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The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~7~12~12Victory for the Light is Arriving in Manifestation~

The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~7~12~12



Bringing Humanity Home~ Energy and Event Update

Victory for the Light is Arriving in Manifestation~


 Thank You to



Greetings Love Beings, In Our Last Update we shared about a 3 day event in which we participated in Bringing in Intense Amount of Love Energy. 3 of Our Scout Craft Escorted Us along with Five of Us, All Fire Signs on this Journey. Now, the Sun is Showing itself and Sharing This Energy Event.


X 1.4 Class Flare Thank You to


Here11Here Change


 Along with this Intense High Energy released, this weekend which will Climax on July 17th, the Sun has Decided to Help Everyone Along, producing an X Class and M Class Solar Flare Both Earth Directed.This will excite Your DNA, and Provide some Very Intense Energy Boosts of information. This will assist you in this Transformation Process We are In. These Flares are Expected to Arrive the same day we are Having The Live, Love Internet Party, Saturday July 14th at 1:30pm Pacific. Oneness Energy Incoming.


Blinded By the Light


X-FLARE! Big sunspot AR1520 unleashed an X1.4-class solar flare on July 12th at 1653 UT. Because the sunspot was directly facing Earth at the time of the blast, this is a geoeffective event. Stay tuned for updates about possible CMEs and radio blackouts. Solar flare alerts: text, voice.


NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a flash of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the blast site:


The UV and X-ray pulse from the flare will have partially ionized Earth's upper atmosphere on the dayside of our planet, disturbing the normal propagation of radio signals. Watch the Realtime Space Weather Gallery for possible reports of sudden ionospheric disturbances and other effects.


Daily Sun: 12 Jul 12

Sunspot 1520 has a delta-class magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI


Galactic Truth Report:


Our Earthquake Activity is now heating Up along side, we have had several significant, meaning over 5.0 Earthquakes in the last 2 Days. We are Observing this Closely, and most likely as a result of the X Class Flare we will see more Earthquakes as well as Increased Weather Events. This Evening Severe Weather is hitting a large section of the Us and into Canada.


This will Be a Huge Month for Movement and  Manifestation, as this marks the 5 year and the 3 Year Anniversary of 2 Very Important Fire the Grid events. The First One took place on July 17, 2007 and the Second One took Place On July 28th of 2009. These were collective meditations in Service to Love, which is now assisting Us Exponentially to not only raise the Vibrational frequency of The Planet but You AS Well. This is a needed event to match our Crafts Vibrational Frequency.



 If You have been Paying Attention, July is already showing Great progress towards our Manifesting Love Decree's. Alot of the old paradigm is being revealed, so the Higher Energies can Enter into the Space. You will find these Articles Being Shared Here on the Press and Amongst other Love Sites. The Victory For the Light Has Arrived Into Manifestation. This is the Process well Underway.


Michael through Ron Head"


Things are now off to a good start and the beginnings of the end are in sight.  Although your major information media are still not reporting the obvious, it is easy to see that the word is getting out without them.  Your social media and your alternate news sources have far outstripped them in the reporting of truth and thus are having a marvelous affect in changing the mass consciousness.


Millions of you are getting used to the idea of affecting change with the input of your own intent and imagination.  This is something that was to be avoided at all cost.  The knowledge of your own power was never to come to light.  Now it is too late.  The cat has escaped the proverbial bag.


During this next week, there will be a great boost given to all of this in many ways.  You have a tendency to discuss and perceive of these changes in one or two specific ways.  Please know that what is actually happening is far, far more all-encompassing than that." End of Quote


[ The Cat has Escaped Shrodinger's Box]



Everything as we have shared is Fully Underway, and is moving at an unstoppable momentum.Real Life in Love is Your Destiny. Love had a Dream for Humanity, and this Dream will Be Unfolding from the inside out unstoppably. Love is what Real Dreams are Made OF.


 Quoted from Sheldan Nidle" Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you with a progress report. It is essential that the dark cabal and its myriad henchmen be isolated from you. Until this is accomplished, it is almost impossible to deliver your prosperity without dire consequences. This is why we have begun to implement a plan to isolate them, and once this is done, to take them into custody. You most definitely need a proper physical separation from those who continue to intend you harm. Each one whose name appears on the very long arrest[removals] lists are having their auric field 'marked,' and this temporarily prevents them further seriously damaging the planet or you. However, these dark ones also need to be physically restrained by the proper authorities. We are now completing the procedures that can deliver what is required. We ask you to add your great Loving energies to what we are doing as the time for your liberation is at hand!


Indeed, the blessed waves of Angels and the local Administrative Councils of Heaven are acting to bring about your liberation. For eons the dark has fostered a group of disembodied dark energies that have inhabited the Earth realm and caused all manner of mischief. These energies are concentrated in particular spots around your globe and our galactic friends are removing this negativity, which is clearing the way for all to move into the Light. We are assisting, and joining with our Inner Earth family to help in freeing Gaia from this muck. We can report that we have nearly finished this job. The cabal realizes that its powers are weakening, and the time comes to transform this magnificent world back into the beacon of Light that it was when Lemuria was founded some 900,000 years ago.


 Every one of us knows the necessity of completing the liberation of surface humanity in right divine time. We have asked our galactic and Inner Earth families to do what is deemed necessary to deliver you from your bondage to the dark. Those in the various sacred societies that dot our planet are also doing all they can, with divine intelligence, to finish their projects in right divine time. Heaven and the Light remain in charge." End of Quote


All Divine Events Are Underway


Decreed by Heaven, The...   To Read this Entire Update with the Synchronostic Events and Words you can Follow this Link:

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lol  "The Cat has Escaped Shrodinger's Box"  nicely said!


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