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Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on April 11, 2012 at 6:52pm

Awesome Joseph, sounds like the Sidhe to me... I believe Katjami is connected to them, cool. 

We should totally nerd out and have a thread all about our favorite sci-fi and fantasy moments, lol... how many of us were desperate to get out of the box during our growing years by losing ourselves in other worlds?  Star Wars and Star Trek were for the masses, but there were many wayshowers in our literary fields who opened our minds to the possibilies...

Teehee, do you guys know of my obsession with Dune?  Lol, I know all the dialog from the movie and was sooo disappointed with the continuation of the series after Herbert's death. 

Comment by Obi wan on April 11, 2012 at 6:35pm

well said Aly , an ultimate truth , you can not lift up anything or anyone unless you are strong enough to do so.

Comment by Obi wan on April 11, 2012 at 6:18pm

i see it this way , those whom you feel are not going to make may already have made it and are just here to play a part for us or they are just starting out.

i been practicing making my reality bubble bigger

if we all do this we may be able to encompass it all and change things in a bigger way

Comment by Obi wan on April 11, 2012 at 5:58pm

Heven'o everybody ,gosh i sure did miss being here this last week or so .how is everyone ? what is going on ? I totally enjoyed this video

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on April 11, 2012 at 5:38pm

I can feel your frustration, Clifford, and I empathise... but you may need to check in with your Master as I am sure he will be able to assist more than I. 

Right now I am working on some other ideas regarding estoeric astrology, I am a third ray after all, lol, I need to feed my mind or become mindless.  My brain wants to understand what my body and spirit already know ... and we are in a delicate phase right now, on the cusp, as it were... I am putting my Intention into something powerful that will manifest light, not a dual matrix thoughtform...

Good luck, I hope you find what you are seeking, best wishes. 

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on April 11, 2012 at 5:25pm

Oh Clifford, nobody is being left behind, that is duality talking.  Imagine if it was only those of us who are "awake"who will ascend- how many do you think that is?  Do you think it is fair for the sleepers to be judged when they know nothing of how reality operates? I realise there are many "dense energy" people, god knows we starseeds attract them like bees to honey... but once you see that we are "experiencing" for Source, that there is no duality in the higher dimensions... then you realise that people are EXPRESSIONS of energy, neither good nor bad... it's not a heaven or hell scenario, we will not be punished for our sins. 

Some of us are working together to build the new grids, we are guided by the other kingdoms of creation (etheric, cosmic, telluric etc.) ... yes, as Aly said, some are waking up because of the new energies present... but I don't think we'll be judged and sorted the way that some propose.  And I don't follow et rumours either, why be concerned over an ancient intergalactic war when we have ascension staring us in the face?  Where I put my focus is important because as a grid holder I am responsible for part of this ascension, I know beyond a doubt that it's a natural evolution, my memories of past lives have shown me what must be done and my research into Sechat and Co. have confirmed what I knew already- that this is a clock-works event that is timed according to the celestial alignment with the galactic core, it is a physical event that manifests as the kundalini fires the cortex and creates the doorway within your brain itself. 

Some of us are well on the way to accomplishing this physical feat and will be opening the doorway and demonstrating how it is done for others, that is one of my roles to play... much of what we do is already programmed into us, I already know I am ascended and it's just a matter of this physical manifestation and taking care of the earth during her transformation. 

You will never change people's nature, Clifford, gosh I tried to enlighten some, but people have their own ideas, you cannot force comprehension... either they get it or they don't and it's counterproductive to try to enlighten people's thinking when they are programmed by our society into having different values and brain functions than we do.  It's just the way it is and one of the reasons I am so lonely....

So, to me, my brain wants to understand but I am awakening to the fact that I am a tool of the divine, that I never need fear like others do because my life is not mine, my energy is not mine... all that I AM belongs to the  world, to Source, to my Master, to the Collective ... this personality I have is not who I AM, because I am divine and there isn't enough "space" in this physical body to capture my true essence ... and each of us is the same, no matter who we seem to be on the outside. 


Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on April 11, 2012 at 3:51pm

I know which world and vision I am feeding, and it certainly isn't one of darkness, wars or conspiracies.... and this is a NATURAL evolution, we are much, much higher in vibration than the low density beings...

I think I am going to stay away from this place for a little while and concentrate on building light and wisdom, this is not who I AM, I love you all but I am not going to get drawn into a negative cycle and I can see it forming right now... I have much to ponder and my own path to follow. 

Comment by Adalis Stargazing on April 11, 2012 at 2:25pm

Soulless super soldiers? You're kidding, right?

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on April 10, 2012 at 6:43pm


This is a very fascinating look at esoteric astrology, this is how I am going to spend my afternoon... we have a responsibility to ourselves to learn about the reality we live and what is happening to us. 

Comment by Kelly Lightchalice on April 9, 2012 at 6:31pm

Hmmm let's not get started on "time"...


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