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The meaning and the secrets of the Ankh has been going through my mind lately. I see this in the hands of Isis, Horus and other gods in Egyptology pictures.

It is said that the Ankh is a symbol of the creation of life. When I think upon it, is that what we are learning right now? We are learning to no longer create chaos but to be masters of creating life. Masters of creating the matrix with love and life. What goes through my head is that the Ankh is a key that we earn into the Fifth dimension. That is when we have graduated the 3rd dimension. The flat 8 of reincarnating into the 3rd dimension comes to a close, and therefore the line underneath the oval half 8. The line underneath that is the road into the higher dimensions. In the bible when Jesus died they said he earned keys. Would the Ankh be one of the keys he earned? It is written in Matthew 16:19 "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." It sounds like when we are masters of the understanding "As below, So above; So above, As below," that we will have the key of life. When we learn how to create life and no longer chaos then we have earned this key into the kingdom (the 5th dimension).



Look closely at the picture above. Is that a Sacred Scarab, the Black Dung Beetle I see? A symbol of creating life. In my last Discussion about the Sacred Scarab I shared how the Dung Beetle gives us wisdom on being masters of creating life within our matrix. The Ankh represents "Eternal Life." The Egyptian Pharoahs were buried with one in their hand and their arms crossed. So would that not represent that they would no longer incarnate? They are graduates the flat 8 comes to a close and they go on to the kingdom of eternal life.

I would like to hear everyones input on this and would be very happy if those interested in the subject contributed to their wisdom on the Ankh.



This morning while boggling over the Ankh a picture over a tuning fork went through my head. And the word vibration went through my head. And just now while eating lunch again the word vibration went through my head.

This is a tuning fork.



So I googled "Ankh, vibration." And I came across the Atlantean Cross.

This is what I found on in google:

The ankh has a distinctly different vibration to the Atlantean Cross. It was used to exert power, and this not only in a positive way. Whereas the base of the ankh radiates with the rather dangerous energy of Green Minus (negative green), the two legs of the Atlantean Cross send out the balancing rays of black and white. Negative green is a force which can be used for weakening effects. Both the Atlantean Cross and the Ankh oscillate with Green Plus (positive green) at the top, violet towards the East, and red towards the West.

The Atlantean Cross is a sign of life, of balance between feminine and masculine energies, and of connection between the Earth and the Sun. In contrast to the ankh, the Atlantean Cross is purely strengthening in its function.

When the Atlantean Cross is worn as an amulet, it strengthens the persons vibration and provides powerful protection against external influences. The polarisation of the Atlantean Cross should be observed. *A pendulum can be used to check which side should be facing outwards. The cross is equally effective whether it is worn covered or uncovered, whether made of gold, silver or brass. The larger the cross, the more effective it is. The Atlantean Cross can be used as an energy pendulum. For this purpose the small cross is suspended by a cord and the large one is held on the middle finger. The middle finger should remain in contact with the thumb, thereby forming a figure eight - the symbol for eternity - with the loop of the cross. Women should use the left hand and men the right hand. The large Atlantean Cross is used as an energy generator, and is an extremely powerful instrument in balancing and harmonising subtle energies.


2nd Insertion:

So I ask myself is The Egyptian Ankh an Ascension Key? Does it have a connection to the Halls of Amenti? If someone has mastered the 3rd dimension and is able to create life through the Alchemy of the Sun Rays, then have you not earned the Ankh. Is that not the key that breaks the Egg of Life of Thoth that sends your Kundalini towards your 3rd eye piercing itself outward? Which then gives you the ability to go to other dimensions? Is this one of the Key mysteries to opening the secret chamber underneath the Paw of the Sphinx? My mind boggles an awful lot.

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I have this idea that when our bodies have reached a certain mastery that we will vibrate the sound of the Ankh. The key or vibration of the Ankh is within our soul. When we have this vibration then we are able to open StarGates. In the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Thoth talks about the Hall of Amenti and having the Key of Life.


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