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Just a simple question. I've read a lot about these and their supposed healing and uplifting powers. What I am wondering is, does anyone here use them and do they work?


Of course I don't think to just listen to them and instantly have my mind completely opened or anything like that. I figure one would have to sit and meditate while listening to them and gradually over time feel them helping with the natural process.


Anyway, I am just curious about your views on them and their helpfulness, if any at all.



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Deprnds what u want, i have a stack of books on them and no one sgrees on anything, but ig its physical health the chinese toning is pretty hood. The best stuff on sound is on internal sound, you might like to hoogle Crown of Life or 'Naam or Word ' by kirpal singh, it is brst info on celestial sound.  There are few schpols of this, they all seem to make claims that their teacher is the brst source. It is the same as Eckankar. It is the most potent thing in the world , without q second. If you want to hear the basic frequency at its lowest closest level to the physical, its the high pitched slightly fuzzy ringing sound you hear very late at nite or early morn..... Focus it between your eyebrows and folllow it. At the next level it will soubd like harps, trust in it, its what you dont realise you are looking for. The kirpal books are in pdf form onliline , you dont have to join their clubs but a disciplined life is an advantage.  Peace
Probably a good resource book if you really want to explore the standard har
Onic stuff, check out 'the harmonics of sound color and vibration' by elias demohan... Could be a digi copy out there somewhere



took me more than a week on and off of listening to them it isn't instant normally and when it hit me IT REALLY hit me. I could feel tingly feelings on top of my scalp (like energy swirls) wasn't painful at all kinda itchy and no i don't have lice or any other parasites lol ....  and now that they are, usually always activated,  also raw foods help kickstart the sensations as well ^_^. being in a good mood also:D

I listen to them when I feel like to enjoy it.

You can train yourself to be clearaudience.


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