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Salutations my dear friends!  As a small gesture to our beautiful planet, I thought it would be a nice reminder for us all to share what we LOVE about this beautiful orb.  What we cherish about her, the hidden forest groves, the sunny white beaches, the majestic mountains... nature is inspiring and I am never happier than when I am amongst the natural beauty of Gaia.  As well, we have such a multitude of living forms/beings that share our planet... calling them animals seems to diminish them.  My pets have never been just animals, and if you've ever looked into the eye of an elephant then you know they aren't simple dumb creatures, and then when you think of our oceans and seas and rivers...sigh, water itself can be so profoundly spiritual and moving. 

So, please think of this discussion as a Love Note to our beloved Mother, she who bore us and shelters us... who thinks of us as each being her children, loving none more than the other... her Love is bountiful and never ending. 

Blessings to you all, and to our beautiful planet; someday I will no longer call this my home but I will always Love her unconditionally, with all my heart. 


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Here are some images of my country, Canada :)  It is very large with a diverse mix of people and landscapes.  My area is forested, close to the prairies and a few hours from the Rocky Mountains... I am very blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country, as parts of it are fairly desolate, such as the arctic tundra, though the northern lights may be worth the discomfort of living there, lol.  Please enjoy this mini tour of where I come from, I hope some of you show what your countries look like, and what you consider to be a beautiful aspect of Gaia's form. 

Little town of Red Deer, less than 100,000 ppl, built on the Red Deer River- many parks that you can't see from the arial pic :)  I live and work north of the bridges. 

Banff National Park, AB

Jasper, Alberta

The Brown Bear, common in BC and Alberta and the Great North, my family totem :)  I love bears.

Victoria, BC is well know around the world for it's flowers...and old people retire there, it's our Canadian "Florida", lol.

We still have Glaciers.

In Drumheller, Alberta we have hoo-doo's... this is where they found all those dinosaurs... there are petroglyphs here too.

It's been awhile since I went hiking, but this is what you would see if you were brave enough to walk the mountain trails. 

You have watch out for these guys, they like to pounce from behind; hikers get killed by them every year as we encroach on their territory. 


Bighorn sheep, we do have mountain goats too but these are more prevalent, they will come eat from your hand, lovely big fellas that jump all over our mountain tops. 

Oh yes, let's not forget the Sasquatch- rumored to be holed up in the BC mountains.  :) 

Will check it out!  Thanks!

Lol, right now it is very cold and yucky... maybe wait for spring?  :) 

Oh it sounds so beautiful!  For sure, if you could send some pictures it would be great!  How beautiful we live all over the world and touch each others hearts through the 'net! 

Love you, sister!

Lovely Marianinia, Gaia is like a loving parent with a misbehaving child, she loves us unconditionally but hopes we see the error of our ways... I believe that we can heal her if we all work together :)  Thanks for these beautiful pics, I especially love water falls and creeks... I love the sound of bubbling water. 

Dear Lightchalice - Do not forget that you and your sisters, the women and mothers of the World, are the most divine creatures of Gaia´s Manifestation in 3d. and that therefore, you deserve our most respect and love, since you are Gaia in manifestation !

Pictures from my town in Florida.  It is so pretty here. I am surrounded by water all around me; a lake, a canal, a river and the ocean.  How long can I tread water, lol...It is warm all year round, to me it is paradise, but I do miss the seasons a little, but never the snow and cold weather!


OMG How beautiful!  Thank you so much for sharing, I can feel the warm sun from here in cold canada, lol " :)   


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