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  • Align with the Divine Within

    17 members Latest Activity: 13 hours ago

    Discover the power of alignment with your inner-divine matrix or what some refer to as your soul.

    The group is for fostering your spiritual…

  • Dakini Dances

    1 member Latest Activity: Nov 8, 2013

    A group for those interested in studying the movement and play of the Wisdom Energies both inside your body and in the world.

  • New Members Lounge

    269 members Latest Activity: Apr 9

    This is for all of the new members who are not sure where to start.

  • Self Rising Spirit Group

    72 members Latest Activity: 8 hours ago

    Sharing and Learning Practical Exercises, world Wisdom, Teachings and more ...

  • Dutch Ashtar commanders

    71 members Latest Activity: Feb 20 For the Dutch/Belgium Ashtar commanders. There are plans for a meeting and stuff.

  • Grow Your Own Food Focus Group

    55 members Latest Activity: Jul 15, 2013 The need to grown your own food, due to the obsessive control of governments, provides the public with the opportunity to take back freedom and self…

  • Music for your soul.

    46 members Latest Activity: 2 hours ago

  • Aum (Om) Vibration

    48 members Latest Activity: Oct 23, 2013 Om is the sound or vibration from which the entire universe constantly emanates. Share your Thoughts about The Energy of Aum in this Focus Group.

  • Twin Flames & Soul Mates

    442 members Latest Activity: Apr 8

    Share and discuss everything about Twin Flames & Soul Mates.…

  • Herbology Group

    24 members Latest Activity: Sep 2, 2013

    A Group for the study of  Herbal medicine.…

  • Journey to the One

    12 members Latest Activity: Nov 21, 2013

    This is no longer an esoteric, New Age group, but is indeed a spiritual thruther group - a group to truly guide people and prepare them for…

  • Netherlands

    8 members Latest Activity: Dec 11, 2012

    A group for those who live in Netherlands. A place to connect, share and explore.

  • Shamanism Focus Group

    45 members Latest Activity: 14 hours ago Shamanism is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spirits that affect the lives of the living.

  • The Urantia Book

    39 members Latest Activity: Mar 5

  • Teachings of the Paa Tal

    28 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    Here any who wishes to know only truth and learn of truth are welcome. Here we will teach the teachings. Of the ancient and the paa tal. The anu…

  • Zen

    30 members Latest Activity: Mar 2

    Those that have  an interest in the art of Zen  and the benefits.  It is to help bring out the creative side for everyone.

    We can have fun…

  • The Blue Rays

    45 members Latest Activity: Apr 7

    The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to…

  • UFO Videos Worldwide

    24 members Latest Activity: Feb 24 Here you can watch and post UFO videos.

  • Planetary Healing Focus Group

    220 members Latest Activity: Mar 26

    This group is for planetary healing for our Sacred Mother, with bio-relativity/thought projection, and the Grace Light, to heal and assist her now…

  • Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides

    229 members Latest Activity: Feb 19 What is a Guardian Angel - Spirit Guide and what role do they have in our Life? Do you know your Guardian? Why do we have one? Your Sharings about…

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Solitude Only Goes So Far - The Galactic Free Press

Posted by Will on April 15, 2014 at 7:00pm 1 Comment

I can understand the appeal of being alone, especially for the more spiritually oriented in our society. For years I didn't have anybody I could really talk to about what I was…


The Power of Positive Words

Posted by Ben-Arion on April 14, 2014 at 10:30pm 0 Comments

by John Holland




If I’m Waking Up, Why Don’t I Feel Better?

Posted by Meindert Arends on April 14, 2014 at 9:19pm 1 Comment


Being a light worker today means being a…


What Does Sound Look Like?

Posted by Ben-Arion on April 14, 2014 at 9:40am 0 Comments

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