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A message from Dr. Greer

Many have asked about the Sirius movie in light of the tragic killing of Amardeep Kaleka’s father at the Sikh Temple. We all want you to know that are moving forward with a full production schedule this month and have just returned from Mt. Shasta CA where substantial footage of Contact was obtained by the Senior CE-5 team.

Next week our senior team will be filmed here in VA and new Disclosure witnesses filmed in Washington DC and environs.

We will be in LA September 16 for a presentation that I will be making at the Broad Street Theater which will be a comprehensive presentation on Disclosure, Contact and New Energy that will be filmed. This presentation will be the thread that pulls the Sirius movie together. You are ALL invited to attend!

And we are making plans now to visit the possible EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Being).

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I've read about "EBE".

But I though it was held within some special military area...

How do you intend to get into such a facility?

And EBE allegedly is known to lie a lot. So it might be considered non-optimal for such a movie.

I would prefer the Galactic Federation to send you a craft for filming directly...

Speak for yourself please :p I care! Doesnt matter if the extraterrestial was 'bad', it could be a breakthrough anyway!

Actually, you must remember that not every grey is in accordance with the cabal. There is a rogue group of greys with has fallen. This even goes as far as the reptilians, draconians, etc. Just like there are human beings of a loving and fearful nature. There are beings of all races in a loving and fearful nature.

True. I've been told that i was a grey in a life before this life.

I'm in

I am a proud sponsor of this movie, but I can't help to wonder why they so far have been so successful in getting this viral without the cabal seeming to do much about it? Or they maybe are just confident that this movie won't reach out to so many people and therefore don't see it as much of a threat?

Fantastic Renan,


Great to hear, I am busy spreading the word even harder and loving seeing the persons around me have light bulb moments.:-)


As for Dr Greer, OMG, what a man! He is so hot in all ways...






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