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Feeling Things Is a Human Right, By Ben-Arion

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Feeling things is a human right. There are people living today that suppress feelings as a part of their daily life. A healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy mind. We are humans with an enormous wide range of feelings, it’s important to know what you focus on will grow. Always prioritize your feelings, know that you are important.

We tend to listen to others, more than ourselves that is beautiful if you know that you aren’t obligated or responsible for what other people feel about you. This can help if we know ourselves; else we can easily absorb other people’s feelings and believe it’s ours to carry.

I’ve got emails where people say "The info posted on this site is inappropriate or misleading." I answer by saying that it’s up to each and every soul to make that decision. This is an Open Forum, with a wide range of Angles. I can’t delete content because it’s not 100% in tune with everyone else. I actually see this as a good practice, to listen to the "voice within", and feel with your heart center what is true for you.

True Guidance doesn’t tell you of any "must or have to" scenarios. True Guidance is taking action from where you are in the moment, and doing so by listening to yourself and not others.

From a member:

"What I like about AC is that Ben has created a garden where flowers can grow, thrive, or fail on their own. Where spirits are welcome to dance, or feud, without interruption- even if they disagree with the gardener, each is allowed to express themselves."

What would you be if you put your Beliefs and personal Ego aside?

You would be emptiness. People rarely want to experience emptiness, and do a lot to fill that void with external information that stimulates us so we can feel alive. The need for drama in daily life is there for many, even if we don’t always admit it. If someone starts a Scene, yelling and screaming, we can either join or Just Walk away from it, or maybe stay centered with no thought. In seeing this person just wanted to be heard and seen for who she/he really is. We yell and scream because we actually want to “be understood.” At the core we want to be loved.

Every drama is a practice in Self love and Forgiveness.

Engaging in dramas can be a good teacher, where we can discover parts within us we didn't know existed. But we also have a choice to engage in the drama, and if we do that, we can do it consciously. We will continue to create dramas as long as we are attached to a self image and that something has to be protected. Our personality is just a bit of a vast spectrum of infinite love and forgiveness. If you would Love yourself fully all negativity would just vanish, because you don’t take it personally, because your personality is just an idea or a program. Indeed it’s beautiful expressing Energies blended with your unique personality. If we learn to see/feel the Energy which is within every living thing, we will know truth.

I would like to re-phrase Jesus, "Forgive them, because they know not what they do."

We can’t judge anyone, because we act and react according to our beliefs. I’ve seen and read rumors going around here and there. What I see in this is nothing. I can explain from my own experience. There have been really strange rumors about Ben-Arion. Who is he etc.? This is so fun to read, people get into their fantasy world and create an image of me, which is far from how it really is. We often create ideas around scenarios and we believe in them. The mind loves to create Stories and Fairy Tales about situations etc. It’s important to "GO WITHIN" and look, be aware of the stories you create. Many of the thoughts we have are not important. It’s just the mind playing with itself.

I’ve seen people write things about other people to and I can just compare this to my experience. Rumors are just an “ego’s” interpretation. Real Fact and true knowledge is beyond the drama. I may someday get in the spotlight of rumors, but all people have something to learn and I would say: "Don’t judge anyone until you have walked in their shoes."

Don’t believe anyone just because it sounds good. I rarely join discussions that are about drama or stating things about others. The more you become aware how The Mind, Ego & Drama works on planet earth, you start to FOCUS ON THE CORE, which is beyond things like "Oh my God, Bush is a reptilian." You start to embrace who you really are.


When we focus on the core, much will fall away, things we thought we needed, isn’t needed anymore. We start to enjoy the simple things in life. Love is a vibration and we will receive small glimpses at a time, or else we would explode in pure Bliss. In the bliss state all becomes one, there is nothing that needs to be changed, it’s always there for ANYONE, if we;


The right and wrong disappears in the LOVE VIBRATION. Why, because all are worthy to receive love. All are worthy being treated as innocent children. We are all here, now on earth to learn how we are to love. I live every day to embrace and love everything that is created, even if it’s my opposite.

True Love is Forgiveness and is Unconditional. It’s allowing ALL loving to exist. Everyday is an opportunity for me to Learn Love. It’s not always easy, but, I’m happy that I can experience this.

About the NEGATIVE things that happen on earth, it’s really a "HUGE" bell of awakening and a sign that change is happening. People start to understand the power we have together. It’s a QUIET revolution. It’s not a do this to change that, etc.

It’s not a struggle to come here and create heaven on earth. It’s a JOY and nothing can stop it. Focus on what you want and do everything you do to the best of your ability. That’s enough. The heart of every human is interconnected with the planet and the universe, it is aware of everything you emanate.


This cannot be seen in the physical, but felt within you, if you allow. Nothing is what it seems, I say this because you can’t put your trust in outer appearances, but only to your Inner Source of Wisdom, and dare to create your own path, because your path is another’s Guidance.

There will come a day, not so far away when it is a fact that we are not alone in this Galaxy. We have family and friends, which have been with us always. Guiding us in ways we cannot fully understand at this time these words may not change people’s lives, but it’s a seed, filled with loving intent. Just look at a tree, it was a small seed all it needed was pure rain and oxygen. After a few years its root goes down deep into earth and it reaches far into the sky. This is exactly what is happening right now. People may split into different branches, but were still connected with the roots.

Walking different paths will be natural.

We are the creator having Infinite experiences, so your life is celebrated in every moment. Every experience is important. We will go different paths and create new experiences, this is the Eternal process.




Copyright © Ben-Arion. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include the following links at the top of the article:  and

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Thank You! Big Hug to you!

Thank You. I am grateful for having witnessed another beautiful creation stemming from the heart. 

All praises to The Creator of creators, when our heart submits to this Eternal Gift.


Peace and Gratitude to you. 

Definitely agree with what Marianinia said!

I had read this - this morning, and on the way to work, I started to have some very intense realizations -

I can't go into everything now, but I will comment more this afternoon.

Thanks so much Ben, this is definitely a great message :)


This information will aid so many in their time ascending, I am very happy to be part of a command to spread peace and love, it is all I have ever wanted.

thank you for this, i was just thinking about some of these things a few minutes ago so its cool that i ran across your article =D

Oooooh *gusty sigh*, thank you, Ben-Arion, I needed this "chat" :)  I lose sight of my priorities when I find myself involved in emotional reactions... nice to get centered again. 

Namaste ;-)

Love this article, so high vibing!

what a great light, gift you are for us, for everybody, thank you Ben from all my heart!

Ben, thx. Your words meant a lot to me. Today I needed assurance. Yes, we should not judge others, they have writen their story. I have writen my story. I believe in my beautiful God and in people and myself. Thx Ben.



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