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If You Could Sit On This Bench And Chat For 1hour With Anyone...

Either Alan Watts or my deceased dog (Vin.)

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Swedish Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Drawings with Thousands of Tiny Dots

23-year-old Julia Koceva has taken the internet by storm with her impressive drawings created using an old technique known as stippling – c…

Started by Krishna Kalki

0 Dec 2, 2016

How To Make Your Own Music

I was so much misled by comparing cooking food to making music. In the former, I never get to enjoy the food I cook than the one cooked by…

Started by Roaring Lovely

0 Mar 30, 2016

Super Mario Thoth Brothers

Im trying to rebuild my youtube channel, going to be uploading a lot of videos in the next 30 days. This is about Esoteric symbolism in Mar…

Started by Esoteric Emissary

0 Feb 21, 2016

MUSIC FOR THE FULL MOON ON FEB. 21-22 (with Sun Conjunction "Archangel Gabriel"): John Coltrane,"A Love Supreme."

Jazz saxophonist John Coltrane had "Archangel Gabriel" (the star of Fomalhaut) in conjunction with his Ascendant. If anyone expressed the q…

Started by Malcolm

0 Feb 19, 2016

Diamonds In The Sky

Though I am putting this under poetry, I am too poor to write poems. So if your comming here thinking that I am in for poems, better get ou…

Started by Roaring Lovely

5 Jan 6, 2016
Reply by lisa

Have A Look At This Amazing 3D Art Paintings That Look Very Real ...RECOMMEND

3D Art is the Art Of The Future. After seeing these paintings which look very real other non 3D paintings will look a quiet lifeless. I am…

Started by Krishna Kalki

1 Oct 30, 2015
Reply by Krishna Kalki

The Universe is Saturn's Cube

Welcome to Cube Land. Noah's Ark was a wooden cube called the Ark of Gilgamesh. The New Jerusalem is a Cube. The Cube is 3D Space-Time, in…

Started by Esoteric Emissary

1 Oct 2, 2015
Reply by Roaring Lovely

Central American Art Of The Feather Serpent Icon Quetzalcoatl (A.K.A. "the morning star rising in the east")

Here are several artistic depictions of Quetzalcoatl, otherwise known as the "morning star rising in the East." The first series below ar…

Started by Malcolm

3 Jul 22, 2015
Reply by Malcolm

Searching - A Song by Wes Annac

This is a song I wrote, which I call ‘Searching’. I consider myself a beginner musician, and I’m experimenting with writing and recordi…

Started by Wes Annac

8 Jul 17, 2015
Reply by Malcolm

25 Sacred Geometry Inspired Lanters And Lights That Will Take Your Breath Away ...HIGHLY RECOMMEND

25 Sacred Geometry Inspired Lanters And Lights That Will Take Your Breath Away Cozo, San Francisco based art group, creates stunning, hand-…

Started by Krishna Kalki

8 Jun 11, 2015
Reply by edaen


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Galactics -A close friendly Encounter With lightships!

Posted by STAR* on November 16, 2016 at 9:30pm 1 Comment

I hope you guys can make it out well on the video just as i did when i was watching it live ;)  There was 2 of them but my camera could only manage to pick up the 1,…



Posted by STAR* on November 12, 2016 at 3:25pm 0 Comments

To know more about YOUR own soul plan, spiritual…


Are We All Extraterrestrials?

Posted by Panacea 8 on September 2, 2016 at 12:06pm 10 Comments

cosmic alien invasion

By: Rene Descartes

We are in this physical world, but we are not from this world.

It is important to understand that there is an…


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