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Triangles Meditation Group

Triangles Meditation links up three individuals to connect and increase the Light exponentially. 

This group is created for those looking to match up to others who would like to experience this Light building Meditation. 

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Now is The Time to Engage Your Triangles

Started by Kelly Lightchalice Apr 16. 0 Replies

I have not written a personal blog in a long time now, but I felt that I should communicate to you all as widely as possible and figured you would likely get this notice in your email boxes.  In a nutshell, we are in a very fruitful time, the energy…Continue

Tags: grid, gaia, bridge, rainbow, alignment

The Sirius - Venus StarGate ~ 04.11/12.2015.

Started by Kelly Lightchalice. Last reply by Kelly Lightchalice Apr 14. 1 Reply


Tags: galactic, april, sirius, alignment, venus

triangle book of saint germain

Started by Obi wan Aug 23, 2014. 0 Replies

THE SECRET OF THE TRIANGULAR BOOK OF ST. GERMAIN REVEALED Sacred Magic of the Winged DragonThe Key to the St. Germain Code by Iona Miller, 2007Go to 2012 Updated TRIANGLE BOOK SITE…Continue

You Are Number 6!

Started by Spiritual Healer. Last reply by MasterofLight Jul 26, 2013. 6 Replies

6 points of the Seal of Solomon (falsely called Star of David)6 lines of the 3 triangles6 smaller triangles within the Seal of Solomon6 corners of the center6 lines of the center6 lines outside the Seal of Solomon6 X 6 = 36 - as in 360 of the…Continue

Tags: david, star, solomon, seal, six

"The Star Of David" The SIX Pointed Star - Earth Grid

Started by Kelly Lightchalice Jul 24, 2013. 0 Replies

I cannot embed this video so please follow the link to view for a fascinating look into vortex energy and the earth grids.  The video reminded me of some recent crop circles that turned up this month, so I include them for further pondering…Continue

Tags: time, Tach, Tachion, Chi, ether

Whoohoo!! Who here has heard of Star Fire and why didn't anyone tell me?

Started by Kelly Lightchalice. Last reply by Kelly Lightchalice Jul 21, 2013. 69 Replies

This is too long to add to the studies of Sechat so I am putting it on a separate thread.  I believe it's possible that the icon over Sechat's head, the "pot leaf" teehee, could be the tree of life described in this article.  SOOOO awesome!  Do you…Continue

Tags: fire, star

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Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on March 18, 2015 at 1:48pm

Obi!  Miss you, buddy :-)  You are giving a presentation?  Cool... And so nice of you to help her cross over... I feel the energies too, they are positive, always giving love-light :-)  

Would love to get Padawans going again, dear friend ;-)  Can't wait to see your video

Comment by Obi wan on March 18, 2015 at 6:37am

ditto  i see ya all over the place and feel all ya thinkin mostly impresion wave stuff but i know who is who  and some one is here a lot but from the other side of life  she is a pesty one for a ghost less than ten feel from my bed is a next door suwy case but i spoke to here and huged her and explaint the one and the other are the same and she for all this time believed  she was still herer with us  and so it is like that after all i guess , got a presentation to give about meta meanings /crystaline light and rays , i follow a psychiatrist and think i will show a video firs call the crystal move

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on March 13, 2015 at 4:17pm

Hello dear friends :-)  Please forgive for such a long time between posts... life has stepped up so much in the past year that I rarely have time for myself these days.  I haven't abandoned Triangles, and I hope you still use them as well.  I use them during meditation every day and it is to the point now where I am the doorway and the triangle itself, it's not a separate thing, if you know what I mean.  

I just wanted to touch base, I will post a new article when I have a bit more time, I have to go to class soon and I have some papers due so I must put my nose to the grindstone and get it together.  

Be prepared for the coming equinox, it's been a big lead up of purging and cleansing to get us ready for the high energies and the eclipse.  I'm certain that many of you are experiencing the same symptoms I am, the dreams have been intense, eh?  Well, be kind to yourself, take a lot of salt baths and meditate often, drink water to balance the electric spark running through you and believe in yourselves.  We've been working so hard towards this moment in "time"... this is going to be like a jump forward in evolution, wowsers, awesome time to be alive :-)  Much love, if you need me, I am here :-)  

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on August 19, 2014 at 8:19pm

Yes!!  Obi I have been studying just such data recently, or rather... revisiting old sources to get a fresh perspective, if you know what I mean, lol.  

We are vessels for a higher vibration, and the less ego involved, the more you are able to transmit the will of the Creator (by whatever name you choose to call him).  Everything is sooo awesome right now, hard to stay grounded but it is important to keep up the meditations and sending the energy through your body to the earth, your divine antenna is picking up some awesome waves :-D 

Comment by Obi wan on August 18, 2014 at 7:57am

your awesome Kelly ,the force is ever so strong in you ascended masters . i should have realized sooner  how we all simply continue to resonate forever in all directions through all dimensions all the time .to be in 5D or  any other D we simple adjust to it by choosing to do so , higher D 's are thought and etheric and many other types of  forms. down here in  lower D's ( lower and slower and heaver) we are solider. we are all always in them all. undivided, but we seem to be, from here .what  we call our higher selves our spirit body or light form body that  imagination of ours for us here (do,please  imagine the best for you and i. to be sure) so  from this D one imagines the heavens and hierarchies and so on as it is so believed it is conceived and vise verse .and so i been pretty high a lot as of late ,high in mind.i seem to almost fade away ,invisable, as a ghost to others  at times. but my space suit still works and i remain to  be of service,i feel  all the  light  frequency contained in the still magnetic light of the creation are ours to bend and twist to our liking as long as we do so for are true need,that need is met easy. but to want desire or even demand like a coveted toy with no purpose other than self gratification  becomes your quick sand trap ever so imposable  a waste of time. i am so out of my  body suit . i hope i made logic. your so way better at expressing solid data and intel.dear super  friends do carry on the great work that is yours .im just rambling , love and light are the keys to creation

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on July 22, 2014 at 7:30pm

Hi Y'all :-)  Apologies for being neglectful, I was going through the grinder of the cardinal cross and passing through an intense period of upgrades and clearings...sigh... I bet you all experienced it too. 

I just wanted to connect and advise you all the Triangles have been utilized to their fullest extent, many of you have noticed that they have changed color and sound, this is natural...and despite what the media wants to tell you, they are accomplishing their work.  Dense energy is being flung away from the earth as the triangle vortex spins, transforming the world and "circling the square"... we enter these triangles to bathe in the purified energy of Source... and the change in color reflects the upgrade in the scintillating light energy.  

For me, it feels like plugging into a car battery of sorts... when I am thrumming with energy from connecting, I can direct it, usually I send it to earth either with my hands or my root chakra.  

I suggest we all send our energy to the areas targeted by war... the Ukraine and Gaza are full of innocents, lets send our love and energy to them in our meditations, it helps so much.  

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on May 6, 2014 at 7:59pm

Thank you, Silverstar, dear sister :-)  I hope you are doing well too, it's been a bit wild with energy recently, holding the light. 

Comment by Silverstar on May 3, 2014 at 6:42pm

Hello, hope everyone is happy and feeling lots of love!

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on April 24, 2014 at 11:02pm

Are you feeling the affects of the solar flares?  This may help...

Glen Rein, a biophysicist at the Institute of HeartMath, CA, has been working on detecting subtle energies he calls non-Herzian or scalar energy. Scalar waves (non-Hertizian or Tesla's "Radiant Energy" waves) are hyperspatial vortex ring in structure arising from abruptly bucking magnetic fields wound into a caduceus (bifilar) coil.Scalar energy or healing energy has been shown to be not part of the electromagnetic spectrum as we understand it. He found that by exposing neurons in a petri dish to healing energy this caused them to fire at their synapses. That is action potentials passed along the nerves from one nerve to another when they were exposed to the scalar energy. This leads one to presuppose that if the energy of nerve transmission is increased during an awakening that this would create a field in which extra nerve energy would be naturally kindled. Thus explaining the phenomena of both romantic love and shaktipat, and why we feel elevated and sparked in the presence of individuals of genius.

Scalar waves might be the point of fundamental intersection where matter and consciousness can influence each other. Their effect is independent of distance and time and is 3-5 times stronger than that of electromagnetic fields. They are prior to, that is more fundamental than magnetic fields and they transmit information, not energy. The transmission of scalar information creates consciousness fields--which are probably Rupert Sheldrake's Morphogenic Fields. They cannot be detected by the usual instruments for measuring electric and magnetic fields, that work by interacting with electron flow and energy transmission. For this reason they are still considered theoretical.

Kundalini energy may have scalar wave origins, for there is no doubt that kundalini and healing energy are one and the same. According to Robert Jacobs scalar waves are capable of acting on living organisms at a sub-atomic level, and certain frequencies of scalar have been shown to destroy viruses and bacteria. The work of Cleve Backster on the primary perception of cells might be attributed to scalar waves. And since telepathic messages between organisms seem to be able to pass through lead enclosures, such ESP may not be communicated on the electromagnetic scale, but through scalar waves. Scalar waves propagate at faster-than-light speed except when transmitting scalar information on electromagnetic carrier waves. If something travels faster than light, it means that it can penetrate any matter as though it wasn't there. Therefore scalar waves pervade all matter and cannot be shielded against by Faraday cages.

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on January 15, 2014 at 4:51pm

Dear friends, I had an interesting dream last night.  My dreams are becoming more lucid now, I have been having experiences of physical sensation and acute memory control, lol, funny how some things get embedded in our brains.  I don't usually remember anything unless it is a message from my "alter-self" something important, or if I am pushing for an answer to a question.  Sometimes I remember my training sessions too, but that is for another conversation perhaps. 

Last night a small gamin faced woman with dark hair introduced me to a tall thin man who had one eye that was "real" and one that was a drawn in fake one, a blue circle with a painted iris, it was his left eye, the Horus eye... Some say it is the eye which is the conduit for female intuition... I just know for certain that it is a message from myself in preparation for the moon tomorrow. 

Perhaps it has to do with the end of illusion, but I also feel it has to do with the balance of opposites, the female and male aspects in unity... I have been pestering my higher self with questions about the future, lol, and maybe this is as close an answer as I am allowed to receive. 

The water meditation tomorrow is very important, the waters of earth right now are fully charged with energy from the sun and galactic core, literally it is like we have etheric clay to mold with our collective intentions.  Water is a feminine element, changeable and able to conduit energy at an unbelievable level. 

Imagine each individual snowflake as a geometric carrier wave, water is the element that channels the fire that came to us this past solar season, is there anyone else really drawn to baths right now?  Haha, it's as if the water sings with me :-)  I see such cool things in water now, I used to just see the blue water energy fractals, but now they move around and I can see them with my etheric vision moving around geometrically.  Imagine when you splash the water, what the ripples would look like as sparkles of light, like fish moving in sync. 

I can't wait until tomorrow!  I sense great things emerging for all of us :-)  Blessings to you and yours, love and light :-)


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