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The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~5~14~12 We have Entered an Energetic Period of Much Power Shifting~

The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~5~14~12


~Bringing Humanity Home~ Energy and Event Update~We have Entered an Energetic Period of Much Power Shifting~


Photo By Earth Ally Dawn Christine

~Oh wondrous beings overhead!~


Greetings Love Beings, We have Entered an Energetic Period of Much Power Shifting, preparing us for The May 20th Alignment, Eclipse and New Moon. Through this event we will all go through a reboot, as to Prepare Humanity for the Increasing Energies which will be triggered through this Event. These Will Spiral All Events Into Complete Alignment according to the Divine Plan as Decreed.


Daily Sun: 14 May 12

Sunspot 1476 is decaying, but it still has a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI


Our Sun has Now quieted, many new sunspots are appearing and will be coming soon to face us. Our Large Sunspot which gave us Several M Class Flares are now hitting the Planet. We did not receive any X Class Flares from this One, as it quieted down when It became Earth Directed. Many may be experiencing Heart Palpation's today as a Result of these M Class Flares hitting the Magnetic Field, which also effects your Energy fields, giving you a Tune Up. These are assisting in opening of the Heart Chakra to be able to receive the Incoming Energies. Just Being Present and Breathing through these Energies is our recommendation. Being out in nature also assists.


Today, our Earthquakes are increasing. We had a 6.2 in Chile today and a few more over 5's across the Planet. Extreme Weather is still affecting Many In China, Bosnia, and In Europe.


~ Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report:


Daily Blue Star UFOs Report:


Earth Allie Report:


Boo walker Report:





2 Crop Circles have appeared over the Past couple of day's which represent The incoming Eclipse and the changes to come. What they are sharing about these Latest Crop Circles is, the period Beginning May 15th, 2012, through June 12, 2012 will be the end of the old, and beginning of the New. How we see this, is the New Earth will begin physically manifesting. Many of You will be seeing and Experiencing this in your Daily Lives.


Quote from Mike Quinsey and Salusa 5~14~12 "There is evidence of the inevitable collapse of the dark cabal, and you need to be on your guard. They will try every possible ruse and disinformation to make a last attempt to create doubt and fear. Be aware and ignore anything that feels other than the Light, and focus on all that is pure and harmonious. There is nothing to fear any longer, as your future is absolutely assured and nothing is going to prevent Disclosure and the arrival of our Space Friends.  Mere mortals cannot stop what has been divinely decreed, and bear in mind it applies to the whole Universe."


This upcoming alignment will Activate the Stargate Portal Opening as Well, which will then activate the remaining portals across the Planet. This will Be The Real Opening of the Gates of Heaven. This will Allow All The Masters Who are Physically On the Planet to Step Forward. Next, after a series of Events our craft, will arrive through these Portals.


Path from Shasta Fugi


We will Be Hosting another Live~ Love Event On The Day of this Eclipse and will be Bringing Energy from Ascension Rock in Mt Shasta. This is the Exact Point Alignment from Us to Mt Fugi. Between Shasta and Fugi, is Lemuria. What we will accomplish is connecting the Dots, to activate Lemuria.


The Ascension - Sacred Poem - Chanera


WE will be giving all the Codes in these moments, which will Trigger the Opening. We will open up our chat room this Day which will begin around 4:30pm Pacific Time Zone, and we will hold a Special Group Mediation to assist the energy in the Final removal of the old controllers at 6:30pm Pacific on Sunday May 20th, 2012. The Earth Allies=The Masters, will also be Coming to You Via Live=The Present Moment of Now on Video.



Decreed by Heaven We.... To read this Entire Update with the Synchronostic Music and Much More... You can follow this link:

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I don't understand Feather Winger.  MotherGod said "those are simply energy dates", yet you are saying that the arrests will indeed happen in our 3D world (whew!!).

So, that said, we should fully expect these dates set forth by Sheldon Nidle to actually occur in these timelines in our 3D world, not just the "energy".

You're not alone, Lucy, doesn't make any sense to me.  I guess we ARE supposed to expect these things to happen in the timelines set forth by Sheldon in our "3D world". Seems to be contradictory information we are receive but that's nothing new.

This is a great post,thanks for sharing <3

Yes, Now we are Paying for Our Room, So We will Give You The Links and Post them Here for You to join in ... If You Sign up for the Press, We will Be also sending this out Via Our Mass Contact Form. All Our Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies

The wait is over!!! ヽ(^。^)ノ

Great question. 

Lots Of Laughter, Joy and Connection... We Love You!!! Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies

Thank you for postings, MotherGod.  It looks more like when the divine time is right, meaning the consciousness expansion of the masses, more enlightened energies hitting the earth means less fear vibration, removal of old programed thinking, ect...the action will begin.  I do have a says here:

The Earth Allies=The Masters, will also be Coming to You Via Live=The Present Moment of Now on Video.


Are you saying that the Masters will be physically seen live on video, on May 20th?  Just asking.


Yes Darryl, we will be Live on Camera for everyone to connect into and ask us questions. We Love You and We are Here, Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies

Excellent !! I look forward to the new time line.  It is long overdue. Thank You for the posting.

 Thank You for the posting.


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