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OBAMA IS A STARSEED, HE IS AN ANDROMEDAN EMPATH. HE IS A LIGHTWORKER. He has been doing deep undercover work to GATHER TOGETHER THE FORCES OF EVIL SO THAT THEY COULD BE DESTYOYED. The illuminati are a secretive group. No one really knew who was at the top. Obama had to discover who was with the light and who worked for the dark. He had to try to bring as many of these people over to the side of light as possible.
Perhaps he wasnt born in America. MAYBE HE WAS BORN ON ANDROMEDA??????????? so what.
If you dont agree, if you still think Obama is dark, then blast him with light. If you are sending out hate, you just add to the darkness.

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Reincarnated Lincoln is also what I've heard. John Wilkes Booth learned his lesson, that he wouldn't be a public hero, after all. The cabal has run out of ways to bribe courts, blackmail Congress and control Presidents. 

the other problem is you are not a starseed.

that does not make you a blanket.

However...we are all thiefs and liars to the King James Version of truth.

who are you to decide who is and who is not a starseed, IF starseeds are even true? pretty pompous of you to declare this man is or is not something based on posts on a public blog website. and there are other places you can go to preach the first english translation of a book which had already been translated incorrectly several times, you call it "the bible"

A well known characteristic of starseeds is our dislike of authority, of ridged unjust institutions and criminal scams...the fact that Obama is so comfortable with these political and corporate scams, indicates he is not starseed, more an ancient earth soul, who came in beyond the 13 millennia threshold...

Wrong Dreks. Me and my friends are all old sousl. We are all pretty much rebels and " outsiders".
Remember the Flower children of the 60's?????? Mostly old souls.

hes cool whatever he is but to be in a role like that he must vibrate at a high frequency even the dark and powerful ones vibrate highly xxx but sadly in  a dark way but I feel he is good !!

Beautiful <3

Yeah cool message Marianinia - spread that word!!! Love to you Gailene xxoo

Like like like, marianinia :)

Wise words Marianinia ~ thanks!

Been waiting for someone to say this thank you Love & Light

Well said Marianina.


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