must do and i am in the process of dealing with the situation .you've been very help in this matter and i thank you for this ..

Comment by Hellen on May 7, 2015 at 3:32am

 this dream i had occurred in the morning hours .When i awaken from this dream i felt it came from a deep place .yes, i guess you're about getting rid of toxic energy i know where it comes from but i don't want to go into detail on what it is causing this repeating pattern all i know is i have to do something about this situation and you are correct i glad you pointed this out ..timing is important factor and this what i am following ( intuition ) ..but i get other messages through other sources dreams ..You mention the word 'Matrix'' now that you mention this i am quite aware of its affects and are many dimensions to this reality it runs through everything and we are affected by this Matrix many scientist had discovered it like a giant computer and i do believe it is ..what you are saying here is quite true Kelly .i notice the waves of energy flowing around me .i know the dream i was in was not lucid i know the difference but i know what i must do to solve the situation i was thinking about last week .. My spirit guide let me know what negative energy feels like and it is affects tell you the true Kelly its very poisonous i must have absorbed this energy and my cousin offered a gift and i know i will not accept this ..yes, Kelly we could change the future i know what i must do and i am following my spiritual purpose while i am here ..Once in awhile i do get messages coming from other sources like i remember sounds or smells from my childhood memories .My throat chakra was cut from communicating because i needed to express what is troubling my current situation i already know what this is and i am about to solve this matter ..Sometime i don't like asking questions to my guide because he or she would suggest or reveal something i need to change .Today,i heard we could be in for more solar flares i don't like the feel of them its so uncomfortable and the earthquakes i feel them all the time .i remember there was a instant last year where i went one of the Wart Mart Store and i felt the ground shaking and this swaying feeling as i was sliding back and forth on the ground and felt i wanted to run out of the store then i when i looked around me i noticed everyone didn't seem to notice anything wrong so i tried to ignore the problem until i read about the incident that occurred last month about the incident at one of the Wall Mart Stores in the U.S i am not of the location but i know there was an incident there about underground facilities there .. yes, i do get slips of memory Kelly and i know the difference and its not coming from this reality .the weekend is going to feel like summer here Kelly. i heard the whether report that Alberta is getting snow .I live in the southern Ontario and the weather is warmer here than Northern Ontario but i notice its not the same anymore its gotten much colder  specially in the winter and i don't like muggy whether we're going to have this weekend its going to be comfortable and sticky for two days .Thank You Kelly i really appreciate your helpful suggestions and i glad you provided some information i wasn't aware of .My guide sometimes directs me to sources where i can get some help with my messages be it dreams or here ..

Comment by lisa Omega on May 7, 2015 at 2:00am

Hellen I think it maybe that you know something you want to tell someone but afraid to because someone else may be involved or may get hurt.... If that's the case do what is right the right thing is always the hardest thing.... But you're an amazing woman Helen you know what to do lots of love dearest

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on May 7, 2015 at 1:21am

When did you have your dream, Hellen?  The alignments and solar flares encourage certain energies so if it was during a "cleanse" from the sun then it may have been one of those weird psychic dreams where you are getting rid of karma and negative energy from your aura, something that sucks is that we often re-experience or "re-feel" things as they leave us...which is why so many addicts aren't able to deal with their emotions, its because they are feeling them as they release them and that can be a nasty experience for us which requires healing.  Sort of like psychic vomiting, if I can be gross, lol... feels awful happening but then you feel better after getting rid of those toxins.  

However the lack of being able to communicate in your dream could mean that your throat chakra is being shut down, it can be anything that cuts your self expression off... sometimes just being a woman is enough to make you feel you aren't heard... And still, perhaps you DID discover something with your other-self that you aren't supposed to remember or reveal until the timing is right.  I think that is where we get deja vu sometimes, from our dream realm where we saw the future but were shut off from remembering it until it was time.  We can't remember until we are ready to give up control over the "matrix" or whatever you call it...because if we knew the future, wouldn't we try to change it?  And because we can't fully comprehend the vastness of the divine plan, we would probably mess things we just continue with slips of memory as messages from the "other side" and our guides continue to lead us and help us detangle from all the illusions etc. that come with being a human.  

Haha, you have it hot there? It snowed this morning here in Alberta, lol...sooo jealous.

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on May 7, 2015 at 1:05am

First, let me say thank you both for the beautiful images and songs, and your poem is magnificent, Mikeil :-)  Art is an expression of the higher mind, a touchstone to our eternal self, it is always nice to be creative :-)  I used to write and paint, but lately I like to make, but who has time anymore?  

Yes, Hellen, leaders tend to be born under certain signs, we are all slaves in a way to the expressions of geometry/math and the like... Earth signs are drawn to leadership the same way I am drawn to "expressing the senses" as an air sign, I imagine.  It is not to say that they are meant to or should, lol... but we all have inclinations or appetites for certain things that make us feel "safe" and feed our batteries and leadership gives one the illusion of control over reality.  Earth signs need to be grounded in a sense of control over their serves a purpose, they tend to be dependable (unlike we flighty Librans haha).  

Comment by Hellen on May 6, 2015 at 11:34pm

Hi Kelly. i noticed just recently many leaders were born in late April for example the prime minister of Canada just celebrated his birthday April 29th and the Queen's birthday April 21.And Kate and William 's daughter was born May 2 ,2015 ..They do know about astrology .They seem to like the earth signs .Many actors are born under the sign of Leo and Pisces but Leo seem to be the common sign .i had the most unpleasant dream and i remember i couldn't talk to anyone what i saw and i tried to warn the people about something i discovered ..i know that our dreams tell us something but its not always easy to understand the messages ..i check in once in a while specially when my guide lets me know to check  in . It time for spring cleaning and i noticed many people are out cleaning the parks,sidewalks,and lawns etc..This weekend's whether will be hot and muggy seems like the weekend will seem like summer and with this kind of whether people will be at the beach..have a wonderful Wednesday Kelly ...

Comment by Mikail on May 6, 2015 at 11:05pm

I agree, Hellen.

Creative imagination is amazing when encouraged and unleashed. It's certainly the way forward. Who knows, perhaps I will start drawing and art next. I am a tad heavy handed though so it might be awkward.

I'm happy you like the poem, it's an older one I wrote from 2014, but very relevant with this timeline of the divine feminine in this seven year cycle. Yes, all have a guardian my friend. I've not heard that song you mention. I usually look for ones with the Animal Kingdom in them and a nice song, or a catchy beat of an uplifting nature. I'll check it out though. :)

Much love,

Mikeil. -x-

Comment by Hellen on May 6, 2015 at 11:02pm

....and thank you for sharing  Mikeil . i really enjoyed listening the songs and the  scenes are wonderful ..


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