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  • Crop Circles

    172 members Latest Activity: on Monday Share your images, videos etc on cropcircles here. What is your belief about cropcircles?

  • Astral Projection & Travel

    270 members Latest Activity: Mar 26 Do you have any Experiences of Astral Projection? How did it feel? Where did you go. Can we learn to Astral Travel? There are many questions within…

  • Spiritual Energy Healing

    359 members Latest Activity: on Sunday What kinds of healing is there and how do you learn to heal yourself and others. Why not Get a Healing Session from one of our members. Share your…

  • Shamanism Focus Group

    45 members Latest Activity: Apr 15 Shamanism is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spirits that affect the lives of the living.

  • Awake the Terrans

    23 members Latest Activity: Jan 9 I'd like to have 1500 people for an awakening plan.

  • First Open Contact Group

    259 members Latest Activity: Dec 29, 2013 When is it time for Open Contact with our brothers and sisters from all over the Galaxy? How will you celibrate? How will it effect our world? Share…

  • United Starseed Federation

    95 members Latest Activity: Nov 17, 2013 Center of Home World Connections, DNA Reactivation, Past Life Regression, Earth Mission Recovery, Spiritual Healing & Ascension.

  • Silent Rainbow Warriors

    58 members Latest Activity: Apr 7 A method of Truth, for those who truely beileve that "Distance does not exist, that it is an illusion, that Soul Love is very powerful, and that…

  • Nikola Tesla Focus Group

    35 members Latest Activity: on Saturday Who was Nicola Tesla? Share what you know about him in this Focus Group.

  • Deepak Chopra Focus Group

    27 members Latest Activity: May 15, 2013 Teachings from Deepak Chopra etc. Feel free to share.

  • Ashtar Channelings Focus Group

    114 members Latest Activity: Jan 8 Post Ashtar Channelings here.

  • Connect With Angels

    220 members Latest Activity: Apr 16 For all that have seen and work with Angels. Others that would love to know more. How does one connect with angels and what are the various types.


    53 members Latest Activity: Jan 20, 2013 Christ Michael and Jesus ( Esu ) frequently post messages to this forum...You can read the posted messages but can't reply to anything...

  • Eckhart Tolle Focus Group

    42 members Latest Activity: Sep 17, 2012 For those who support Eckhart Tolles work and want to talk about his teachings etc.

  • Universal Symbols Focus Group

    52 members Latest Activity: Oct 5, 2013 Want to share or know more about universal symbols?

  • 5D Telepathy Practice Forum

    195 members Latest Activity: Feb 20 Hey Starseeds! Please join me in starting a telepathy practice group. We will keep it simple by utilizing each other within this group as we…

  • Kundalini Awakening

    118 members Latest Activity: Aug 6, 2013

    KUNDALINI - "Kundala" means 'coiled'. The Power is the Goddess (Devi) Kundalini-Shakti coiled in the Root (Muladhara) Cakra, at the root of the…

  • Spiritual Books Focus Group

    310 members Latest Activity: Feb 20 A Library of Cosmic Knowledge.

Spiritual Blogs

Change Your Perception, Change the Reality

Posted by Ben-Arion on April 22, 2014 at 3:00pm 1 Comment

Listen to the "message" not the messenger.

Change Your Perception, Change the…


Taking the Easy Road - The Galactic Free Press

Posted by Will on April 22, 2014 at 6:42pm 0 Comments

Is spiritual awakening easy? There's plenty of spiritual teachers out there…


What Can We Learn From Near Death Experiences?

Posted by Avatar on April 21, 2014 at 7:30pm 6 Comments

by Michelle Walling, CHLC

The most compelling…


How To Create a Sacred Space at Home?

Posted by Ben-Arion on April 21, 2014 at 7:00pm 5 Comments

Trinity Bourne, Openhand Contributor



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