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Beautiful Music for you to Experience... :) The Orb

For your Pleasure... :) <3

Started by Delilah7777

5 Jun 2
Reply by Michael

Yet Another Dream of Living on Another Planet...

About once a month, I have a dream of living in this alternate universe.  I am desperately trying to understand why, as these dreams are tr…

Started by LadyAine

4 Oct 27, 2015
Reply by Pet Rock

Astral Projection In Holographic Realm

In holographic realm, we literally move to nowhere. We would say it is the places themselves that move and the motion itself is illusory bu…

Started by Roaring Lovely

4 Sep 13, 2015
Reply by Roaring Lovely

Am I a Contactee?

Hi lovelies! Okay, so here is my deal right now-back in July 2008 in my home state of Pennsylvania, there was alien activity right above my…

Started by LadyAine

27 Feb 19, 2015
Reply by Pet Rock

Faery World

Has anyone dreamed of visiting the Faery's realm? I once had a dream of visiting this rock in the sky. It had roots coming our of the bott…

Started by Ember

11 Jan 16, 2015
Reply by niki wonoto

Oops I lost my body - AKA My BoDy IsN't TaKiNg Me BaCk HELP!! Also how to escape dreams via will power

Just quickly writing this for those new to OBE because I had a nap today and I left my body and I was having trouble getting back into it (…

Started by Caitlyn Claire

1 Dec 4, 2014
Reply by Marique

Is astral pregnancy possible?

I'm just curious, don't get the wrong idea! I've done astral travel many times before, and I made my own special techniques. One made me ab…

Started by Beato

24 Sep 2, 2014
Reply by Starlight1981

Projection Story: Title Still Pending (Update sort of)

I haven't made a post in awhile, to which I apologize. I've been busy investigating a couple things, as well as maintaining my social life…

Started by Picaro

0 Aug 28, 2014

Astral Travel

Astral Projection is very easy to master once you learn the secrets as to how to go about learning how to leave your body at will. There is…

Started by Randolph Walter

16 Aug 23, 2014
Reply by Acute Observer

Going to Hell

A bit less than a year ago, I went to Hell. Or what I presume to be Hell. It was rather stereotypical in its appearance. Large, seemingly e…

Started by Picaro

5 Aug 18, 2014
Reply by Suiris


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