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Who is Ra? - Part 2: Cloaked Light Bodies

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, In our fir…

Started by Wes AnnacLatest Reply


Being on purpose is essential to the health and happiness of us do you get on purpose. being on purpose does not have to be…

Started by turtlesLatest Reply

Indian in the Machine's Blog: Why Friendly Spacecraft Are Often Invisible To Our Eyes

Thanks to: We and our spacecraft wi…

Started by Wes AnnacLatest Reply

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FROM THE UFO CHRONICLES: 20th Anniversary Of UFO / Lights Of Phoenix, Arizona. Eyewitness Accounting.

PHOENIX LIGHTS: Original, Eyewitness Account By Mike Fortson | 20th Anniversary      I awoke from a brief nap in my recliner a…

Started by Malcolm

0 Mar 17

"How The CIA Views UFO Phenomenon," By Victor Marchetti, Executive Assistant To Deputy Director, United States Central Intelligence Agency (1979)

How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomenon By Victor Marchetti, Executive Assistant to Deputy Director, United States Central Intelligence Agency…

Started by Malcolm

19 Jan 26
Reply by ET Hugger


Are Aliens Calling to Us? Two Scientists Think So Two Canadian scientists have seen signals they believe to be aliens Fiona Miller - Octob…

Started by Malcolm

12 Oct 27, 2016
Reply by Roaring Lovely

ALIENS CAUGHT ON CAMERA? Check out the filtered portions of Ronnie Dawson's 2011 UFO video. Possible insectoid and humanoid types.

Click for video that highlights portions of Ronny Dawson's famous 2011 UFO video from Coleman,…

Started by Malcolm

2 Aug 15, 2016
Reply by Malcolm

MY FT. STOCKTON TEXAS UFO POSSIBLY IDENTIFIED. Check Out Texas Oil Worker Ronny Dawson's 2011 Video Of Similar UFO Caught On His Telephone Camera (7 sec.) NOT FAR From My 2016 Incident.

Ronny Dawson's 2011 UFO incident was not far from mine (with Dawson's incident taking place in Coleman County, Texas), and his description…

Started by Malcolm

0 Aug 14, 2016

DARKSTAR REQUEST: UFO Video Shot By Greg Fernandez, Jr. On Sept. 12, 2012 (THIS WAS TWO DAYS AFTER MY UFO / ET ENCOUNTER). Extraterrestrials Write Numbers In The Sky.

Click for video. I am not scared about this coincidence per date, but I am a little nervous abo…

Started by Malcolm

2 Jun 29, 2016
Reply by Malcolm

Who knows info about the Paa-Tal and info about would be appreciated.

Hi all, Just writing to see who of you know a lot or any info about the Paa-Tal. I really want to know about this ancestor race of ours. T…

Started by Frenzy44

18 Apr 11, 2016
Reply by Crai'riain

LMAO. NASA BLOWS IT AGAIN. NASA Claims That Rectangle-Shaped UFO Near Asteroid 2004-BL86 Was A Satellite Moon Revolving Around The Asteroid.

NASA forced to deny UFO claims after 'alien spacecraft' is spotted orbiting asteroidIrish MirrorJanuary 31, 2015  Sky-watchers are in no d…

Started by Malcolm

6 Mar 29, 2016
Reply by 1 darkstar

DARKSTAR REQUEST: Video Of Possible ET Drawing Numbers In The Sky. There is a name, date, and place associated with the video. This filming took place two days after I had my UFO encounter in 2012.

Click for three minute video shot by Greg Fernandez in 2012 in Oa…

Started by Malcolm

6 Mar 26, 2016
Reply by 1 darkstar

Star Seed Love

I am a pleiadian starseed and I would like to meet an arcturian starseed girl. I've seen one once. I been lost through the mazes of probl…

Started by kikaz

5 Mar 25, 2016
Reply by Sky


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Human DNA ‘was designed by aliens’, say scientists

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alien dna


HUMAN DNA was designed by ALIENS, scientists…


Have No Fear - Part 1/2

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