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Soul Star Map Across the Rainbow Heart & Mind Coefficiency of Our Sacred Geometry

Hello my lovely and beautiful friends. It is a combination of mind and heart that holds us together as people, sons and daughters, brothers…

Started by Divine WillpowerLatest Reply

Revealing of Secrets - Beyond the Veil of Secrecy - Walking the Rainbow Bridge of Divinity

Are you spiritual, or are you religious? It has been taught for eons that we have both a temporal life and a spiritual life. Since the fall…

Started by Divine WillpowerLatest Reply

Metatron & Jophiel ~ Love Infinite A Poetic Expression Of Our Sacred Geometry ~ Mother Gaia's Polar Shift

Blessings to all.. I wanted to share an updated explanation of one of my favorite works of this incarnation. Let this Poem of Twin Star Syn…

Started by Divine WillpowerLatest Reply

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My twin flame experience

I have dreamed of this love, a love so true that it remains with you in every incarnation. I always thought that my other half would be som…

Started by Lumie108

4 4 hours ago
Reply by Lumie108

Expanding The Creator's Love & Healing Abilities In You

Invocation: (An excerpt from Anrita Melchizedek's "Elders Transmissions ~ May 2016 - The Sisterhood of the Rose and the Petal of the Trus…

Started by steve

0 6 hours ago

Poetry that...

It's the forcing of the hand and the parting of the ways. Nothing left to guide you but the governmental say. Dictate your potentials, pred…

Started by Louis Edward Francis Mills

1 13 hours ago
Reply by Suiris

Love, Power, and Galactic Contact

It feels timely to revisit methods of contacting star family/ETs, and why it is vital to have a clear, steady inner heart connection as the…

Started by Joanna

7 15 hours ago
Reply by Joanna

'By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them' ~ by Charles Eisenstein

Multidimensional food for thought... ~I’m dealing with massive cognitive dissonance right now. Multiple, contradictory beliefs a…

Started by Stick

1 yesterday
Reply by Feather Winger

Accessing the Universal Mind by the Celestial White Beings Through Natalie Glasson

  Accessing the Universal Mind by the Celestial White Beings Download Audio Version Light flows through your being with great force a…

Started by steve

0 yesterday

Meditation To Help Us Quickly Manifest Our Heart's Desires As Well As Divine Healing, & Protection

Meditation To Help Us Manifest Our Heart's Desires As Well As Divine Healing & Protection Experience The Activations With AA Metatro…

Started by steve

0 on Friday

Should belief in nukes persist?

Now that belief in nuclear weapons is over and that nobody is taking them seriously should people who continue to believe in nukes still be…

Started by Darth Vindex

3 on Friday
Reply by Darth Vindex

You Are The Miracle - Each One of You ! By Blossom Goodchild

Federation of Light Message On May 24, 2016 Through Blossom Goodchild Blossom: Hello, Hello! I am in such a good space and cannot help b…

Started by steve

2 on Friday
Reply by Suiris

Archangel Raphael – The Angel Of Healing By Melanie Beckler...And...Accessing the New World from Yael and Doug Powell

Archangel Raphael – The Angel Of Healing Who Is Archangel Raphael? Archangel Raphael is the main archangel who oversees healing for living…

Started by steve

0 on Thursday


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Numerology: Learn How This Ancient Art Holds the Secret to Your Destiny

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Is numerology fact or fiction? Can it really reveal your personality or future? Does it hold a unique power that you can benefit from?…


Revealed: How to Heal Your Body and Spirit

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Did you know that disturbing emotions can be bad for your health?

Emotions such as anger, frustration, anxiety and even…


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