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So... this is kinda hard to explain. But last night I am a 110% sure that I was indeed abducted by Grays... I woke up from a dream and there it was, a Gray alien... It was realy small.

So small that I think it might have been a child.

I was paralyzed and cudn't talk, it looked at me, it had a very thin body a bigg head and huge black eyes.  I don't realy remember what happend afther that... But I tryed to call for my mom, but no sound exept a small gurgle coud esacpe my moth.

Afthe that I have no memory of what happend, but I KNOW somthing happend. I woke up in my bed later. Having a very strange sensation in my ovaries.


I actualy din't remember anything before an huor ago, it suddanly came back to me. I am shure this is not a dream, becouse I know I have agree on this.

And this isn't th first time. This happend when I was a child to. They came when I was sleeping and I woke up, but they forced me to sleep again. I remember I struggled to try to wake up over and over again. They stood around my bed hat time.

And another time I remember I was lifted in my physical body, out of the window... Then my memmory was arraesed.

But I remember they sent me back, and I fell down in my bed.


I am not realy freaking out abaut this.. I have a very... spechial relationship with the Grays. I know many here "hate" them and think they are a hostile alien race and all that.

But me... I love them. I know it's strange but I realy do. I don't now why. But it's as Jesus say... love your Enemies^^ I don't see them as enemies though :P But you shoud love thing you dislike and hate etc ^^

Yes, I love them... and I know that there is an agreement between me and the Grays. Becouse wath they are doing is creating a Hybrid race, to save their Reincarnation cycle.

The grays have lost their connection with their Heart chacra, thats the main reason many feel so terrified when they are in contact with them.

The Hybid children, are a mix betwen Grays and humans, and are the so called "Children of Earth" since Grays also actualy are orgianly from an alternative Earth.


And some of these children have been in contact with me. And trust me, these children are wonderfull, loving beautifull souls. And some of these children are infact.. my own biological children.

They ofthen visit me in my dreams. And some will be reborn as my own human children. Maby that's why I have sutch and "Motherlyfeeling when I think abaut them :) 


So yeah, I actualy have a very spechial and loving relationship with the Greys, and espechialy the Hybrid children.

I also have a feeling I have been abducted more than those 3 times.

I know a lot of people are realy afraid when it comes to this, but please don't panic.... It's not always the way you think.


The Hybrid children will be one of the first open contacts we will have. You know what they say "Children and Women first" Our own parents and ancisters will contac uss later on^^



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There are more than one kind of "greys", it's like saying all asians are chinese when they come from many different cultures :)  I think you are refering to the "zeta's" though I really don't like to get into the races or conspiracies, too many opinions.... I am familiar with the friendly greys though, haha, was hearing someone saying recently how "cute" they are with their big eyes... it's all in what you are used to, I guess. 

I understand more than I can say, my friend :)  You aren't alone and I appreciate your bravery in sharing your experiences.  There is nothing to fear from them as you have said, and I know that a few of us aren't afraid and know the things that you do too.  In fact, after ascension I am sure many of us will take the lead and help them as much as we are able. 

Wow, that's an intense experience Kiara,

I think it's really commendable that you have compassion, but I think it's also a good idea to know some of things you can do to protect yourself, like saying:

"Only those in the highest order of Light may stay in my Presence".  

If you find that you can't talk, and have been immobilized, you can still say it in your mind, and use your intent.

We need to make ourselves aware and equipped to deal with different entities that we have connections with.  

Working on meditation, and connecting to your Higher Self is very important right now.  We could get lost in these experiences if we don't face them and deal with them in a constructive manner.

I will send good energies to you, stay safe, and let me know if anything else happens.

<3 Love always!!! :) 

hmm... I don't really mind if they gonna experiment on my body, as long as i agree to it

but make me wonder why they erase the memory? it should be a sweet deal, if both party agreed

and further nigoation can be made. 

unless you have agree to have your memory erased, but then, why so?

something is wrong here, 'couse there are reports for few yrs now that abductions with grays have stopped and they had been forced out from our solar system....~?~

here's something I'd like to ponder about here :.................considering, if true of course, that grays are clone workers to serve their masters( reptilians and draco) as had been indicated and speculated for decades now, they have no emotional body, no feelings and are not capable of compassion ; after all they were created to serve, therefore how come these are showing "traces" emotions ~?~

Hi Kiara......are you OK now dear friend...?? The hybrids have emotions, thanks to Human DNA....the clones have no astral body...

Kinda heard the same thing Esseya but like Happy Kelly says their are probably many different species/breeds and I think I read that some of the early versions like the 60's were like an android where they had no feelings so some abductions were painful.

Good to hear about this though because it brought a flashback for me where on a few occasions I remember being terrified and unable to physically speak so it makes me think about whether I have had an abduction also,

 Abducted means you were taken against your will. Your Body was paralyzed and you couldn't speak. Doesn't sound like your consent to me. You tried to cry out for your Mother, that means you were scared. They take what they want from your body??? you need to think about that. BTW fear is a natural reaction to those circumstances. That type of visitation isn't a friendly one. And another thing they talk to you in your head, they can also put thoughts in your head as well, like :This is ok, I forgive you.... . They are not supposed to be here ,  But you can call them in... I know, because I did, wasent a nice experience I perceived and saw they had no ability for love. There Vibration is VERY low, indicating to me they aren't what I want to experience. That doesn't mean they are not smart, not by a long shot. I would suggest you try to remember their vibration and ask your heart center if it vibrates to love. If it doesn't, which I am sure, keep them away. Any Being that violates free will breaks the Universal Laws and isn't of love. If you do have a contract with them you don't have to anymore.

drunvalo melchizedek  mentioned the same thing about them needing to build a hybrid race,

  only i believe he said that its because the greys would be no more and the hybrid race would carry on with the grey's brain and our hearts/emotions.  i put the title at the bottom of the message. just enter it into youtube. its a 4 part series.


Drunvalo Melchizedek Part 2 Reptilians, ITs and ETs

  Yes My friend, true.

 Actually its not fear, I CALLED them to know or understand them, I understand them and choose not to experience that experience. I am very familiar with several races of them. I know how they work as I saw with my 2 human eyes. and no they couldn't Paralyze me. :)  I simply was curious, looked into it and found what I needed to make a decision No fear there Xidom.


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