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What Is Starseed Alliance International (SAI)

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STARSEED ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL (SAI) is a galactic resource center for expanding and anchoring new sources of light and love. SAI was originally created to awaken and unite our global Starseed family to join forces and spread aspects of light across Planet Earth, and to create a platform for the visionaries of the new world.

SAI offers global educational venues, conferences, seminars, innovative energetic healing modalities, vibrational sound healing and musical alchemy, psychic and channeling information, and spiritual healing art, all for purposes of self illumination, ascension, and transformation. Building alliances with global multi-dimensional starseed's is SAI's primary mission, with future plans to host multiple Starseed Alliance Conferences both locally and internationally. Currently, the Starseed Alliance Conference is SAI's main yearly event.



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Concepts on Ascension and Integrating Higher Frequencies of Experience.
An introduction to the new paradigm of ascension experience sweeping the planet.
Instruction on what you can expect and where your intention, energy, and focus should be in order to achieve maximally awesome results
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